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nice to hear you :) , paste your favourite clips or what you listening now

Ja-z-Polszy By Ja-z-Polszy

General Poker

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UOS Final Table Hattrick = €1100 ME ticket

As we're entering the final week of UOS, let's prepare for the main event with a small competition. The first member to final table 3 tournaments in the final week (tournaments ending after midnight today) will win a €1100 main event ticket!! Screenshots will have to be posted within 12 hours of making the final table. If you've already got two €1100 tickets, you can't participate in this promotion.  There'll also be a Merenitsu special; a badbeat jackpot. The bad beat posted in this thread which gets the most reactions (no collusion allowed 😄) will be rewarded with a €250 ticket for the big Sunday qualifier. Denmark, Belgium and Sweden are excluded from this promotion.

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Community Help

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Iceman needs help

Almost every time I try to post message it's like this screenshot.  Saving but nothing happens and I have to reload same message again and again

Iceman By Iceman

Community Promotions

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LAST MAN STANDING - €199 to be won (poker tickets, freebets)!

Hi community members, Before the next poker league kicks-off (very soon - stay tuned!) - we will go for an exciting "Last man standing" betting promotion on which you can win poker tickets and freebets. This promotion idea came from @Steel_Hungary and I think it is a good one for the community - so I just give it a "go": Again a reminder, if you have some great (or crazy) ideas for promotions, just let me know and I will look into it, if it is something we could do in future. Coming back to the promotion now, which is called:  LAST MAN STANDING Area: Bundesliga How it works: Each round you pick a team (from German Bundesliga) which you think is going to win its game. You can select the same team up to three times throughout the contest. If your pick wins you will qualify to the next round, if not you are eliminated.  To enter this promotion, you need to pick a team before kick-off-time of the 3rd Matchday of the Bundesliga. In the result of a tie for a place on the leaderboard, an average amount of the combined prizes will be paid out. All prizes will be paid out after a winner is determined. SE, BE, DK, DE customers excluded from the promotion. Prizepool: 1st: €50 MTT ticket + €10 Freebet 2nd-3rd: €25 MTT ticket + €5 Freebet 4th - 10th: €5 HexaPro ticket + €2 Freebet 11th - 20th: €2 HexaPro ticket 21st - 30th: €1 HexaPro ticket   First Matchday on which a team must be picked:    

Seb-Unibet By Seb-Unibet

General Poker

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New Loyalty System & Game Lab Release - July 1st 2021

