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  1. I had this same problem some time ago and found how to maximize the hidden tables. Thank you for reminding. I was able to recover them now. Reopening table requires to find it from the list of registered tournaments. After enlarging the window I minimized it and then activated "move" for it through the same route. Mouse cursor turned into four way arrow. I then pressed arrow key and the window appeared below the cursor. I'm not sure if the maximizing step is required, but before it the preview thumbnail shows black as if the window is in somekind of limbo state. I have only one screen and one desktop. Why does Windows allow windows to be placed outside usable area? Atleast the client could do some checking of window cordinates. Edit: No need to maximize or reopen the window. Just using the "move" from the preview and arrow keys will bring up the window to where your mouse cursor is.
  2. Everytime one table is hidden. It is shown in the taskbar, but can not be opened. Sometimes it is the first tournament registered, sometimes the third or fourth one. It happens with preregistered tournaments and ones that are already running. When program is restarted another random table is hidden, but there is always one table not shown. When switching to web client they are all shown.
  3. It is always Wednesday at the Christmas Islands. And I'd like a free gift too, please.
  4. Standard is to use them for level progression. Both level progression and the average duration of the tournament are very useful information.
  5. It just keep on going even I still play only premium hands!? I'm allin pre with the absolutly bestest hand and he is given a fullhouse and he still wins chips!
  6. Again I'm targeted!! Help! I catch 6BB shove and lose with premium starting hand! These monkeys call 15BB shove with these hands and win? I play according to the charts and still lose??
  7. Pre you lose that a quarter of times. In the flop and turn you're in a bad shape. But take a look at this one I was just dealt. All in pre @ 60BB!!! One has KJs and the other complete garbage. I play only premium starting hands but how can I lose to these monkeys? This happend right after I post about the Rig!!! What are the odds of that? I feel Stubbe stepped on the switch.
  8. You assume people go allin with a random range? And if I was getting too many aces on a site where players are willing to go allin pre with 88 and KJ I'd keep a tighter mouth. At first I wasn't convinced, but as I was playing while reading this thread I got rigged really hard. What are the odds of getting the best river? I'm the best player in the tournament. How can I lose with such a premium starting hand?? The next happened only a couple of hands later against the same player. All in pre. Look how he is given a straight draw and my set holds! Unbelievable. What are the odds of this happening against the same player?
  9. It worked for me. The counter wasn't updating after getting several of those three hearts hands so I took one showdown win to make sure but it still didn't update. I closed Omaha and once I finished 3x HexaPro the whole mission completed and I got the ticket.
  10. The timeframe has no effect nor meaning and 500 deals is a fly's fart in the desert in poker.
  11. Short time ago there was a problem of transferring tables opened in browser to the windows program. That table was shown black in the windows preview. I found a way to get it visible. I removed the taskbar grouping from windows settings and maximized the hidden window. It became visible, but was of course blocking the other tables. Maybe give it a try?
  12. No. You are not rainman. You're stupid and do not know how to play.
  13. Regarding HH download.. could it be an idea to let us download a HH where the other players names are replaced with their seat number or something random? That way we could learn from our own hands without being able to generate stats on others etc? Just a thought... Take screenshot of table + request HH. There goes the anonymity.
  14. Fold JJ to 4bet unless you know the guy is a gambler and happy to 4bet and get stacked with worse pair KQ etc. Instafold to cold 4bet unless you know for certain both are drunken maniacs and you are willing to take the variance. But this is free advice on the internet.
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