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  1. Played about 3700 hands so far this month, mostly this week to be fair although I'm still working overtime at work till Saturday then off for a week. Will be scorching for the next few days here in Scotland, giving up to 26 Saturday and Sunday, getting too warm lol Glad to say Andy will be reviving my €500 playthrough bonus once I've cleared my current €10 bonus, about half way now so hopefully I get that €500 back soon, nice customer service About 4k points away from loyalty level 4, not much luck with all ins this month, just won my 1st all in today, out of 5 all ins in total, so tight these games even 25NL All in of today, can't come much worse I think, 95-96% equity on flop and turn, still lose Good news is that I got 'my money' back with AA vs KK later in the session vs same fun player villain. Bankroll going the right way but not going to focus on that for now, let's not jinx it
  2. @Andy-Unibet excellent long week at work this week but I’m off next week so hopefully I’ll get the current bonus cleared then. Appreciated so thanks a lot Andy.
  3. As we had the new loyalty update I started playing a bit again, ended up with €30 in my account after some 'fun' bets on the euros but have now took some money off my RIO and put it on Unibet so started with about €200 for the month. Playing 25NL for now and think I'll stick to a 30bb rule for moving up to 50NL next. Doubt I want to move down to 10NL as too many button clickers there lol. Seeing pots 4way half the time is soul destroying Still working over time at my work and it is still summer so doubt I will be playing much but the new loyalty scheme and game lab are interesting, for now at least. Did waste money on a €500 playthrough bonus as only cleared €100 before crashing with the bankroll and having to play too low stakes to be able to clear it quick enough. Had an issue today for the 2nd €100 but you can read that in the poker chit chat thread. Basically cleared about 96% and then it expired from my account today wtf right. Hand from a while ago and that's what I mean it can be soul destroying lol, I mean I don't have clue what is going on there And a hand of today, you know getting 3b to 8.8bb is a sign when you have pocket 88 right? Not much to add for the rest, will post the game lab stats once I played more hands and more has unlocked, interesting to see some stats for once.
  4. No idea where to post this so I do it here @Andy-Unibet Have just come back after some time off poker (ish) and I know I still had a playthrough bonus close to completion for the 2nd segment of the €500 one. I know I wasted points on it but that's another matter. Today was the last day as that's what it said '1 day left' so I fired up 6 tables of 25NL trying to get the last 6% cleared of the 2nd payout and around 9pm UK time it just disappeared from my account. I can only guess that this is the time I bought it 90 days ago? But I was at like 96% so think it would be nice if this could get credited to my account, even if it's €96 and not €100 as how am I supposed to know when the real deadline is if there isn't a more accurate countdown timer on it. Bit of a flaw too if you ask me. Thanks #badbeat
  5. Not played much, actually only played a bit last night and a bit today so far this month, getting more over time at work again and summer is here as well now and has been pretty good weather lately so poker is pushed a bit to the background tbh. And still don't understand what's happening as yesterday was breakeven and today managed to lose 6 stacks at 25NL within an hour, one of the first hands being KK vs AA straight away lol. Games seem so weird, every time I bluff I get snap called by random crap even vs my jams, every time I value bet all I get is folds, when I 3b I so often get 4b it's bizar. I mean it is 25NL lol, dunno what is going on tbh. I literally make the worst decision at every point in the hand in some way. Also not gonna bother with updates anymore, maybe once a month. Last month was pretty much a skydive at the first weekend and then more or less a flat horizontal line for rest of the month. Small sample size 13k hands but I ran about -64bb/100 at NL100 / -23bb/100 at NL50 and +1bb/100 at 25NL lol. I pretty much s#ck at poker, nothing more to be said I guess. Enjoy the summer everyone!
  6. @Rushbie I don’t really mean that anyway lol, just a wee ‘frustration’ joke, games are soft as there are enough people who just button click randomly.
