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  1. Some craphic malfunctions at showdown. Both live and replay.
  2. Yeah for some reason news from there stopped here too when sleepy took over. Even when situation has never been worse.
  3. Australian PM aka fella from down under. Go Joe
  4. Lobby also hates screen rotating. First i thought notifications are moved there with purpose but turned out to be cause rotation. This might be nitpicking suggestion but visually i would prefer if background of action/name/chips wouldn't turn transparent when player folds. With certain avatars "fold" drowns to blurred avatar.
  5. I think the difference is that stars is making money with poker with volume of players while unibet ain't. (Just a huntch, dunno numbers) That is why i asked stubbe in q&a video how he sees the future as to me it ain't so bright with all the restrictions and regulations. If we get payment blocks like Sanna & lefties are considering, there is another loss as i am sure there is lot of finns that don't have interest to start circle money around to be able to play, especially worst/best fishes that bring money to tables. We may not have biggest player pool in numbers but i guess it notable in this pond. Not to mention what plans other countries still have. But it is what it is, time will tell. Hopefully we get licence system here or something, but not like Sweden has, better Close, very very close
  6. No issues for me except some weird static noise between player actions. Even luck has remained at 0lucky level while @FreedoM flies high It was more noticeable live than in this video.
  7. As i see, only heading to worse all the time for both players and online operators with new regulations, taxes and payment/internet bans. Hypocrite goverments praising how great EU is but then banning inside EU business and money transfers in the name of RG. @WuDu Don't know what or where you should play but have you checked out that poker that replaced microgaming after they quit and if it is available for you? Runs on many sites so i think playerpool should be reasonable. Other than that don't know if it is good or bad with rake and promos.
  8. Eager to see do we get to chat too or just something for later.. As for froll, double stack and 5 min levels might have been better for test purpose. These might be over before we blink
  9. Yes. Android 10 First i tried with chrome and downloaded files, didn't work but now tried with opera and it worked so all is good
  10. Won't open dowloaded android file. Any suggestions?
  11. @Stubbe-Unibet Just out of curiosity, is this available for casinohuone players too? Since unibetcommunity is/will be requirement that tells me no but on the other hand when this promo replaced double troubles which were also available at casinohuone, that says yes to me So am i right or right
  12. Virgil at bench and defence sucks, what a surprice But no worries, 5-3
  13. Would be nice to see folded hands just in case and were dealt too
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