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  1. I don't know if it optimal situation but if they don't do any iffy things at table, does it matter if they are same duuds? As far as i see only way Unibet could interfere such play would be limit how many times two accounts could play in same table but that would be bad both for business as for players when there ain't too many players and tables wouldn't open so often. All i can suggest that you leave tables when there are players that you don't want to play against
  2. Hummels showed Ronaldo how goal is done from that position, Ronaldo was way out, Hummels jammed it to net Germany got few half chances, way better than i thought. Still have improve a lot to get even 1 point Eagerly waiting for memes of Rudiger feeling out Pogba...
  3. It is called Löw speciale. He has player pictures on the wall and flips nose boogers at them. Where they land determines starting 11
  4. So Unibet needs to ban them for playing same time? If they start and stop 15 minutes apart, then it would be fine? Not being cheeky, just asking how much you feel that operator should limit players. Who knows, they even might be playing with joined funds to even out possible losses and hunting for big multipliers but if they are not chip dumping, cheating etc, what is there to do. Your clip just seemed to me as bad bluff. Ain't no expert on cheating but would it even be sensible to dump chips to one player when they had pretty even stacks?
  5. I stand my ground (and eat my words later if necessary ) Hungary #0lucky. If they keep playing like this Germany has tough time against them
  6. That is the thing, 3 points ain't enough to take anyone to play offs, 4 points most probly will so will they settle for draw tonight or really go for win.
  7. I had issues with that pop up too, went away by itself in couple of days. Already had notifications on but for some reason it kept asking it over and over again and not showing bonuses.
  8. And if any of them has bad day, good options in bench too with Dembele, Ben Yedder, Giroud. That is pretty impressive, must be close to 100 goals between them in this season all competitions compined Kante brings perfect balance to midfield and while nothing bad to say about defence or keeper either, hard to make it better than that.
  9. Thou there is potential, i got zero confidence for Germany. Therefore odds over 2.6 for France feels like early xmas gift. But problem is when there is no room for errors in that group, will it turn out to be another safety match of avoiding mistakes rather going for win 100%
  10. Kane sucked. Lewa sucked. Morata is sucking... So far Lukaku has been only one to do whar expected. Oh yeah, Immobile was good too
  11. Nothing more than modern western influences kicking in But for real, all left & green parties lost seats so direction is right
  12. Markus got elected in municipal elections. Huge congrats
  13. In that case i would like to say thanks to magnet dude(tte) for many big multiplier wins. But to brake handler behind wheel of monopoly and crazy time, this is for you
  14. True but competition wise it sucks and makes it more lottery. Jeppe made huge favourite matches handicaps to avoid this to happen or other way to would be that we make our picks to all matches at once
  15. Denmark would have won and i'm pretty sure none saw any problems with continue time? We can assume that it wasn't easy to continue for either side but with tight schedule and tickets sold to next matches,i guess there wasn't lot of options how to proceed. In any case, what is done is done. To future we look... Denmark pressed really high which left us only to play long balls. Needless to say Pukki ain't no target player so Denmark was in possession within seconds again But with confidence boost from win, i expect much better performance against Russia. With our squad it will never be too pretty so it has to be efficient af. We take care of Russia so you need at least one point to leave door open. Ez pz
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