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53 issues

  1. Cashgame sitout/leave table button vanishes

    This is a pretty unimportant bug, sometimes, when you play multiple tables of cashgames and you mess with the sitout states, for example you want to sitout on 3 of your 6 tables, but then a player joins so you change your mind on one, you can end up with one of your tables, usually a different one than the one you were messing with having the leave / sitout button vanish, and it only comes back when you resize the table or you press X and then no don't leave, and in that moment the sitout popup appears. So it seams that something in between the button disappearing and the popup appearing gets stuck somehow. I've checked the logs too, nothing seems out of the ordinary, "sitout mode changed" seems to trigger fine, sitoutmode seems to update fine, it's probably just an animation hiccup for which there are no logs in this build.
    In the following video example you can see it happening, obviously I'm messing with the sitout states more to be able to trigger it within a few minutes of play, but it does happen naturally in the wild during normal use, without spamming, as it has happened to me in the past and was reported by @comanimaltoo in January (screenshot of his issue attached below, the banzai table) and reported by @GR1ZZL3R in november 2023 with multiple people confirming that they have also had it.
    What is going on in the video at the bottom where it's cut off, left bottom I open the popup and unclick leave next bb at all tables, right bottom I just open the popup don't click anything, middle left I click to open the popup and it vanishes with no popup. I have done multiple sitout state changes before that though.

    sitout cash games vanish.mp4 @comanimal screenshot

    @GR1ZZL3R video

    grizzler report.mp4  
    Status: New
  2. Strange table consolidation.

    Two consecutive hands in a tournament.

    First hand
    Nothing interesting here, I folded my BB but notice three selected players, they will be moved with me to new table.

    Second hand
    New table. Antes. The Reds are suddenly out of play. Not sitouts, just prevented from play. Green and me not.

    Now I'm on BB for second time in a row. I think better candidate for this position were now Green. There is another glitch that Reds have cards but in reality they don't.

    According your Tournament Rules:
    46(...)The Big Blind will never skip over a
    player, and never fall twice in a row to the same player.
    Table balancing
    42(...)The player that is moved is seated at the new table as far away from the Big Blind as possible, according to the available seats.
    Priority: Low Status: Need more info
  3. Hand History replayer very desynced when clicking fast

    If you click next quickly while replaying a hand, which is a necessity while still playing since there isn't time to take it super slow, then the action will look nonsensical because the bets and board cards are very desynced. This bug appeared right after the update that introduced Banzai 2.0, up until then it worked perfectly. 
    The first video (in slow motion to properly see the wrong bets) shows how the action looks when clicking fast, preflop and flop bets both look like whey were done preflop, turn bet looks like it was done on the flop, and then turn and river just appear. 
    The second video is how the action should look.
    Improvement suggestion: A big reason why it's necessary to spam the next button instead of pressing it slower or using the play button is because the preflop action takes forever due to the non-VPIP (voluntary put in pot) folds. It would be a significant improvement if all the PREFLOP non-VPIP folds (people that have not contributed to the pot anything other than antes) would not be done 1 per action but happen at the same time as the next VPIP action (bundled together) for both pressing next or previous and for the automatic play button.
    What I mean by that, if you look at the hand in the video, what happens now is the following:
    Click Next garlicbread folds > Click Next AtsN folds > Click Next Haikari folds > Click Next NieZnamSie folds > Click Next OldShark bets > Click Next ykyg folds > Click Next piff-puff folds > Click Next Julian Carax calls 
    How I think it would be much better for preflop action is if every next would take you to the action of the next first player that has put money in the pot (other than antes) and all the folds before him would be done at the same time (or if that isn't possible to animate, just blur them at the same time that would be sufficient); folds after that person that folds has already put money in the pot like a bet/fold or a call/fold should still be a separate move because they have put money into the pot (other than antes). The action should go like this, as you can see 8 clicks turns into 2 clicks:
    Click Next garlicbread folds  AtsN folds  Haikari folds  NieZnamSie folds OldShark bets (all at the same time) > Click Next ykyg folds  piff-puff folds Julian Carax calls (all at the same time)
    Improvement suggestion 2: Kind of unrelated but if replayer work will be done, would be nice if showdown hands would be shown for the entire duration of the hand and not hidden, There is no need to hide the cards on the table replayer because during play you want all information as fast as possible. So while replaying, it would be nice if you could see the showdown cards revealed preflop flop turn and river, and not just on the river, just like we can see the Hero cards for the entire duration of the hand.

