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  1. Yes there are fish for sure! Today unfortunately I was on of them. Moved up to 400nl after losing a stack at 200nl. Lost a stack at 400nl. Going to take a time out, that type of behaviour is not the way to play winning poker. So going to withdraw the 350 euros left, and consider next steps But to answer your question, yes I saw a fish yesterday 1 tabling, there are fish for sure at 200nl
  2. Played for a couple of hours, no huge pots, but won a couple of pots on the turn Sessions Played 1 Winning Sessions 1/1 P/L: €215.77
  3. wow, you sound like a very sad person (i mean upset sad, not particularly wanting to insult you...) I hope you find some happiness
  4. Hey guys, how's it going. Hope you're all well. Pretty cool things are starting to open back up over here in the UK, coffee shops, bars and casinos! I want to play some live poker in the future, but it's been a while since I played and I can't even remember my standard opening ranges. So... I've decided to try to play some good poker at 200nl while also learning some ranges. As I haven't played much 200nl before, I'm just going to one table it. Starting Bankroll €756 (I just deposited £650) because if I was playing live and one tabling I'd usually turn up with about 3 and a half stacks. So let's see how this goes. I also just invested in primed mind (some mindset coaching from Elliot Roe which is an App in android/ios app store), and just listened to the cash game hypnosys, so here goes! Will update after this session to let you know how it went. Then fairly regularly going forwards.
  5. Hey @FunckyFish good luck in the qualifiers mate, great way to get entry, hope you bink a ticket! Hey @GR1ZZL3R nice one, gl for Friday, will be awesome for you to get a deep run in it, i'll keep an eye out in your blog for updates :) Hey @FreedoM thanks for kind words of caution, and for linking to Magicadil, I hadn't seen Magicadil's post and it's really sad to read about what happened, but also really promising and hopeful that Magicadil was able to take steps to move his life forward from that, much respect to him. His story and honesty is a sure reminder to us all to go into placing any bets or wagers on sports or poker with our eyes open, and to always be self aware totally! Also just to mention on that, Jeppe's response is typical of Unibet, this site is so caring, and for players, it also has the best responsible gaming features i've seen on any site. My blog here is not the one to read if you want good advice or role models about bankroll managament that's for sure! :Haha: But I am self aware guys, and I appreciate your words of caution. Truth of the matter is I am as financially secure and well off as I have ever been in my life. I don't say that to brag! I say it just to reassure you guys that everything is on track here with poker. The reason i'm doing so well financially is two huge reasons: 1) I stopped drinking alcohol. When drinking alcohol I wasted any money i got from working. Since stopping drinking i've been able to make more thoughtful decisions and use money as an economic tool, which is now how i see it. 2) My huge beting victory earlier in this blog. Since i won that bet, despite betting once since then (here and somewhere else once and not losing any money), I haven't placed any more bets. Reason for that is i want to enjoy my winnings and 'win' from them. I can only do that because i'm self aware which is why i took a break from any sports products i got access to. The 1100 euros i bought into UOS XI with was money i had set aside to play poker with. My last deposit was 800 euros onto unibet about a week ago and i'd essentially written it off as soon as I'd deposited it, because playing 200nl knew there was a high risk of ruin! But it just so happens over the span of a week I ended up profiting to the tune of 300 euros :) so thought why not go ahead and play this awesome event. It will be almost the largest event i've played. i played a live event which was £1000 buy in once, which i won entry to in a £200 satelite :) and i got knocked out of that set over set, with second top set on the turn, and was pleased with my play! Rest assured though guys I'm playing this event because i love the Unibet vibe, and I want to play in a big tournament, i'm not playing it out of desperation to win money, i'll be sad if I don't cash xD but hey if i don't i'm still by the beach for another few weeks, and doing as best in my life as i ever have, so we are safe here guys! And any money i play with on Unibet I will continue to play with, with my eyes open! Cheers all good luck in your Unibet journeys this week!