On the 1st of July 2021 we will introduce a new loyalty system for rewarding players. Challenges will be removed and replaced with a simplified system that rewards all players in the same way, regardless of what format they play. At the same time we'll also be launching our new Game Lab, your home for stats and figures about your poker play. You'll be able to unlock new areas as you play and see information on how you've been playing as well as personal achievements and all-time records. You'll be able to access the new loyalty system and Game Lab by clicking on the  icon at the bottom right of the client. You'll then find separate tabs for Loyalty and Game Lab How it works With the new loyalty system, you will earn one loyalty point for every 1c of rake you generate. As your loyalty points total increases, you will reach new levels and unlock various types of rewards, including Bonus Points, tickets, playthrough bonuses and cash! You’ll also be able to access new sections of our brand-new Game Lab and check out your gameplay stats and personal achievements. As you level up, you will also unlock a Bonus Points multiplier that will reward you with additional Bonus Points as you play. From level 2 onwards, you will receive an additional 1% rakeback in Bonus Points, multiplied by your Bonus Points Multiplier, as you play through the levels Example: To reach level 3-1 from level 3 you are required to generate 2000 loyalty points (€20 in rake). As you have unlocked the 3.5x multiplier (3.5% rakeback) for reaching level 3 you will be rewarded with a total of 70 Bonus for reaching level 3-1. 1% of €20 = €0.20 or 20 BP 20 BP x 3.5 BP multiplier = 70 BP Please note, the frequency at which these additional Bonus Points are released will differ based on what level you are trying to complete. Below are the release increments per level: - Loyalty Level Bonus Point release increments 1 0 2 5 3 10 4 25 5 50 6 100 7 100   There are two separate rewards tables, one specifically for Denmark and one for all other eligible countries. Rewards Table (Excluding DK) Level Loyalty Points Requirement (1c rake = 1 point) Game Lab Reward Level Reward Freeroll Access Reward Bonus Points Multiplier Bonus Points Multiplier Reward 1             1-1 125   10 Bonus Points       1-2 250   10 Bonus Points       1-3 375   10 Bonus Points       2 500 Level 2 Access 15 Bonus Points 2x €150 Weekly freeroll access 2x   2-1 1,000   35 Bonus Points   2x 10 2-2 1,500   35 Bonus Points   2x 10 2-3 2,000   35 Bonus Points   2x 10 3 2,500 Level 3 Access €1 Hexapro ticket  1x €1,000 Monthly freeroll access 3.5x 10 3-1 4,500   150 Bonus Points   3.5x 70 3-2 6,500   150 Bonus Points   3.5x 70 3-3 8,500   150 Bonus Points   3.5x 70 4 10,500 Level 4 Access 150 Bonus Points   4.5x 70 4-1 23,000   €20 playthrough bonus   4.5x 563 4-2 35,500   1000 Bonus Points   4.5x 563 4-3 48,000   1000 Bonus Points   4.5x 563 5 60,500 Level 5 Access 1000 Bonus Points Unibet Open freeroll 6.5x 563 5-1 100,500   €50 playthrough bonus   6.5x 2600 5-2 140,500   4000 Bonus Points   6.5x 2600 5-3 180,500   4000 Bonus Points   6.5x 2600 6 220,500 Level 6 Access 4000 Bonus Points   12x 2600 6-1 390,500   €500 Playthrough bonus   12x 20400 6-2 560,500   40,000 Bonus Points   12x 20400 6-3 730,500   40,000 Bonus Points   12x 20400 7 900,500 Level 7 Access   40,000 Bonus Points   18x 20400 7-1 1,285,500   €1,000 Cash   18x 69300 7-2 1,670,500   100,000 Bonus Points   18x 69300 7-3 2,055,500   €1,000 Cash   18x 69300 7-4 2,440,500   100,000 Bonus Points   18x 69300 7-5 2,825,500   €1,000 Cash   18x 69300 7-6 3,210,500   100,000 Bonus Points   18x 69300 7-7 3,595,500   €1,500 Cash   18x 69300 7-8 3,980,500   €2,000 Cash   18x 69300 7-9 4,365,500   €3,000 Cash   18x 69300   Rewards Table (Denmark only) Level Loyalty Points Requirement (1c rake = 1 point) Game Lab Reward Level Reward 1       1-1 125   €0.31 1-2 250   €0.31 1-3 375   €0.31 2 500 Level 2 Access €0.31 2-1 1,000   €1.25 2-2 1,500   €1.25 2-3 2,000   €1.25 3 2,500 Level 3 Access €1.25 3-1 4,500   €5.00 3-2 6,500   €5.00 3-3 8,500   €5.00 4 10,500 Level 4 Access €5.00 4-1 23,000   €31.25 4-2 35,500   €31.25 4-3 48,000   €31.25 5 60,500 Level 5 Access €31.25 5-1 100,500   €100.00 5-2 140,500   €100.00 5-3 180,500   €100.00 6 220,500 Level 6 Access €100.00 6-1 390,500   €130.00 6-2 560,500   €130.00 6-3 730,500   €130.00 7 900,500 Level 7 Access   €130.00 7-1 1,285,500   €130.00 7-2 1,670,500   €130.00 7-3 2,055,500   €130.00 7-4 2,440,500   €130.00 7-5 2,825,500   €130.00 7-6 3,210,500   €130.00 7-7 3,595,500   €130.00 7-8 3,980,500   €130.00 7-9 4,365,500   €130.00   Notes Your loyalty points will reset every Quarter (1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October). If you reach level 6 or higher by the end of a quarter your points multiplier will carry over to the following quarter. Carryover from Q2 2021 to Q3 2021 will be dealt with manually as the new loyalty system takes effect. Bonus Points will be credited based on the value of rewards that would have been received at the start of Q3 via the old loyalty system. Customers that have raked €2,205+/€9,005+ in Q2 2021 will also be manually upgraded to the 12x/18x Bonus Points multiplier at the start of the Q3 2021. Belgian, German and Swedish players will only receive non-monetary rewards from the new loyalty scheme. The value of Bonus Points (1 BP = 1c) remains the same and any Bonus Points you have at the end of Q2 2021 will carryover to Q3 2021. Level 2 locked Weekly Freerolls run on Mondays and Fridays at 21:05 CEST. Level 3 locked Monthly Freerolls run on the last Wednesday of every month at 21:05 CEST. To see the full terms and conditions of the new loyalty system, please visit https://www.unibet.com/poker/UnibetPokerLoyalty   Game Lab The Game Lab is your new home for stats and figures about your poker play. It will provide you with information about a variety of metrics regarding your gameplay as well as facts and figures about your achievements and personal records. There are 5 areas in the Game Lab that you can access: - School Achievements Hall Of Fame Hexapro MTT As you progress through the new loyalty system you will unlock new sections within the areas above and gain access to new stats and figures. When you unlock a section of the Game Lab, that section will remain unlocked until the end of the next quarter. For example, any Game Lab section you unlock in Q3 (July 1st - September 30th) will remain unlocked until the end of Q4 (December 31st).  The Game Lab will start tracking your play from July 1st 2021 and, depending on the section, will show you information from varying periods of time. School - Stats will be based on the current month and your previous month will also be shown. You will need to unlock the section and play enough hands/Hexapros in order for the stats to show to ensure the data is relevant.  Achievements Hands played, never resets (L1) Game format and clients (L2, L3) graphs update monthly Streak, resets when you miss a day, but it also shows your personal best (L4) L5, L6 and L7 never reset Hall of Fame L1, L2 and L3 comes from last 30 days, biggest pots. Your personal best is from ever. L4 and L5, updates daily L6 updates daily L7 updates quarterly when someone reaches L7 Hexapro and MTT sections never reset. Over the net few months we'll be releasing detailed explanations of each section and stat within the Game Lab so you'll have a complete understanding of what the facts and figures represent with regards to your gameplay.  

