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  1. A team insiders trolling around again? even yea my IQ has beaten the system multiple times...
  2. I invite you to just simply write down some genuine experiences. To me flushes are made way too often and your dealt with pairs when half the table has pairs. ( after having many/many hours played ) than you play scared and not betting aggressive and start to just call , like really alot of players do with monstercards . No bet , just call. I hope a livedealer is built in for everyone as soon as possible .... how about you ?
  3. Looks like unibet open qualifiers are easy as well, uhm,so far. ( live pokerdealer where are you?? ) . 1: only specific scheduling with livedealers of course. 2: buying a before midnight for the next day ticket and only 70% return for a cancelation. 3: every 20 minutes a 10 minute break. 4: super turbo lvl's ... 5: freezeout. KO!
  4. Yes exactly . But Deepstack is a ton of fun and i get hours to play decent. Sng i tried 5 games lost 4 haha. Back to the drawing board. Who else thinks sng is easier than nano tournaments? Risk much more in cashgame? How many hours are recs or regs playing a week?
  5. A bad beat to me is like you have nuts on FLOP and turn but beaten in a huge pot. NOT PREFLOP ONLY!!
  6. Wearable items and gestures for avatars make a ton of fun in virtual poker. Chatting/texting in msg.room or by sound is not optimal. But you perhaps should be able to private msg any player and/or toggle it of. EVERYBODY unlock or buy some live avatar items&gestures? !
  7. Don't withdraw buddy. Doing some heads-up in a sng not your kinda game? Did you respect positioning? Avoiding fights helps. Goodluck.
  8. I like this. For me looking at a table first gives more confidence, wish I could watch big the cashgames haha . Any fish?
  9. Maybe A private tournament invitation only is also possible for Germans? Idk hehe
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