    HH desynced bug slowmo.webm   HH desynched bug how it should look.webm  
    Status: New
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  4. Hand replayer will occasionally (often) not show the showdown hand when replaying

    This tends to happen when playing multiple tables (in this case 4) and very rarely if ever when playing just 1 table. Replaying a hand and going through the hand with next next next, you eventually reach the end of the hand, no more nexts but the showdown hand (if it's non allin) does not get revealed, you need to go to a different hand and back to be able to see the showdown hand again. Sometimes you can just go back a move and replay to see it but sometimes that doesn't work either. Looks like the next button did go through all the moves and they just didn't get displayed, this became particularly obvious when I had to hit previous a few times for anything to change. Today in a 15 minute session of 4 tabling I had this bug for 3 different hands and multiple times per hand. It happens all the time, kinda random but pretty easy to replicate if you try a bunch and follow the steps.
    It's not a necessity to press next fast, maybe it happens more that way but even pressing it slowly has the same issue.
    Improvement suggestion: I've made this suggestion in the other HH bug thread but this is where this suggestion really helps because if showdown cards are never hidden during replay then this bug is mostly harmless. Would be nice if showdown hands would be shown for the entire duration of the hand and not hidden, There is no need to hide the cards on the table replayer because during play you want all information as fast as possible. So while replaying, it would be nice if you could see the showdown cards revealed preflop flop turn and river, and not just on the river, just like we can see the Hero cards for the entire duration of the hand.
    Video 1: First try the showdown cards don't appear, 2nd try they do after moving to a different hand and back.
    Video 2: First try the showdown cards don't appear, 2nd try they do after hitting previous action once and next again.
    Video 3: First try showdown cards appear, 2nd try same hand showdown cards do not appear anymore, 3rd try after moving to a different hand and back again they do not appear, 4th try it they still don't appear, 5th try they finally appear.

    No showdown 3.mp4    

    No showdown 2.mp4  
    No showdown 1.mp4    
    Status: New
  5. Promo cashgame list retratction

    This has been there from the beginning. On mobile, the scrolled selection to Monday shortstack promotion PLO game lasts only from a second to two, before it retracts back to the beginning of list. Which hides it from sight on portrait view.
    Annoyance level: very high
    Behaviour model added to a screenshots of old rotary phone, and modern video.
    Status: New
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  6. Tournament info box doesn't change the chip value to blinds in real time

    The info box does not change the value to blind in real time. As you can se from the picture, the info box on the left corner shows the chip value in blinds, while I've chosen to show them in the table as chip value. The change happens always late in the info box. this happens always
    Status: New
  7. Column sorting

    On tournament schedule if I sort any column descending (for example bui-in) then click another tab (for example promotions) and go back to schedule, column is sorted but ascending.
    Status: New
  8. login and password every time

    is it ok I must type every time I login in, my username and password? In previous version It was not forgotten.
    Priority: No Priority Status: Closed (won't fix)
  9. Deleting an in play alias breaks the tournament infobox and the tournament lobby "eye"

    When you delete the alias that you are currently using at a tournament table the infobox will no longer show your position, instead it will only show a "-" and the tournament lobby "eye" feature that puts your alias and chips at the top remains stuck in the state it was when the alias got deleted, no longer updating. This bug has appeared a few years ago, before that deleting an alias would not break any of this. 

    Delete alias bug.webm  

    Status: New
  10. No pause popup

    When tournament is playing hand for hand and every hour pause emerges there is no popup with stats and hexa link (browser client, dunno app).
    Status: New
  11. Going from sitting out to sitting in doesn't update in tournaments

    When someone is sitting out and sits back in during a hand, they will still appear as sitout sometimes till the next action is completed by a player and sometimes not even then. I believe this happens because there is no transmission to let the table know that someone has sat in, and it uses the next act or pturn payload to update, which in cashgames is a fine implementation because you don't get dealt in if you're sitout, but in tournaments you are dealt in and you can sit in in the middle of a hand. This bug is pretty impactful especially in Hexapros and HU sng, since you're in a situation where you have to raise against the sitout and surprise, the opponent hasn't been sitting out the entire time. For an average player this can look like either the site is full of angleshooting players, and nobody likes playing on a site full of cheaters, or it looks like the graphics can't be trusted, and trust is kind of important. 
    In tournament formats (MTT SNG hexapro) would it be possible to send something like a sitoutChanged payload to the entire table the moment someone pressed the sit in button and have the table use that to update everyone (while keeping the current way of updating as a fallback)? Sending chat emotes has the capability of sending a payload to the entire table the moment you click something, so I imagine this should be possible too. 
    sitoutChanged could be similar to tupdate where d[0][2] uses a similar code 0 = empty seat; 1 = sat in; 4 = sat out; 5 = sitting in (this case if they already folded the current hand but could also just be 1 sit in)  but without the irrelevant 2 3 and 6, or even a more simplified payload like the bounties payload, or just a delta with the player that sat in.  
    Here's 2 video examples of the bug, the player times out, the next hand he is sitout, I wait for him a bit, he is still sitout, I raise, and the moment I raise against the sitout that will be an autofold,  he's back, and now he's calling or raising. That's because he was already back for a while, it just never got displayed until I made my move. That's a very bad bug optically and really messes with the flow of a game in every tournament format but especially in shorthanded ones like hexapro and sng.

