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  2. Couldn't get a screenshot from the hand. But I think this is in the fight for a ticket.
  3. This week: -130..... Lost almost 200€ at another site, not good. Fortunately I've been playing good poker at Unibet. So, they say you will get the best out of yourself if you focus on one thing. Well this is exactly what I'm going to do for now on. For some reason I play much better poker at SNG's and small field MTT's, you can't really call them MTT's. One reason is that I've played more SNG's than MTTs, and they differ a lot when the SNG's I play are 5handed. And of course, the field is softer. So, the SNG's will be the thing next week. And yes downswings come and go, but this downswing effected my game too much at MTTs so a break from them is better. I also got a new thing going on, an opportunity I had to take. This means that from august I cannot expect having any time for poker. And starting from today I need to use much time every week for this new thing. This is one big reason to why I will mostly focus on SNGs now. Better to use these upcoming months to play the game mode I'm more comfortable with. So, now I would need some help from you guys! Do you know any software (free) which I could easily use to do a graph over my SNGs? I don't even know how to do it on an excel. I have ofc no problem to count the games and put them here to every update, but a graph would be nice to have.
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  5. Average day, bit up on RIO, bit down on Unibet. 4 all ins today, lost em all RIO JJ-AK 0-1 UNIBET AK-A5 0-1 AQ-A4 0-1 QQ-AK 0-1 Another splashpot, only 100bb this time: Why oh why lol BTN limp calls my iso, then x/r the flop, bet small on turn I think then 1bb on riv lol, rlly... Those crap multi way hands where you get such good odds to call street by street, I raised the turn vs a 1bb cbet, MP called and I x/c river as he only bet 5bb into 50bb pot lol. Not that I was super optimistic... Deleted 888 poker as software was terrible and player pool didn't look that big either tbh. Might give GGpoker a go at some point, I know they do a 100% matched welcome bonus up to $600 and 90 days to clear it. Not sure if you have to clear it all to get the full amount or if they release it in chunks and you only get what you cleared within the 90 days. Will need to up my volume for this anyway as don't want to quit Unibet or RIO. And still have my €500 bonus to clear on Unibet too. Decisions decisions, maybe the summer isn't the best time to start playing on another client anyway lol.
  6. Solid win today for the BVB and the UCL is secured! Thank God I don't have to watch us travel to Turku and Soligrosk now. In addition to that, we won the cup and the Smurfs have played their last game in Bundesliga history. A really nice season in the end! I think I'm skipping the matchday next week, watching the game today was already borderline. Terzic today doing his best to run the squad into the ground again, so I hope Rose does a much better job of rotating and substituting our players next year. In fantasy, you guys gave me a run for the money, but I doubt that Iskander (whoever you are) is catching me with 120 points between us. @Purps also about to crash 4000 points for the year. So I won the league twice now, better luck next time, maybe with some added competition ( @psrquack, @jerry, @cris1285 ). Just saying... The only thing that matters in the Bundesliga next weekend is the relegation battle: Köln is playing the Smurfs, that should be easy 3 points for them. Bremen hasn't won in 9 games and they go against Rose and Gladbach. Bielefeld probably needs a win against Stuttgart. Both Gladbach and Stuttgart might still reach the Conference League with a win, question is if they even want to play there. Anyway, I think that Bremen is going down directly! I don't see them winning and Köln will pass by them.
  7. Streaming Galaxy now w/o delay. https://www.twitch.tv/farseerfinland Probably some UOS (5r-50r) later tonight.
  8. The match Esports / CS:GO / Flashpoint 14 May 2021, 17:00 of NIP vs Anonymo is looking like it may be replayed after it was found out that one side faced serious tech issues during the game. Is there anything in unibet FAQs about situations like this? Is it something unibet would consider to void the bets of that match even if it was after the fact as clearly the match was not deemed valid by the tournament organiser if the replay goes ahead. I know its unlikely to go anywhere, I just want to know if there is any information about this. It is hard to even think of an appropriate analogy to proper sport, as something this stupid would never happen.
  9. It looks like the fifties are still bothering me. Of course it's not a fight on the river, but when I see five-year-olds, I tremble all over, I feel a great emotion.
  10. Maybe post about how to screenshot with android uhm erhh... and where we go for the community to verify alias to ensure its acceptable?
  11. @Stubbe-UnibetDoes this have to be played with community alias or similar?
  12. Yes a live Unibet Open with a fishtank in the middle! All online but in one huge room. Don't be so FISHY!! Hahaha
  13. I will probably be streaming today some UOS, though not all using 1 table layout with hidden cards to make it possible to run stream without delay.
  14. Maybe post about how to screenshot with android uhm erhh...
  15. iam streaming all the nanos and some low games to come an join me at twich my name partywitdream just pure poker ---great promition keep up the good work m8
  16. I went to Hexapro today. Got a 7 out of 8 multiplier of 1.5. Very good.
  17. Hello guys, how can i receive a ticket for it?
  18. You play 100/1€ games, throw away your money 80 times, 14 times chance to win 5€ and 5 times 25€. Even if you hit top 2 multipliers, you can be down after 100 games depending position and distribution of high prices. Don't sound too tempting
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