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  1. fuuk yisss, riding high tide!
  2. Yeah, the rant has been there before, maybe our beloved new community masters could answer? Is there any?
  3. Fairly sure, you should wait a little, alright @Amysue.ac Try and break the bread, doubt it ever breaks
  4. Like said. It's amazing how you think your scenario is somewhat personal, or what the hell? The fact you're painting everything here with your common bullshit, leads to no where. It's of course great money, nobody disapproves any of that, it's just that your becominng a total dick, man.
  5. Yeah, good luck with that. Like there's no reason why the old people are struggling with it in the first place
  6. Congrats to tonights winners, Iceman and Donkeyhunter! Still one day of these fantastic, routine-breaking Ante Ups left to come Only if we all could get the leaderboard updates this week, that'd be great
  7. 1 @Stubbe-Unibetbounty, plz Oh, also got one last wednesday, if it's not too late to claim.. (about 20:40-20:46CET) Didn't get the pic, tho.
  8. Nope, hard to tell if you can win or not. You have to explain it more thoroughly to the google translator
  9. ”Cause i thought it is voided and calculated as 1.00 and you need to dig to find why is like that. ” You wouldn't be the first one to put too much hope and weight on ”expected fairness” without ever actully checking the TnC's. Nor the last. Nothing unusual there . Nothing beatable to battle against. Experience is a great teacher, they say..
  10. when it comes to rakebacks and fancy bonuses, Belgians for example, get shit Nada. Zero. The're actually the most highest raking players from places that got absolutely shit as reward. And playing millions of hands/year. That's nuts, imo But they just do that, without any bonuses. And Rocks it
  11. 23:30 Mean Man, if doesn't autoplay
  12. Congrats @MetalWolf, and @GothMoth both, you guys went for all the moneys worth on that one
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