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  1. There's many flips running nowadays which has their reg closed 5mins before start. So that's probably not any kind of mistake.
  2. I can give my sophisticated guess. To prevent people "sniping" flip tournaments. It was a "big" problem and I think this is a great solution.
  3. @Stubbe-Unibet Can we get updates for official leaderboards? And how about the bounties from yesterday?
  4. That HU was just sick. I can't remember that he would have raised even once from button. Or folded. Limped every hand. Then potted very strange boards on flop and turn where I had straight blockers or two pairs. Like here. He limps that button again. Flop is basically 100% more mine then his and I even have two 3's so what is he betting here? Has to be AA and an easy fold. That HU lasted 35mins and my brains melted at least 35 times.
  5. Ok. Maybe this was too obvious question. @Livertool Was very close with his quess, but not quite there. He did not even min bet the river. Game #1573629008: Table €400 Community PLO PKO - 800.00/1600.00 - Pot Limit Omaha - 20:30:36 2021/10/21 *** Seated players *** Seat 2: Pionrj (102679) - €50.50 bounty Seat 5: HAI_ROMANIA (21321) - €11.75 bounty *** Blinds and button *** HAI_ROMANIA has the button HAI_ROMANIA posts small blind 800 Pionrj posts big blind 1600 *** Hole cards *** Dealt to Pionrj [9s 8d 2s 3s] Dealt to HAI_ROMANIA [Jh Th 5d 6s] *** Preflop *** HAI_ROMANIA calls 800 Pionrj checks *** Flop *** [4d Ts 8c] Pionrj checks HAI_ROMANIA checks *** Turn *** [4d Ts 8c] [6c] Pionrj checks HAI_ROMANIA checks *** River *** [4d Ts 8c] [6c] [6d] Pionrj checks HAI_ROMANIA checks *** Showdown *** Pionrj shows [9s 8d 2s 3s], Two pairs, Eights up HAI_ROMANIA shows [Jh Th 5d 6s], Full House HAI_ROMANIA wins 3200 *** Summary *** Total pot 3200 Seat 2: Pionrj: bet 1600 and won 0, net result: -1600 Seat 5: HAI_ROMANIA: bet 1600 and won 3200, net result: 1600
  6. I very rarely get super amazed anymore in any situation at tables. I thought I've seen it all, but yesterday I played a HU against HAI-ROMANIA and most of the time I was thinking that we are playing different games. Here's one example of the hands. If someone would show me this picture, I'd just wonder how the F is that Pionrj even at showdown. I'll give you guys something to think about with this. Try to guess how the hand went. I'll post it later today. E. I'll add that HAI had the button here.
  7. @Stubbe-UnibetWithout added value I would have folded that last one even with my flush blocker. Good shove.
  8. My goal was only to get a couple bounties and get to bed early. Well, at least I got to bed early.
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