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  1. Thank you! I'm sure you'll progress, just be consistent and take steps forward no matter how small they are. Poker and life is a marathon. Also I don't have all my s**t sorted out either. :laugh:
  2. Hey @FreedoM ! Thanks for the nice words! To be honest I also come back to it sometimes to remind myself from where I started. I'm glad this blog helps you. Poker wise it's going great. I'm focusing 100% on it. These days I'm playing 50NL/100NL. 2020 was also good, the highlight of it is that for the first time I managed to reach 1250000 points and get an UO Package. I was thinking about starting a new blog but I don't have any idea what it should be about. Hope you're doing great both in poker and outside of poker!
  3. Yo @Beksters Try this: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Unibet-how-to-s/Live-chat-How-to-get-in-touch/m-p/167367#M166
  4. Good luck! I really like how well organised you are. Keep it up!
  5. I agree that 2FA would be a great addition. If my mail has it I think a place that involves money should have it too. @Livertool I think it's better to have the option than not have it at all. It shouldn't be mandatory if you don't want it. In some countries you can't deposit and withdraw as you wish as there are fees and taxes involved. Even if people can't withdraw the money there can be some bad actors that can punt off all your money that would be pretty bad too.
  6. Esir


    If you click on the hand it will give you a text description of the actions. And in case you don't close your client (atleast as far as I know) you'll be able to replay the hands in the replayer.
  7. @OliD You should consider making a blog with all abnormal situations you encounter. I'd read it during my morning coffee. On a serious note consider taking a break or work on your mental game, the earlier the better, poker can drive you nuts sometimes.
  8. Play responsible and only with the money you're comfortable losing. Take regular breaks. Don't get distracted and pay attention to the tables. These are the first things that came into my mind but I'm sure others can add more important things.
  9. No problem @Yoyogi , maybe someone from the staff can give you a more informed answer. I'll tag @ReCorpH But you might have to wait for the weekend to be over.
  10. @Yoyogi Might be an issue on your side or on the german site. They are available for me and on the .com web page. https://www.unibet.com/betting/sports/filter/politics
  11. Good luck man! Stay patient and with a solid bankroll management you'll climb the stakes. Looking forward to your updates.
  12. Yes crazy boards did not happen before in live poker. Maybe you're a bit biased by the recent bad beats that you've taken. It happens to all of us, in the end things will even out.
  13. Hey, I would like to get my results for cash games for the period 01.02.2020 - 30.04.2020. Thank you!
  14. Great changes @Stubbe-Unibet Many thanks to you and the poker team behind for keeping the dream alive and ecouraging the players (myself included) to climb the cash games ladder. As Freedom said, the 6 minimum cap table is the sweet spot so please don't reduce it below as others have done it, mostly not to improve the ecosistem but to push players towards other game formats. Keep it up and I'm looking forward to changes coming in the future.
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