  6. What up people, dropped a few stacks at 400nl today, which was always genna happen at some point Just registeted for UOS XI ! Looking forward to this :) Might play the hundred rebuy also on same day depending on how i'm feeling. Will be flying the community flag in the ME anyone else going in for it? Writing this from a hotel life is going well, it's amazing what you can achieve with some quality of mind and dedication, now just need to bink the main event Gl at the tables!
  7. Thats a good idea nightshopper. I don't think i'm ever going to be a "poker grinder", like someone that plays 8 plus hours a day online to make a living from poker. I really love the game, but when playing for long periods of time over a number of days, I find it loses its appeal a bit and also becomes a bit of a grind. I haven't done that in years, and never at mid stakes, but I think this self awareness is important I'm up like €1100 just from playing cash poker past 8 days online, so even though its not very good bankroll managenent, I'm pretty sure i'm going to play UOS XI main event and the €100 rebuy next weekend, I think it should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, also great motivator to improve my mtt game over the next week or so. I just got to decide how to practice now and what games to mix in , in sessions before. I'm looking forward to getting into the atmosphere of UOS in the community also, see if any members are playing any events going forward or how they have been getting on in any they entered, also watching some training. Have a great Sunday
  8. Thanks for comments guys, so its Saturday! Despite what I said in my last post, I ended up playing 400nl tonight :happyshy: All my sessions last week were 200nl, and I didnt really fancy playing tonight but wanted to as it's saturday and it seems v bad to call yourself a poker player and not play Friday/Saturday night if you can 400nl definitely held my focus! Here's a hand I captured what do you think of it guys? I have yet another plan for my poker I think im going to stick to. PLAY UOS XI ! My poker plans seems to change as often as the wind changes direction, so might as well play some great games in the process Not sure if im going to try to satalite in, or try to win some from cash games, or maybe buy in direct as done well this week and am up about the entry! Anyone else planning to play it or satelite in? How are you guys finding UOS generally? I havent played any events! I do still have 25 euro ticket to play from the blog mtt also :) Im going away tomorrow for a bit so will have nice calm environment during main event and can also do some mtt study before, so seems like perfect recreation and who knows might get lucky ? Reminds me of this Hopefully it can be one of us
  9. Nice going sounds like things are going nicely for you at the moment, low volume aside :) I found you mentioning the variable frequencies of doing certain actions interesting when you was speaking about the YT player you've been watching. Because, I was looking at this lately, and I kind of decided because unibet tables can be anonymous every day if you want, with changing avatar, on unibet that isn't needed. Was curious to hear what your thoughts were on that? Nice one for playing tonight by the way, I know what it can be like trying to get volume in when doing other things, but it's criminal not to play Friday/Saturday night isn't it
  10. Hey guys, poker has been going pretty well, I played about 5 sessions at 200nl since last post, just 1 tabling. I prefer to one table and focus on the action than playing more than one table. I just had 1 losing session which is nice, and am up about 4 stacks. Here's latest bankroll: I been thinking a bit lately what I want to do with poker, and I think I might start a challenge to practice learning a bit but without playing 200nl online regular, maybe I'll do a challenge taking 5 buyin shots up, and 10 buyin move down starting at 4nl, to give me something fun to try. Reason I say that is because when I inevitably start losing some stacks at 200nl I think it will be really annoying to me even though its totally part of the process of playing winning poker. I would rather play in a live casino, at least can travel then and see some fun sights instead of your wall and computer but because of covid can't at the moment Hope you all have a great weekend:)
  11. Love this! This is exactly the approach BenCB recommended for the mental game in one of his YouTube videos I watched. Go into each tournament expecting to bust but playing your best! This is very wise as then you aren't disappointed if bust and nice surprise if have deep run! It has a great stoicism idea in it too, of expecting the worst to never be disappointed
  12. At least you made some players happy Good luck for week ahead!
  13. Yeah I know ;) but you still cashed out like €20 from your previous cashout on the page before right? :)
  14. Great cashing out again on Tuesday! You seem to have a good knack for profit :peace:
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