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  2. As I was starting this update I realised I have messed up math somewhere with my winnings totals so I am gonna simplify it to one figure for future updates: Net profit I fell off of the rake race leaderboard because I joined the dark side and went to play some poker in the real world vs some live fish. The game was atrocious. 1/2 NL vs four 2/5+ regs who I know from the Vic/Hippodrome in London and one 5/10+ reg who I hadn't seen since 2018 because he has been in Macau. Everyone is back because of the pandemic and it was my first time playing live since March 2019 for the same reason so I had no idea what the game was like. I have played in some bad 1/2 games in my life but that one takes the cake. Left after an hour and about an orbit after losing 50BBs with QQ < AA in a 3b pot to the high stakes Macau reg. In a 1/2 game in Portsmouth. Go figure. Glad my improved discipline levels helped me to pick up from the game though, That is the first time I have ever picked up from a live game in my life! Previously When I sit a game in a casino I play until it breaks or I can't stay awake anymore. Net profit (including BP + Tickets): £925.71 Sam
  3. @Rushbie Yeah the bets are still live only a couple of cheap 7:2s (the only bets I should have placed this year since id have probably taken evens tbh)
  4. I called up support and they explained the bets remain open and will be paid into the account, I just no longer have access to the interface to manage them as I have removed that from my account. Made sense to me! I am happy to still have them as they are probably the only +EV bets I have made this year lol.
  5. The post-smoking cough has started and it is disgusting, I won't go into any more detail than that. Ran pretty bad yesterday but the day was saved by some absolute legend who just decided to start 4bet/calling me and only me for stacks every time I 3bet him. EVERY. TIME. Fast foward a few hours and I managed to get out of the 5 BI hole and back into some profit. I decided to spend my BP on a cash game ticket instead of saving them as there is no real incentive to save them other than a 2% discount on the top end playthrough bonus. Considering I will already have playthrough bonuses active by the time I purchase it, I don't really see the point. The site going down has actually given me a chance at doing OK in the rake race this week, since the eastern european androids who usually grind 18 hours a day missed out a large chunk of playtime yesterday in their prime hours. Every cloud... Sam
  6. I am also missing around 150 euros after leaving cash games. I spoke to support on live chat where Tamara basically said i am talking bollocks and refused to help me. after repeating myself 10 times i gave up. Where is my money
  7. Well, the blog run good continues. After a few nice sessions where I played & ran well I cashed out some profit and am now officially a winning player on Unibet! For now atleast. Biggest pot won (298.36BB) MP raise I call in CO, BU 3b, SB cold call, MP call, I roll a 97 and repot feeling pretty good based on opponent's frequencies. BU Jams and SB calls, I call. It turns out I was 32.69% pre so slightly +EV, I actually expected to have more than that vs non AA hands but there you go. LOLmaha When I hit 60k XP Ill have 4500BP to spend but I am planning on saving them up for the entire quarter Net Unibet winnings (Year): £4,309.45 Net Unibet winnings (Lifetime): £731.03 Sam
  8. Humble pie! That is what I had for breakfast this morning.. Small downswing over the last few sessions to bring me back to my senses and stop being an arrogant twat. Definitely didn't play my best either and punted 80% of a stack OTR with only imaginary fold equity. Sam
  9. Does anyone know what happens to open bets if you self exclude? I can't check the "My bets" section
