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Euros kick-off competition! Game bundle 3!

What an interesting batch of games we got coming up!  1 x 2 0.0 0.0 0.0 x x x   Please provide the predictions in a form above, keep in mind that there's 8 games chosen, if the games are not written in your prediction, I will take the results in order of my screenshots. Ask away if you have any questions. 🙂

Jami-Unibet By Jami-Unibet

Poker Help

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Euros betting freeroll

I received an Euros betting freeroll ticket, which allowed me to register one of two Euros freeroll. I registered to the €400 Half Time Flip Tournament, but later I wanted to switch to the other tournament (€600 Exclusive Euro Freeroll), so I unregistered, before 21.00 CET. Then I sadly found, my ticket has been expired... why the system allowed to unregister, if the ticket is expired? Or is it normal?

Tigris By Tigris

Betting and Sports

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Euro 2020

Personally i have little interest anymore what happens in club football for rest of season so might as well set sight for Euros, "only" month to go... First appearence for Finland so that gives me xtra excitement (thou it came from bending the old rules so crap countries can participate too 🤐 ) .Our squad ain't top of the line but honestly i don't see any coach getting them play any better as team than Kanerva. Belgium should be group our winner but battle open for 2nd and 3rd place against Denmark and Russia. Ofc we need our best players to be fit, Pukki is out for few weeks now which ain't optimal preparing for matches, Pohjanpalo is weak like straw and could be out anytime but if he is in shape he can do damage like hat trick against Bremen couple of weeks ago shows. Kamara, Hradecky, Arajuuri also important for team... Not going to do lot of betting to Finland matches but hopes are up. On the other side of coin we have team like Germany where player material is great but coach enjoys more picking his nose than coach his team. Haven't seen them play for while but there is quite mixed results, maybe @WuDu can share behind scene info from that.  And as we have most nationalities represented here in community, feel free to share any news, predictions etc from your national team that may help fellow bettors to ease their desicions. Idk if turkish people are allowed to use unibet but @WuDu must have good insight for their team as well, Germany full of them   

Livertool By Livertool

Betting and Sports

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Euro 2020 fantasy

Created league for us. Come and join if you are not afraid 😄 https://gaming.uefa.com/en/uefaeuro2020fantasyfootball/leagues/9318ECAC07/0055006E00690062006500740063006F006D006D0075006E006900740079/livertool If you don't have a clue who to pick, here is example of players that are expected to get high points.

Livertool By Livertool

General Poker

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Does this action-packed poker seem normal for the common player?

I know that many, many thousands of players have reacted to online poker, mostly how it seems rigged, set up for big hands, and the endless runner-runner situations. I've played live poker for 25 years and took a brake from online poker years ago after shortly regarding the whole thing as a badly directed joke. I have now tried it again for some days after playing live for many years, and here we go again... Runner-runner, monster vs monster, straights and flushes laid out between three of a kind, big stacks winning 8 out of 10 hands, players who cant loose no matter what etc... Math and stats do not seem to matter online. Its not just me, I also see the outcome for other players, and I often laugh out loud to myself because its so far from the reality of live poker and almost predictable in a way. I know that there are 10 times more played hands online etc., but just twice as many hands would be enough to start wondering. It just happens over and over and over and over again. If just one card in the deck can save someone, the online poker RNG seems to randomly find it to many times... I have to ask, does this really seem normal and credible to most of you? If yes, have you played live poker and seen how far from reality online poker is?  Just asking. Not going after another "rigged-thread" here. I truly wonder about this. Can someone explain this to me? Is this truly poker in its purest, caotich and rawest form where the best players win in the end and the losers rant of unfair games? Or does this brake the boundaries of common sense and probablities too many times compared to real life? Feel free to educate me. 🙂   The main reason I actually don't think this is rigged, its because it seems so over-the-top manipulated and set-up that no one would buy into it unless this is actually how poker is by simply increasing the speed of the game...

Howlett1979 By Howlett1979

Betting and Sports

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Discussion for Streakr Picks

Please post your Streakr picks here - I have been losing consistently 😛   Pick for today -Aston Villa vs. Newcastle United  -  Under 2.5 goals - Two heads are better than one

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