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  1. Dayum, run out of likes. Cheers! Whitesnake-copy, but so are all the rockmelodies
  2. ok,snap but no,unfortunately . Lots of people would like that as well
  3. Neutrality is a good word to describe the ongoing pedoforgiveness inside a certain beliefsystems. And how old traditions has changed their forms to nowaday models It's okay i quess, Afgans, muslims at heated areas do that too. Gotta fuck something. May it be a cause or idea, little boys ass or a donkey. If nothing else to screw around with, and surroundings tells you no, you gotta fuck something inside your brain. It's pleasure or war! Apes can do better. Welcome to west https://leakreality.com/video/19240/the-pope-is-a-black-lives-matter-boot-licker
  4. Yeah this was such a drunken and dangerous comment from me, agreed No way in hell it's recommended to never try to do, it was just a theoretical pondering about technical possibilities, and shouldn't have written that. Bad habits. No reason for anyone to risk everything getting banned by trying that, because the violations of Terms and Conditions is what you'll get. And any of those ain't worth it.
  5. Well it's all solved now. Cosmic rays and bit flips . Anyone looking for some other answers why online games and their results doesn't go as wanted or in a way that doesn't make sense, here's something interesting to think about
  6. Umm.. not sure if there's a dedicated topic, but you can start a new one in here with the title Ticket Extension or something https://www.unibetcommunity.com/forums/forum/36-poker-help/ The mods will see it faster especially if you tag with @ some of them. The replies of course may take a while, for example now when it's nighttime and nobody most likely is in the office, but they'll see it. @AstonMartinii
  7. Thanks to the wonderful technology it happens often when playing on mobile, tablet or phone, that it disconnects the app when doing something else with the device. (Like checking discord, mail, doing whatever else than playing.. ) Somehow especially with devices with low RAM, <2GB, it tends to break it every single time. If one is not aware of it, it can imo easily look like that to others. Had that always on recent couple years. So there's that. But yeah, I'm on the most likely deliberate abusing wagon as well when someone clearly does that systematically. Mainly because the mobile annoyance really disconnects you from the gameplay, no-one can just ignore it happening on their device.
  8. Just dropping this great chick here
  9. "is anybody out there, anybody there Does anybody wonder, anybody care" Lol not like ziggy stardust stuff, but close enough
  10. Yeah, got that same nazioffer too And so did other Finns as well Edit, not all got it, hmm Ein, Zwei, Drei..
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