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  1. Awesome evening there πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„ Riding the lightning well done, cowboy πŸ’ͺ (in a way of taming the wicked, dangerous horses)
  2. Match made in heavenπŸ˜„
  3. Most of the glitches happens when tables are changed, or break is about to happen. It's infinite. See same Chat glitches come back from somebody else. At top left corner, emotions/animations are had. Problem is, that the cursor of mine was playing elsewhere at the same time. So Whos reactions are those, Relax? Fun, aye? Ghost_feedback.mp4
  4. Games tonight, anyone up to the highest seat of Sauna?
  5. No katos perkele, thanks man! Ran out of reactions for today, but big thanks about that 🍻
  6. No clue why they're there for, but might wanna check your accounts too guys. Maybe not just for Finns, or me , but 5 offers bundle this early morning πŸ‘ -10 freespins depositbonus to hyper joker gold, wagering needed -play 10 euros and get 20cashspins to big bass bonanza -10freespins to More usual suspects -play 10 euros and get 2euro tikiet to xxxtreme roulette -play 10 euros and get 20 cashpins to bi bass bonanza
  7. Happens more than sometimes. I play from livingroom sofa maybe more than half of the games in general, and the routine to get away from that freeze has become an artform to muscle memory and instincts. Steps to get away from it are as described by OP. Best way being to kill all running apps the moment, and enjoy the fact the app logs you back in without passwords ASAP. Exact steps to reproduce are still unkown for me, but it helps to casually tap on to the MTT lobby games as usual in the middle of screen in order to move it, and thefore when dragging the list up or down, hold one of the games under finger microseconds longer the app can fetch info and keep up. It's like being given double commands, and doesn't know what to do, so softlock or whatever, idk. Everyday stuff anyways. Androids 7, 11, 11, 12. All but the 7 are Samsung galaxy models, 7 is Huawei Mediapad
  8. Call it an issue or not, but true issue is the mobile MTT lobby freezing continuously (Samsung), to which the killing of all apps is a fast cure. The idle time that remains despite logging out or just killing apps is a bliss, in order to log back in quickly, IMO. Like said above, good to use phones/tablets screenlocking password for it, if the issue becomes realistically troublesome. It is a thing that happens, tho. Everytime.
  9. Yeah. Basic sight in the end of every tournament. Or in the middle of them.
  10. This has been there from the beginning. On mobile, the scrolled selection to Monday shortstack promotion PLO game lasts only from a second to two, before it retracts back to the beginning of list. Which hides it from sight on portrait view. Annoyance level: very high Behaviour model added to a screenshots of old rotary phone, and modern video.
  11. It's not that much about what you do with a single hand, imo. Gotta give action to get action in overall too πŸ˜„
  12. In the modern stream of absolute crap from everywhere, something not to miss, imo πŸ‘ Worth the time. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13210838/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2788316/
  13. Keep in mind the 1k flip this midnight also gotten from missions today, and the 10k mission freeroll happening later on are two different games.. so don't forget to reg both πŸ˜‰ See y'all there 🍻
  14. Probably from the affiliate site, clues in the name
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