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  2. Finally someone who understands football
  3. Almost seems like you could rest half the squad versus Wales though and make it through.
  4. It will be interesting how the exclusion of German players will affect the already small pool of cash games players. Do we know how many Ge4rman players are playing now as percent?
  5. Thanks but not needed. We just have to avoid yellow cards that we don't miss any players against Wales
  6. This is exactly why I have this alias. It's fun to see the conspiracy people go crazy.
  7. @Livertool Good Luck !
  8. big wow for Ukraine two groups with potential 4 points/3rd and they played like they are sure of promotion with 3 points
  9. Moving On must be a tagline rather than what you're really doing. I'll offer a bet -- you're either underage or completely naive and don't realize ID is required by both your government and the regulatory bodies that make Unibet a safe place to wager. In the words of Tony G - on your bike!
  10. LOL. Vermaelen, E Hazard... Too easy baby LETS GO
  11. Today
  12. @Jami-UnibetCan you do or say something to someone to make these spams stop? There's nothing I can do. Everything is verified.
  13. It just sleeping duck maneuver, pretend to hibernate and when opponents don't consider you as threat, wakey wakey and all in. Solid tactic in freerolls for those that master it.
  14. @gichi: you can create a new topic named collusion or something else. Btw one of the ducks was me and have to take a break for personal reason for about 20 minutes when I saw my chips will be enough for a ticket.
  15. So true. What live casino do you play at Howlett1979. You seem like the OMC I want sitting at my table. PS: If someone can teach me how to "@" someone on here, it would be great. Now that our borders have opened up, I really, really, really want to go to Howlett's casino where I will be "eaten alive".
  16. @Stubbe-Unibet sorry, i dont know where to post this.. - in my opinion, same people played on both duck images .. sudden all ins , and big zzz times from both profiles. it was freeroll , but anyways
  17. @Pesek I meant that my chances of winning this contest are 0.000001! But I try!
  18. Viktor Orban dislikes this.
  19. Ok. Thanks for information. I will try again!
  20. I have the same problem for days now.
  21. My favourite this week: Germany-Hungary in Munich while at the same time there's France-Portugal in Budapest! At least the city council of Munich is now trying to milk their 15 minutes of fame demanding the Allianz-Arena to be illuminated with the rainbow flag since the evil Hungarians are coming to town: https://www.welt.de/sport/fussball/article231970345/EM-Muenchens-Stadion-in-Regenbogenfarben-OB-will-Brief-an-Uefa-schreiben.html Can't wait for the Bundesliga to get going again...
  22. @Livertool I have to admit that you're right, absolutely scorching temperatures here! I cannot remember when I've seen such high temperatures during the summer. Now quick, let me pay more taxes to change the weather...
  23. Maybe a good idea to go to Rome, when they get booed by their own fans...
  24. I like how you compare finishing with luck thats what I say when I play poker but for sure, Denmark has played way to good to get knocked out. 2-0 win tonight I think.
  25. I have a question regarding the carry over for bonuspoints the next month. I will likely reach the next step just in time so my question is, if the bonus points earned need to be redeemed this month ( for hexapro games or others) or will transfered and can be used in Juli as well? Thank you
  26. I've been plaing casino over 4 mouths now.And in all this time Unibet did'nt offer any win.The percent of einning was 0% chance.I will add here my tranzaction and withdrawalls,and you will be able to see!!!Dont waste your money with Unibet
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