Andy-Unibet By Andy-Unibet

Blogs & Stories

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From Poker Donk To Winning Monk

No clue what to call this thread so there you go 😛 I'm a 35y old Belgian guy living in the North East of Scotland after moving in with the gf in 2013. Background: started playing poker in 2010 and never really been a winning player, more like a break even slight winner. I'm a guy who can play forever with a bankroll and not win nor lose anything 🤣 think I started out with some donkaments on PokerStars but then changed to cash games as that suits better with a full time job. Eventually found Unibet and loved the anonymity and the ability to play without software. Always had a full time job as a CNC Machinist so definitely never relied on poker as an income, no chance either as explained above lol. I started playing again start of this year after some years off (since 2016 maybe?) and taking it a bit more serious this time. Deposited £100 I think to start at 4nl and had to add another £50 bit later as bankroll had a skydive and I wanted to stay at 10nl at that time, again I think as can't check deposit history anymore. I ended up down in March, then doubled my bankroll in April and been going strong since then, working my way up to 50nl atm. 25nl was where the real struggle started to become better as regs become a bit tougher. Been playing 50nl since end of last month so feel really comfy playing at this level now and bankroll sits at $1780, had a good day yesterday with $250 up after playing 5-6h maybe. And that's probably the biggest 'problem' , getting enough volume in. Not always easy when you have a fulltime job and a dog, cooking, watching tele, gf etc. Even during this Covid19 crisis I've not been off work at all beside a week of holiday where I managed to make about €100 a day at 25nl. My goal: well I don't really have a goal, just becoming a winning/stronger player and if I can beat 100nl easily (this year?) I would find that a pretty decent achievement. I used to play 100nl on PokerStars (don't ask me how I got there) so doing that again maybe this year but better and proper bankroll management then this would be great. To end I'll give you some stats from my cashgames from this year up to end of May, hope the calculations are right 😀 and just ignore 50nl as small sample size. I'll get some proper number after this month as only played 50nl. NL04 hands played: 10167 won: €113.45 => 27.9 bb/100
NL10 hands played: 10002 won: €86.75 => 8.67 bb/100
NL25 hands played: 45130 won: €858.27 => 7.6 bb/100
NL50 hands played: 1305 won: €101.34 => 15.5 bb/100 For the rest, won't be daily updates as don't play that much but I'll try to do at least one a week. Also be looking for some kind of (free) hand replayer as Unibet obviously doesn't make it able to share hands that easy and that way I could maybe share a few hands here. End of the month is also the end of the quarter before the challenge points reset and I'll try to get to 250k, I just passed 175k now giving me some extra bonus points which I'll use to buy €5 hexapro tickets and hope to add some €€ to my bankroll. I sometimes do play a tournament here and there too, mostly bounty ones but my MTT strategy knowledge is very limited so if I ever win one it's by lots of luck lol. And actually all these buy-ins do bite a bit in my bankroll too over time so I try to limit it. I do like to play the €5000 Ice Giant Bounty every Sunday for lolz and I'm already happy to get my buy-in back haha.
Thanks for reading the long intro and good luck at the tables (except against me :Cheeky:)

P0kerM0nk By P0kerM0nk
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