  10. Thank you for the kind words guys, INTERESTING day yesterday, I woke up to news that one of my open bet's had a roster change (Fnatic) and went from evens to 2:1 so I had an extra 20 on it before the game starts. The replacement player didn't warrant that much of a change in the odds so I felt fine about. It lost. I was on tilt over the roster change. Roster changes prematch are a lot rarer in esports than in traditional sports as injuries aren't really a thing so the fact this happened pissed me off. I had another £5 bet and then a £90. Both losses. That was the first time I've ever felt on tilt from betting sports and betting on games I had no opinion of, it will also be the last time I do it. For 6 months Fortunately, I run a lot better at card games than I do at betting on children's video games and booked a small win overall ~£50. (I'm still salty about it) When I fired up some tables this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see all the same names from 11.30pm last night still playing at 6am with 1kbb stacks on several tables. There is absolutely nothing I like for breakfast more than the money of tired bad regs. Biggest pot: 4b pre to 46bb so the shortstack could rejam and reopen the betting and we squeeze the other deepstack and flip for the money, but the nit just flatted. AI On flop, easiest hold of my life Onwards and upwards we go! Short break to enjoy the DOTA 2 and LoL matches before recommencing the grind later tonight. I know I am a massive nerd. Sam
  11. I am officially out of the hole! And completely free from smoking! I even threw the vape in the bin and it feels F*cking good I did break one of my blog targets and on the tail end of the recent rungood I sat 100PLO for an hour. Biggest hand in terms of BBs: Game #1566666682: Table €25 PL - 0.10/0.25 - Pot Limit Omaha - 06:51:30 2021/10/07 *** Seated players *** Seat 1: loserbooser (€33.46) - early bird Seat 2: plotrix (€25.98) Seat 3: Bongihiiri (€70.61) Seat 4: ACRRTY (€58.77) - early bird (sitting out) Seat 5: ButtonB (€25.15) Seat 6: nonpareil (€73.38) *** Blinds and button *** plotrix has the button Bongihiiri posts small blind €0.10 ButtonB posts big blind €0.25 *** Hole cards *** Dealt to Bongihiiri [Jc Jh Kd 2s] Dealt in ButtonB Dealt to nonpareil [8s Js Qc 9c] Dealt in loserbooser Dealt in plotrix *** Preflop *** nonpareil raises €0.85 to €0.85 loserbooser calls €0.85 plotrix folds Bongihiiri calls €0.75 ButtonB raises €4 to €4.25 nonpareil calls €3.40 loserbooser calls €3.40 Bongihiiri calls €3.40 *** Flop *** [Jd Tc 7c] Bongihiiri bets €17 ButtonB folds nonpareil raises €68 to €68 loserbooser folds Bongihiiri calls €49.36, and is all-in Uncalled bet returned to nonpareil: €1.64 *** Showdown *** *** Turn *** [Jd Tc 7c] [Kh] *** River *** [Jd Tc 7c] [Kh] [6h] Bongihiiri shows [Jc Jh Kd 2s], Three of a kind, Jacks nonpareil shows [8s Js Qc 9c], A Straight nonpareil wins €147.22 *** Summary *** Total pot €149.72 Rake €2.50 Seat 1: loserbooser: bet €4.25 and won €0, net result: €-4.25 Seat 3: Bongihiiri: bet €70.61 and won €0, net result: €-70.61 Seat 5: ButtonB: bet €4.25 and won €0, net result: €-4.25 Seat 6: nonpareil: bet €72.25 and won €148.86, net result: €76.61 Biggest hand in terms of £££: Game #1567063551: Table €100 PL - 0.50/1.00 - Pot Limit Omaha - 22:19:49 2021/10/07 *** Seated players *** Seat 1: dachriiii (€145.31) Seat 2: Jamesbodman (€254.23) Seat 4: 5amba (€101) Seat 5: SikaRillo (€100) Seat 6: plopedro (€226.16) *** Blinds and button *** 5amba has the button SikaRillo posts small blind €0.50 plopedro posts big blind €1 *** Hole cards *** Dealt in SikaRillo Dealt to plopedro [Qh Jh Tc Ts] Dealt in dachriiii Dealt in Jamesbodman Dealt to 5amba [9c Ah 9d Jc] *** Preflop *** dachriiii folds Jamesbodman folds 5amba raises €3.50 to €3.50 SikaRillo folds plopedro raises €10 to €11 5amba calls €7.50 *** Flop *** [Qc Td 9h] plopedro bets €11.25 5amba calls €11.25 *** Turn *** [Qc Td 9h] [Kc] plopedro bets €22.50 5amba raises €78.75 to €78.75, and is all-in plopedro calls €56.25 *** Showdown *** *** River *** [Qc Td 9h] [Kc] [4d] 5amba shows [9c Ah 9d Jc], A Straight, Ace high plopedro shows [Qh Jh Tc Ts], A Straight, King high 5amba wins €199.50 *** Summary *** Total pot €202.50 Rake €3 Seat 4: 5amba: bet €101 and won €199.50, net result: €98.50 Seat 5: SikaRillo: bet €0.50 and won €0, net result: €-0.50 Seat 6: plopedro: bet €101 and won €0, net result: €-101 I have 5 esports bets open on the account for a max return of ~£200 (2 of which win or lose today) Other than that it is back to the grindstone! Low stakes grinding to minimise the chances of redepositing and DEFINITELY no sitting higher than 50. Thanks for reading! The next update will be when I either have to redeposit or hit £400 on the account. Sam
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