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  1. He mentioned: no bubble, no ft. IF ? He(villain) will be allin on the turn/river no matter what, with ie. 2s on the turn will you give up after 7bb call ? 16bb now, but in couple minutes it will be ie. 10bb , like i said its hyper tournament with 4min blinds lvl. Even the closest preflop play at this level will cost you, say, 3bb and later/or current hand what ? Not always, he can easily hold j10 suited in his hand Second thing players for 5-10 € play very aggressively and very well because your game will look similar to 15-16bb I don't see any brake in this configuration here. the question should be: if not now, then when?
  2. @Pionrjfor me, even his SET on the flop doesn't matter - simply nice hand . I don't even discuss the variant with eg AcQh or QJx because in this case it is a typical flip, which at this stage of the tournament is EV + for me. His next move is almost certain, because it's a hyper tournament and his bet size, just like in your case the 16bb after call, your next playable hand will be your usual preflop all-in in a few minutes.
  3. @Merenitsuit's not really funny, have you ever wondered what you are writing? you are looking for the fault of your failures in a hundred places. you ignore all the advice from many kind people. It's not even about failures, but all these examples - it really looks bad. I will not even mention here about accepting the variance/numbers in poker - especially for these stakes, because you know better and that's it;) Have you ever thought about giving yourself a break? Go to normal work - any work, physical work would be great- to refresh your mind. Please explain to me how an employee of the company is supposed to answer these few sentences? Because for some reason you mentioned Stubbe and Andy - maybe it's the fault of the percentages in the blood, I don't know.
  4. @GR1ZZL3Rremember, there is always a chance of a sudden disconnection Ok for me, you always give him some emotions when he bluff
  5. @Nash its MT2, high voltailty slot - hard to get bonus , but if you get any then win can be low - quite normal for games where you have a maximum win: x20,000-50,000 bet
  6. im not a doctor but i think i see here 'flatfoot'
  7. here also everything is ok ps. First bingo voucher almost 1to 1 profit
  8. @WuDucurrently im in 'fishing mode' I stay away from idological, political, topics for today - let's wait until September or december ps. but when it comes to women, i like when 'piggy' have smth here and there, and maybe there too
  9. @Jami-Unibeta little correct for my gift : 50€ in freebets and 25€ bingo @Purps @kwasozlopyour turn
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