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  1. Average day, bit up on RIO, bit down on Unibet. 4 all ins today, lost em all RIO JJ-AK 0-1 UNIBET AK-A5 0-1 AQ-A4 0-1 QQ-AK 0-1 Another splashpot, only 100bb this time: Why oh why lol BTN limp calls my iso, then x/r the flop, bet small on turn I think then 1bb on riv lol, rlly... Those crap multi way hands where you get such good odds to call street by street, I raised the turn vs a 1bb cbet, MP called and I x/c river as he only bet 5bb into 50bb pot lol. Not that I was super optimistic... Deleted 888 poker as software was terrible and player pool didn't look that big either tbh. Might give GGpoker a go at some point, I know they do a 100% matched welcome bonus up to $600 and 90 days to clear it. Not sure if you have to clear it all to get the full amount or if they release it in chunks and you only get what you cleared within the 90 days. Will need to up my volume for this anyway as don't want to quit Unibet or RIO. And still have my €500 bonus to clear on Unibet too. Decisions decisions, maybe the summer isn't the best time to start playing on another client anyway lol.
  2. And another day gone, played 2 sessions today, played mostly on RIO, decent day, bankrolls are just under €500 for Unibet and just under €600 for RIO so I'm kinda mixing in games on both sites, on Unibet still mainly 25NL but RIO I play 10/20 or 50NL depending on what is running. Here another hand from yesterday, busting the rockets yet again guess I should have moved up to 50NL with this rungood. And here a list of my all ins today on RIO, all mixed games so dunno which one is what stake but doesn't matter, running fine. And don't think I fold QQ btw, just never had it going all in Quite like keeping track of all ins as it gives you a bit of an idea of run good / run bad and how biased our brains can be. Sometimes (or mostly) you think you run bad but in reality you just run more or less normal. And I haven't forgotten to do my bb/100 calculations for the past months or since I started on Unibet but I cba doing it atm but will do at some point. Just be patient
  3. Good luck with the personal side of things and thanks for keeping a blog here. I think everyone can benefit from a break now and then for whatever reason it might be. There are other more important things in life than poker. Take care!
  4. Just played a small hour and not much to mention but this: Was 1 tabling a 50NL on RIO and 3x 25NL on Unibet: Then this happened on RIO, 1000bb splashpot, J3o crap, then on turn I had 70% pls pls pls but no luck would have been a nice €350 booster to the bankroll! Instead only €30 lol. But managed to crack a reg his AA for my only all in today so far, only 6% on the flop, pretty much dead. Wish I could have swapped my luck to RIO, rather had the 700bb 50NL pot
  5. The reward is that tiny making it hard to spot
  6. @Stubbe-Unibet Not planning to find out if we can lose more this week but won’t be possible anyway with the current bankroll Update for poker this week: so far haven’t played as no time, gf has been away for a few days visiting family/friends and I’m too busy taking dog out when I get home from work and cook etc etc, will def catch up on poker starting tomorrow (Friday).
  7. 2h of 25NL battling on Unibet, funny how there is some d!ck swinging going about with the 'regs' even at that stake. First 3 shots are the same hand, I'm not in it beside preflop, had miss clicked pre as only made it 2x instead of the 2.4x it is on 25NL in bb's. But SB called, BB (fish) minraised, easy fold for me then SB 4b, BB 5b and then all went in the middle. Not a fan of the AKo call pre. Can't remember who won but w/e, normal flip. Another random hand, UTG (fish) opens, SB 3b, BB coldcalls, UTG calls as well, SB cb flop and BB calls, UTG folds, SB cb turn and get jammed on and calls it off, crap river for him. Whale on my table, managed to get this beauty vs him, thanks. Another hand vs same whale, think I 3b pre then let him bluff it off lol, thanks again, ended up with 640bb after he left. Those annoying spots with JJ, I never really call so 3b is standard, get 4b so big lol, makes it easier for me to fold. This hand was from Friday I think vs fish, crap river! Almost back to having a shot at 50NL
  8. More importantly, did you win the hand?
  9. Forgot to mention that I've found another good youtube channel Have only watched a few session review videos but it looks pretty solid to beat the micros.
