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  1. @Jami-Unibet @Panamera It's been like that pretty much from the start of this Streakr round. EDIT: And by "this round" I mean the Olympics Streakr from the start.
  2. @dany9898 No such exchanges can be made. You can exchange it to 5 * €2 UO tickets on one of the exchanger tournaments, but that's it.
  3. We don't Some passwords you can get from twitch streams ( the ones that have a TV icon ). But rest are pretty much without a password or private ones. And then there's some "special" freerolls that no one knows how to get into.
  4. @Nestabear They've been crediting the prizes and updating the results quite late this time. I got my freebet and spins somewhere after 6pm cet. Check back in a few hours and you probably got it by then... My dream of 18 green ones died today as Japan couldn't win a set from Brazil in womens volleyball. 7 correct, but that's where the run came to an end Would have been mixed feeling though to get much further, as theres no prize anymore for the overall longest streak. Rather not get to like a streak of 11 and get €5 FB, €20FB and 50 microspins on Starburst for it, when on earlier editions such run could well have been worth €10k or whatever
  5. Special for Tom Morello's Moomin shirt #torille
  6. Are you sure you met all the conditions. This below post is from another thread where someone has this same problem: Yeah, go ahead. GL
  7. I might play some of these. NoWomanNoCry will be the alias.
  8. @Karmasuper Meh, damn wagering. Oh well, at least sports betting wagers too, and only 6x required on that. We are in the TOP-10 by the way. Good luck on upcoming rounds
  9. @dcurr Also, all the individual picks have to have odds of 1,40 or more. A double of 1,44 with two 1,20 picks is not good. Also I myself one time tripped on adding an under 1,40 pick to my over 1,40 pick to get better return. The over 1,40 pick obviously would have been good as a single, but after adding the below 1,40 pick and making it a double, it was no more eligible, eventhough the combo odds were above 2. Makes no sense I know.... But this may well be where people often go wrong with these....
  10. This is also why it very much benefits to have players playing their match at different times on all positions. If your whole team plays at 15:30 on Saturday you will lose huge amount of value from substitutions and star player changes. Also always make sure both your goalies don't play at the same time, although goalies rarely score huge points, but there still can be 20 point differences between two goalies on one matchday....
  11. Cool. You can also pick your team now and then make as many free transfers/changes until the first match kickoff as you wish though...
  12. I think you have to pick the whole squad first... Make sure to always pick the ones that play first as your star players, as those can also be changed during the matchday until you find one that scored good enough points to be kept.
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