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Has world gone totally insane?

Or just finnish parliament? Soon they are replacing old traffic signs with new "sex free" signs. Here is one example: Like we didn´t have bigger problems in here than that and we are taking debt every year and then spent millions in this kind of bs. INSANE i tell ya INSANE 😠

Livertool By Livertool

Betting and Sports

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Euro 2020

Personally i have little interest anymore what happens in club football for rest of season so might as well set sight for Euros, "only" month to go... First appearence for Finland so that gives me xtra excitement (thou it came from bending the old rules so crap countries can participate too 🤐 ) .Our squad ain't top of the line but honestly i don't see any coach getting them play any better as team than Kanerva. Belgium should be group our winner but battle open for 2nd and 3rd place against Denmark and Russia. Ofc we need our best players to be fit, Pukki is out for few weeks now which ain't optimal preparing for matches, Pohjanpalo is weak like straw and could be out anytime but if he is in shape he can do damage like hat trick against Bremen couple of weeks ago shows. Kamara, Hradecky, Arajuuri also important for team... Not going to do lot of betting to Finland matches but hopes are up. On the other side of coin we have team like Germany where player material is great but coach enjoys more picking his nose than coach his team. Haven't seen them play for while but there is quite mixed results, maybe @WuDu can share behind scene info from that.  And as we have most nationalities represented here in community, feel free to share any news, predictions etc from your national team that may help fellow bettors to ease their desicions. Idk if turkish people are allowed to use unibet but @WuDu must have good insight for their team as well, Germany full of them   

Livertool By Livertool

General Poker

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The biggest-ever regularly recurring Unibet MTT - €40,000 Supermoon (bye, bye UK tour)

With COVID likely having an impact on live poker for the foreseeable future, we have decided to permanently replace the UK tour with a new monthly online MTT. Say hello to the €250 buyin Supermoon with a guaranteed prizepool of €40,000! The tournament will start 20:00 CEST on the first Sunday of every month (1st tournament will be played the 2nd of May). In true Unibet style we want to offer you the softest monthly €250 online tournament, and we'll be running as many qualifiers as the moon has impact craters. We're removing all UK tour qualifiers and adding a new satellite tree: 2c (Flips only) -> 40c (Flips and Normal) -> €2 (Flips and Normal)  -> €10 (Normal) -> €50 (Normal) -> €250. Furthermore, we'll be giving out Supermoon tickets in promotions and welcome offers for select markets! In the beginning, we'll be running two weekly finals (€50 to €250); a 4 ticket GTD tournament Wednesday and 8 tickets GTD Sunday. That's a total of around 48 tickets for every event, or 30% of the guarantee. The full qualifier schedule will be in the client as early as next week. UK tour tickets will either be converted to bonuspoints or Supermoon tickets, depending on the value. If you've got any questions or complaints related to this, please send me a private message. Below a breakdown of the tickets and what will happen to them. The UK Tour tournaments and tickets will be actioned early next week (latest Wednesday). Ticket Action €0.2 UK Tour 20 bonuspoints will be credited €1 UK Tour 100 bonuspoints will be credited €5 UK Tour 500 bonuspoints will be credited €10 UK Tour Ticket will be converted to Supermoon €50 UK Tour Ticket will be converted to Supermoon €250 UK tour Ticket will be converted to Supermoon   Question for all of you: do you prefer a 1-day tournament of around 7 hours, or would you rather make it a 2 day event with roughly 4 hours of play each day? 

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

General Poker

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King of clubs twice in one hand!!!

What the hell!!!!...playing cash game 50 nl tonight. At around 10. 30 tonight the king of clubs appears in the flop. ...then in the turn. So what the hell is going on here????

Helena1 By Helena1

Unibet Poker Freerolls

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Cardchat 100 Unibet pass

Cardchat 100 Unibet pass

Hemsedal1 By Hemsedal1

Betting Help

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Bet on total player shots on goal

Hi.  is it possible to bet on how many shots on target a player has in a game ?

Pabs By Pabs
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