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  1. if i have level 5 right now,in next querter , level wiil be level 1? thank you
  2. super double freerol is remplaced by who? i lost more to 40 eu /week ,and i dont received tiket.whwtt is happening?
  3. auto rebuy will be possible at unibet?
  4. hi .i want to introduced auto rebuy.thank you.gl alls.see at tables
  5. pls introduced auto rebuy cash game.thank you
  6. thy mister stubs to reeive me back in comunity.gl to all players
  7. after hard grind in last 3 months-i decided to leve unibet for 2 reasons 1 -winterboccamp promotions is only for nl25+ and 2 at nl 4 maximum tables to play is 6.bye ,bye stubs and you promotions discriminations.i will close my acoont because this discrimination promotions
  8. i buy a new computer and from now i can play 8 csh game until 2016.i am verry happy
  9. when will be possible to use auto rebuy in cash game?
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