    Sitout bug 2.mp4  
    Sitout bug 1.mp4    
    Status: New
  12. Client crashed when I opened several tables of hexapro

    I tried to open 16 tables. 12 tables were opened and after a few seconds they froze. They started turning white one by one and the app suddenly closed. After that, I tried to quickly reopen the app 2-3 times, each time the tables seemed to open, froze + crash. On the 4th attempt I had 3 tables, only then did the app stop crashing.
    Internet connection when issue occured: mobile hotspot
    I uploaded  3 dmps( first crash + 2 attempts to reopen) + logs
    Status: New
  13. Mobile bet slider issue

    Bet slider keeps returning to "min" when trying to swipe to "max" if you don´t manage to hit it perfectly. Happens when stack is short and slider only has "min" and "max" options available.
    Happens all the time, for years and every android version or device that i have used. 
    2:34 has the bug, rest of the video just showing that otherwise no problems with bet slider when it has more than just min/max options.
    Status: New
  14. Android app with grey/black screen after login

    Every time I sign in on the Android app, I end up on this grey/black screen. It just stays like this, but if I close and reopen the app, it will work. 
    Tested with multiple devices with different android version.
    EDIT: this appears to be auto fill related. If I don't use auto fill (Samsung or Google), I'm not experiencing the issue.
    QUICKFIX: Disable google autofill from device settings and/or don´t use offered autofill option when logging in but manually write username/email.

    Priority: High Status: On backlog
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  15. Bounty amount missing on one or more players at the table

    In bounty MTTs one or more players will have their bounty amount missing for usually for 1 hand but can happen for more hands. This typically happens on a table move, either you moving to another table, or other players getting moved to your table. 
    I've looked at the logs all information seems to be sent correctly every time, so maybe a client logic issue. Also couldn't spot a clear way to reproduce it, as it doesn't happen always when you get moved tables.
    It's a pretty bad bug as bounties are a pretty big part of playing bounty mtt's, so for at least one hand if not more you're essentially playing blind.
    Status: New
  16. Frozen Hexapro table while other games working

    I tried to open 7-8 hexa tables, 7 opened and I was able to play, only one was frozen (see the image below). I couldn't click on anything in that window, but I could hear a sound from the chips moving. 
    I tried later to identify the game in HH. I found a possible hand from that game, but since it was a large volume in a short period of time, I can't be 100% sure. I recommend checking the logs.
    Internet connection when issue occured: mobile hotspot
    Status: New
  17. Missing hand actions blinds in HexaPro games

    From time to time in Hexapro you would end up in a hand where nothing happens, no cards dealt, no blinds posted, nothing, until a clock appears above your avatar (the timebank) one you click it if you even notice it, the entire hand and action appears, usually you'll just end up sitting out. This happens to everyone at the table, all 3 are experiencing the same issue at the same time. This is due to the tupdate transmission that I think normally initializes the stacks before the blinds get dealt ends up being sent after the init, blind, deal and pturn instead of it being sent first as a new hand starts, and that breaks everything until someone makes an action that forces an update. This typically happens when there is increased traffic particularly in hexapros, but during the latest Hexa Mania promotion there have been little to no issues on my end, but at least one person has reported one such issue.    
    Status: New
  18. Busted table always gets priority whenever it's your turn to act

    Table priority works well in general, possibly one of the best so I wouldn't change it, but whenever there's a table where you have busted the tournament that table gets permanent top priority. As you can see in the video, whenever it's your turn to act on any table, the busted table pops up in front and not the table that you have to act on. If you close that busted table, the next busted table will be top priority. If you have any kind of overlap you urgently have to close every busted table to not have it cover your active tables. Possibly same issue on mobile since after having a busted table, no other table can pop up in front until you close that busted table, which can't be good when mobile tables are always overlapping. 
    Sometimes, the busted table won't even let you get to the table where it's your turn to act without clicking the busted table first, as you can see in the first video I am spam clicking the table and it just won't let me put it on top. I even fold a hand at second 36 and it still doesn't put the table on top.
    o    When did issue occur: All the time for the past 2 years, probably since the last table priority update. 
    o    Which client(s) are impacted: Desktop and Mobile Android
    o    Info about your device: Desktop Windows 10 and Mobile Android 12
    o    Recording date and device:
           - 1st on the 20-03-2024 on Desktop client v3.35.0
           - 2nd on the 19-03-2024 on Desktop client v3.34.0

    Table Prio bug catastrophic.webm  
    Table Prio bug.webm  
    Status: New
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