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  1. I noticed the sensei meter had disappeared. Last time I saw it the sensei had about 4x my stack. I looked at the lobby, the big stack was gone and there were several stacks around 4 €.
  2. I got Epic Win from the 50 spins. All the previous ones were like 20c each.
  3. I was half way through the purple belt when MTT break came. Went to take a leak. Goodbye black belt. Stack was carried over the kick out, but not the belt progression.
  4. I just logged in to see 1h left in the ticket. I had completely forgotten there was a freeroll.
  5. You prefer megafields?? Turn on the BB view and stop looking at the number of chips. If it's the same situation in all of the phases then it carries over to the phase2.
  6. I just solved the mystery. Farseer has finally won all his daily tournaments and used his winnings and bought the mugmaster account for trolling us.
  7. Tournament names which are longer than the slot allows, are first shown in a smaller font showing the whole title. After about two seconds the font is updated to the same size as the rest and the title is clipped properly. Two tournaments which do it consistently when scrolled in and out of the view are: "Unibet Live Festival : Nottingham seat only" and "Poker Football Cup Phased MTT - **Coming 03/12 - 1" It occurs on Android mobile and Windows program.
  8. Congratz on managing to dodge all those K4s players and final tableing your favourite tournament.
  9. When will this prize be won? Per table or per tournament? Will there be multiple prizes in one tournament? Do your suggest a shootout where you have to win the table in order to progress to the next one? Give full example structure if you want suggestions. One problem will be the same as in hexapros. What will your tiktokkers do when they don't hit the 1000x but the lowest one and they would have to sit longer than in a hexapro for below average prizes.
  10. https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/penalty-hero There are the prizes. I calculated incorrectly. My new guess is 1/46656 with six targets and six kicks.
  11. My only win so far. Since there are six targets I'd guess it's 1/7776 to win the 100€.
  12. This is very clear for everyone who knows anything about poker, even without server side statistics. Recs like to try again but many do not understand addon nor stack sizes. There are always so many small stacks who clearly didn't take addon and have practically zero chances stackwise and skillwise.
  13. It's been a while since I used Pokerihuone, but I once had both Unibet and Pokerihuone installed on a windows as separate programs with different accounts. I could use them one at a time. I do not know about mac apps. Strange they do not allow switching between different programs. The windows Pokerihuone and Unibet programs were normal windows and identical in function.
  14. Some see the glass half full, some see it half empty. Some think playing a tournament means just participating in the tournament, some think it means the tournament must've been completed. We can get along in life even when we're not talking about the exact same meanings. But there must be clear cut definitions in competitions like these and they might not be what one personally prefers. I agree some of the missions are a bit unclear and there are no software level definitions to be found. It is always a good bet to err on the side of the bigger player / casino / government etc. when interpreting their rules. You'll learn those triggers. Then you'll just have to remember to keep your eye on the server midnight change.
  15. What are you trying to achieve? What do you think you could win with some better plays? You can't win any more chips from him. Do you want multiway or know how the board runs out?
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