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  1. I talk with live chat and send email and this is my problem... I dont bother you, trust me... Email from support: 'Hello xxx, Thank you for your follow-up. Please note that as a general rule, for Free Bets offers, the qualifying bet must be only 1, for the amount requested in the offer's terms. In that case, to receive the 100 PLN free bet, you should have placed 1 bet for the amount of 100 PLN. Please make sure that you always follow the terms and conditions of the offer before placing the qualifying bet. If you need additional information, please let us know. Best regards, W razie dodatkowych pytań wszystkie potrzebne informacje znajdziesz w naszym nowym Centrum Pomocy! Dziękujemy za kontakt z Unibet. Alexandru' As you see @Stubbe-Unibet , this is a joke 🙂 i copy paste the conditions from the site and that wasnt help. What i can do more ? I lost a lot of my time, worth more than that freebet. But rules are rules. Fairness ? For me, funny is that i make few bets in week 26.02-03.03 and that was ok, i recived freebet as rules say. But next week that was a huge problem. If you can look into this i would be grateful because support is a joke 🙂
  2. Hi @Stubbe-Unibet sorry for bothering you but i dont have more strenght to talk with unibet support 😞 I copy paste conditions but i hit the wall, i really dont know who works on support but easy case is a big problem for them. It should take 5min but i lost lot of my time and get nothing. My actions are not producing results so i must try on forum. to the point 🙂 Sport Promo 'betbuilder club' to recived freebet you must placed bet or bets for total 100PLN in one week. I made 5x20PLN bets in first week of my activity and recived freebet. Next week 04-10.03 i made the same but dont recived freebet. Support told that i must place one bet for 100PLN but that its not true. I have already I copy paste conditions for them : original text in PL 'Jak to działa: w tygodniu od poniedziałku do niedzieli, możesz postawić jeden zakład za min. 100 zł lub kilka zakładów, które łącznie osiągają wartość 100 zł. ' in english: ' How it works: during the week from Monday to Sunday, you can place one bet for min. PLN 100 or several bets that total PLN 100.'
  3. @Seb-Unibet how it works ? Leaderborad would be only for grinders or for rec players too ? What about SPC satties ?
  4. @Andy-Unibet there will be rule about leaderboard 'count only few of best performances' ? That is good option to rec players who wanna participate in leaderboard 💪
  5. SKS , 15 minute blinds should be on 2 day, correct ? SKS 31 SKS 30
  6. Thanks for answer @Stubbe-Unibet but i dont recived new ticket 😕
  7. I made update of iOS and now its fine. Thanks Guys for attempt's to help
  8. For some time i have problem with www poker client on my mobile (same on chrome and safari) After login and redirect i see something like this 😞 @Stubbe-Unibet any ideas ? I cant download app so this is one and only option to play Unibet on mobile for me...
  9. @Stubbe-Unibet can you give more details about Slobberknocker PKO MTT Series 8th Jan 15th Jan ? Its time to play some satties and hoards tickets 😄
  10. Its fine @GotKot99 You can use that ticket in 1000€ flip 👍
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