  7. Not played a lot this weekend have to say, slept terrible prob as I had some really early mornings last week for work and then the dog woke me up last night every 2h Need to get some volume in as only 40 days left on my €500 playthrough bonus and I'm only at the 2nd segment. Games are just same old same old, hard to win these days even at 25NL First 2 hands vs same funplayer, he did these 1bb bets and he done it a few times in previous hands with weak holdings, can't remember exact action but I bluffed the river with a big bet lol think it's an ok play. Few hands later I get this hand, at least I got 'my money' back. bvb, what a run out again... think he donk jammed the river but impossible to fold as he barely had anything left. Next 3 hands vs same guy, not sure if it was a reg or rec... first hand is disgusting, I open and he calls in bb, he donks and I raised and he called, then he min or half pot donks the turn, terrible card really as what does he donk with on the flop with me already blocking AT, then he overbet jams river, guess its A7 / T7 and nothing else right? I mean AT would be outrageous lol. Few hands later this, he did that random donking again, just not as big of a pot so he flopped a hand again. Later in the session he just lost a hand with a flopped set vs a turned straight, went all in on the turn, then I get KK 3b him and he insta jams... always the same. Also lost AK vs QQ but that's nothing spectacular... Think I played decent, just not going my way honestly...
  8. I thought the name came from something or somewhere but never googled it to check, good to know but doesn't make it more catchy
  9. @FreedoMThanks for posting and I do understand and am aware of the differences between GTO vs exploitative play but maybe my view on the game is indeed totally scewed because of GTO. Not that I play GTO but I keep falling for the traps of 'I should call this' and yet villains almost never ever show bluffs in big pots etc. "Folding is free" lol. And not sure if you were asking me those questions or you just quoting the blog? I still study yeh but probably not as much as I would like to as time is the biggest issue, play vs study, try to balance it but I also have other stuff to do / want to do other stuff. Why do I play, because I still like the game and I don't mind studying it either, doesn't feel like a grind or anything but I still want something to come from it, investing time for no result is a bit pointless imo, especially when the result of poker should be making (some) money. Anyway, I'm not bankrupt so can still keep on playing Just played a bit on RIO and fired up my NL4 ticket on Unibet, all in or fold strategy, we are halfway flops left and still alive think some kind of reg (if you can call players at 4nl regs?) was so kind to donate 3 stacks to me today calling my all ins with A6o and the likes when I don't really jam super light, pocket pairs / ATo+ ish. Thanks anyway, be a miracle if I get the amount of flops completed but you never know.
  10. Rant post, not played too much this week as had to work overtime and just played over an hour today. Minus 5 buyins. Poker isn't going anywhere, really struggling to get a win on the board, don't really get what is happening, I struggle to even win a pot nowadays. Seems every random reg fish just plays random hands preflop and is able to double up no bother and I try to keep it solid yet never get anywhere. I don't overcall, don't call in SB, don't coldcall 3b's etc etc yet no results. Every 3b pot I get annihilated as people outflop me time after time. It's like I get outplayed all the time. Very frustrated to say the least. I probably keep 'trying' for the rest of the year but if it is more of the same l move on after that, waste of my time I could be spending more wisely. Only won 1 hand today AK vs 99 but was vs a halfstack. Not won much else beside that. 3b pot, all in on the turn... I don't have the Ah and beat KJ on the turn, shouldn't have a 6 as I big bet the flop. Regfish, been 3b'ing me a lot but here I open UTG he calls, I x/c 3 streets... manages to get there, surprise surprise. Loose call down but hey ho. 3b pre, barreled it off, guess not a good idea. Qh is prob bad as I block the suited hands. 3b pre, he calls big flop cb, x/x turn, I bomb riv with A blocker, ok nice hand. Open pre, regfish in sb calls and so does bb, I cb flop and get c/r big, I call 3 streets, all draws miss 2p and 44/66 still win vs me, guess could have folded the river also having the nut flush blocker but this was last hand and couldn't give a f anymore. So yeh, seem I just need to keep folding vs every raise and barrel. Nothing works anymore. Month had a terrible start but been pretty much breakeven ish after that, very boring. Unibet roll €250 / RIO €475 Also FU with these pictures, crap system. Can't even delete this bottom one
  11. @GR1ZZL3RI just drag em in my post as it gets too messy otherwise, it's a weird system lol. About your hands, that's the problem at those very low stakes, so many random players playing A2C so really hard to put people on a range. Just need to grind it out and play mostly ABC and tighter preflop I'd say. Don't mind limping behind with mediocre hands or open limping small pocket pairs etc. But I rather move up to where they respect my raises
  12. @FreedoMI know that but bit annoying if you want to have a break or a holiday and have to remember to see one flop a week.
  13. Maybe handier? Up to you I guess. Don’t forget to post the bad beats, AA getting cracked by T4o and such And those tickets, kinda sad they have the same 7 day expiry as a normal ticket, should be longer imo as you spend 4K points on it.
  14. Did anyone watch it? I hope there is a bad beat coming for Italy, disqualification for snorting drugs lol. Crap song anyway!
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