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  1. Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong I just had to. All those things are just totally wrong. And it's a fact. There's thousands of pro players. Some play with smaller ROI, some studies and some are just super talented. And many pro players play (also) here. You'll naive if you really think that they won't take advantage of the soft(ish) and small fields.
  2. @Stubbe-Unibet One little nice add to MTT-results would be, if it would also show average BIN.
  3. @GotKot99You can't open both apps with same device at the sane time. But you can open one on app and one with browser or both sites with different browsers. I've used Unibet app and Pokerihuone with Chrome. Works fine like that. I've only done that a couple times when there's been some exclusive tournaments on Pokerihuone. I asked it long time ago from their cs and they said that there's no problem using both sites same time.
  4. And that was not unlucky, I don't like to sound like the one who gets angry from any beats. He was ahead PF and made the right play bc he got a call from my worse hand. That's just poker and I have to say, that the table was super soft. Very much limping and one guy probably regged that accidently when he meant to reg a freeroll. I'll give you some backup for that. First, he was sitting out 40 mins. Came in, raised every hand PF and min betted almost every flop. Lost couple of pots and his stack. Then he raised again and went all in with 3x pot bet on flop. And he was the J3 guy.
  5. Ffff. Just before the break. And I thought this 4 card flush was a Hexapro special? E. I'll share the play too. I would have never put this guy on KK here. He was pretty active on limps/flats whole hour. PF: FullclockSb Open 3x(240), ValueCabin Calls, I 3-bet 4,5x(1080) from button. ValueCabin 4-bet shoves 73bb. I snap called, when his only showdown hand before that was K7 and he cold called a 4-bet with that hand. Maybe he knew, that he was playing like a fish and used it to his advantage.
  6. @GR1ZZL3ROh, now I see. That's definitely a good thing. While playing CG you don't really need anything to distract you. Specially when you should know what kind of players you're playing with.
  7. What does that mean that you "concentrate on the play"? Is it just improving every thing of it or what? There's plenty of ways to study, but for me the best way has been that I just screenshot every big spot(call, raise, fold etc.) and then go through once or twice a week those hands. I have couple friends in group where we talk about our spots and try to find the right way to play it next time.
  8. @Seb-UnibetThose 2-day events doesn't have the campaign symbol on them, so are those included at all in this promo?
  9. @MerenitsuAre you going to stop playing that PLO4 too? And I like your plan. If you stick to it long enough, you'll have no problem with loosing every now and then.
  10. I've played (too) many Hexas already. It's way too fast and too big variance to be enjoyable. K9o is a call with 20bb and under. I don't even think it depends on anything when ranges are ~30% wider than in 6 handed SNGs. What would any decent player shove from BTN or Sb? 22-88? Any Ax? If it's an 2x open from BTN/Sb and a shove from BB it's even more clear call.
  11. @cris1285I'm not even close of a good Hexapro player but when I looked a bit in spins/hexa strategy I'm pretty sure that K9o was in a 20bb all in calling range there. K3s I cant remember but QJo definitely was in there too.
  12. Ty all. I'll do my best. Maybe after this vacation I've had my brain are able to work after 22.00 eest, which it usually don't. That's why I hardly ever play tourneys this late when I'm sober
  13. @Seb-UnibetI don't know why, but I had a feeling he had to be german. Gladly there was only two. Thank you! I'll be playing with my community name and probably busting before midnight on day 1
  14. I'll give another try when it was not forbidden: Sulley Muntari E. All for nothing LOL
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