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  1. Banzai has one of the biggest variances. I've lost 20+ all-ins in a row multiple times. Also, the bad beats happen so fast due to the nature of the format, it can really affect your mental game. So the best approach, in my opinion, is to accept that every time you choose to play it, you might get bad beats, lots of them, endlessly
  2. Apparently it's been happening for a while and mentioned in this report
  3. No problem, I'm glad that things got solved, and I also want to apologize if I sounded confrontational. I realized afterwards that you might have been emotionally charged from what was going on at the other table at the time you made the post. I ended my session thinking we had a great game with all the emotes going back and forth. It's quite an achievement for me. I was also playing from my phone. GGs and good luck! Also shoutout to nanaha, virtual handshakes.
  4. Lucky friday , I gave up when I saw Holdontight reach 3.5kk bb on another table with less then half an hour left. Thanks Stubbe for clearing this up and thanks ill-lukket for the report. See you at the tables.
  5. I would like to add that this issue also occurred on the Deep Stack Legend tables. Maybe it's related to the "Cash game themed backgrounds" option? dslub.mp4
  6. I was HexaJP and you spoiled the fun that me and nanaha were having playing heads up . From what I noticed MDOJ was on 2 different tables, it didn't look like anything suspicious to me but I didn't get to play that much vs him. You know you can play multiple tables with different aliases, right? Also after a while the tables start as heads-up and fill up later. Good luck in the next one
  7. If you enter your credentials on mobile and mistakenly press the "Forgotten password?" button instead of the "Log In" button, you're unable to return to the login screen and have to restart the app. This is because the interface moves up to make the credentials field unobscured by the keyboard, but it doesn't return to its initial position. Consider the attachment below for more details. loginub.mp4
  8. This issue occurred while playing Banzai on mobile and switching between landscape and portrait mode. It happened multiple times during different playing sessions. So far, I noticed it only occurring while switching from landscape to portrait. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to reproduce it. It might be related to losing the internet connection or switching sections in the app. I'll add more details in the future in case it happens again or I find a way to reproduce it.
  9. Esir


    Hey Marion! What's a fun feature or format (can be totally made up) you wish Unibet Poker had but you're pretty sure it won't ever be implemented? Good luck in the new team!
  10. Unibet is amazing if you're just starting to play poker, play lower limits or want to build a bankroll. It has the lowest rake at the micros across all sites (talking about cash games) . No huds, so it's harder for people to exploit you. You can always change your name if you think some1 got information on you so can always get a "fresh start". Can't recommend it enough for beginners. (Not a paid comment )
  11. Also the gifs get out of the chat buble area
  12. The fish one is the best, also like the slow clap one. I don't like the tissue box one, and the hat one shouldn't loop imo. I would add some kind of wave/hello gif. Wanted to suggest something like this. If you lower the table size maybe you can keep the emote window size the same but only have 3 emotes/gif per collumn so you can see them better.
  13. Thank you! I'm sure you'll progress, just be consistent and take steps forward no matter how small they are. Poker and life is a marathon. Also I don't have all my s**t sorted out either. :laugh:
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