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  1. Sorry my bad it says FEBRUARY 4th so i gotta wait a month for the reg. seems a long time for it but haho.
  2. It says reg open at 00.00 4th January on my ticket which has passed and the game will play in 3 hours time. Do you have a time it will open for reg?
  3. Anyone know why the reg is not open for this game?
  4. There are some more games in the lobby that the tickets can be used for, but i have not seen a 100 euro game in it yet? only 1 and 10 euro. Hopefully unibet are adding more for your 100 euro ticket
  5. There are some games this ticket now can be used for in the lobby (festive phase)
  6. Oh wow I have plenty of tickets and keep an eye on them and play them if they are gonna run out of time, i didn't know the games had a limited time on them and don`t know where to look on here to find that information. It seems strange that i win a ticket with 7 days left on it with no more games left to play, last time i looked at it if had 10 days on it with lots of games to play, if i knew the games was about to stop then i could have flipped it. I feel like i have lost out because i don`t know how this system works. Can anyone at unibet please give me something for this ticket that will time out in 7 days? pretty please. Ps thanks for the info @Purps
  7. I have a ticket but cannot see any games i can use it for?
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/u1n8u726j0o8doq44o99b/unibetpoker-3.30.1-signed.exe?rlkey=6daocwe2le6dh1espurz7unoi&dl=1 above Unibet has a link which worked for me. @SeizedProfessional
  9. @Purps Thank you. It now works Glad your on here to help me.👍
  10. Still not working, is anyone at unibet working on a solution? I have been on the discord link but don`t know what to do.
  11. Cannot log in anyone know what this is?
  12. Level 4 Giving out 3000 euro ticket. needs to change to 4000 euro ticket.
  13. Thanks SShcherbyna That worked.
  14. Any one know where the TNT Tumble Dream Drop is? (free spins from the monthly missions) I open the cherry icon but it is not in the menu list.
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