  10. So been a low profile poker week after the disastrous opening weekend of May. Went broke on 888 poker after getting the bankroll up to about $10 but eventually busted out at 2NL, games are hard Software is pretty average and mobile vs desktop is for whatever reason different. Their bonuses are crap as well, normal bonus is deposit 10 and get 10 on top of it. Then I had a deposit 30 and get a free 10 offer. And then a deposit 10 get 10 on top and 30 to spend on slots or something. But think they have a 100% deposit bonus up to $400. It's all very confusing lol. I'll leave it for now anyway, but might put a small amount on and play when I have time during work depending on what I'm doing. So about stats, still need to have a proper look through all the stats I still have but for RIO since I started on there: played 205k hands at -2.26 BB/100 and BB is half bb [1 big bet (BB) = 2 big blinds (bb)] so I'm basically running -4.52 bb/100? Not sure, doesn't look good, Bit strange as I've withdrawn 2k now and definitely never deposited that much lol, guess bonuses and extra rakeback stuff must add up Says my VPIP/PFR is 28/22, guess that could be a bit closer to each other. Now Unibet for April, €211 rake paid at 50NL, won €695 / 5900 hands at 23.6bb/100, must have been running good! €338 rake paid at 100NL, won €46 / 4900 hands at just under 1bb/100 Obviously 100NL fell off a cliff first few days of May so that giraffe is sticking its head in the ground now Just time to rebuild now, have €350 on Unibet and €430 on RIO, I'm sure we'll get going again although might take a while
  11. Poker aside, as a Belgian / Flemish person, I’m happy I moved away from that hellhole 8 years ago now Lovin it here in Scotland
  12. It’s even worse when they hand out a cash ticket for a stake you don’t play and only 100bb so you are forced to lose half of it and cash half the ticket or play less than 100bb if you can’t double up or win a pot for a while. And then you still have to grind 300 flops assuming it is the same as any other ticket. I think it’s hard to compare it with the DT or SDT as you wouldn’t win every time but maybe the idea of having a chance of winning €40/€400 and now and then actually winning it is more satisfying than receiving a €25 ticket even if they spread the ‘wealth’ over a bigger player base. Wonder what the criteria is to receive a €100 ticket
  13. So not really played much, bankroll on Unibet is now €350 ish lol , last 50NL session I had just went same as before, had 3 all ins and won none. AQs vs KK, I had a screenshot but can't find it, there was a massive whale at the table opening 10x or 30x so was just waiting for a hand good enough to get it in as he was playing any 2. He opened 10x or w/e on BTN and SB 3b to 30x? , sb was playing back a lot and I just jammed AQs with all the dead money in the middle and wide ranges. No luck. Other hands were my JJ vs AK and my AK vs J9o (seriously). So plan is to play 25NL to €500 then back to 50NL and drop down again if it goes down to €350. Also taking money off RIO leaving around €400 and drop down to play NL10/NL20 if and when it runs trying to build up a roll again. Also made an account at 888 poker, just having a wee go at it, haven't deposited as not sure if traffic is any good. Had some free micro tourney tickets, barely worth it but I played one last night and managed to cash for $4.70 (dollars) something, start of a bankroll, just playing some NL2, see if we can grind it up and gives me a chance to get used to the software and see what traffic is like even on lowest stake. On top of that, after losing €1650 or something in a week at Unibet, they sent me a text today saying I had won a Replay Rewards Poker mission worth €25. I honestly don't see how this is meant to be of any value, sure nice to get a €25 ticket but if you play higher stakes than that it feels silly to grind away a €25 cash ticket. Looks pointless to me even though I'll be using it now with my current bankroll. Still waiting on my stats from Unibet, wonder if I need to request again as last time I had it within a day I think. I did get an answer from RIO but they don't hand out such stats but they were kind enough to put all my hands through holdem manager or something and give me those stats. I just need to have a better look at it but running -2.26/100bb for all hands I ever played on RIO. Which is kinda weird as I've withdrawn more money than I deposited but guess with bonusses etc and the stats aren't sorted by stake so it's not all that crystal clear. After 3 failed 100NL attempts, 100NL basically giving me the finger time after time I'm going to keep it a bit tighter with bankroll management. 30 buyins for 100NL and move down when I hit 20 buy ins. But this prob is a couple of months away in the best case lol. Let's see how it goes from here.
  14. Wouldn’t worry too much about posting about other sites as long as you still play on Unibet too I’ve read a few blogs from years ago from people who posted about pokerstars etc and eventually ended up joining the Unibet team lol. if it was ‘forbidden’ then I’m sure they would have had a note up somewhere. Anyway, you’re still going strong I see
  15. Still running amazing, so far down -€2234 for the month, I honestly can't win a bloody hand. Think I'm going to withdraw all my money from RIO and maybe start from 25NL again on Unibet. Or maybe look for another site. Too daft for words.
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