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  1. @MaecTpo did beat the previous hand by 1% so I had to go through my hand history. Your turn.
  2. Couldn't get a screenshot from the hand. But I think this is in the fight for a ticket.
  3. @Stubbe-UnibetDoes this have to be played with community alias or similar?
  4. And I managed to loose it all. I was at 32€ and 150 flops when I opened PLO4. I don't think I've ever run that bad. Three times my aces was cracked and had no luck when I drew for something. Lost ~20€ in 10 flops. Then went only NLH4 and run the same way. I still had 10€ and about 9€ of that in chips when I got AA on sb. BB defended with 75s and hit a 5 on flop. He/she jammed 160bb in a 10bb pot and of course found another 5 on river. Last hand I don't even remember, I just shoved some Ax and lost. It was just not meant to be. I don't think I've ever played this much NL4 on Unibet. And have to say that there's still a lot ratholing going on. Either it was the same guy with different avatars or there was 3-4 removing chips after they got up to 100bb. Super annoying to play against them when they basically called everything down with bottom pair etc. and limped/flatted every pot.
  5. @GR1ZZL3RI'll let you know here how it goes. Up to 30€ now and 190 flops left.
  6. So, that's 19x the ticket. I doubt it's not even possible to get a regular Cash game ticket up that high before it's through and you managed to get it up and loose I had played those flops in less than 2h in 1-2 tables. Had "any two" -players on the table whole time so it really didn't even require any run good. Usually I've lost the ticket in like 10-20 first flops so this is a special one.
  7. Just being curious. What's your biggest X result for a cash game ticket? I know, that this one is far from being played through but a decent start for a 6€ ticket.
  8. I'm playing my Cash game ticket and this guy has joined the table now three times with 50bb and left twice with just about 100bb. Who does this on NL4?
  9. @Sandra Campbell40-50 times? I don't know how many spins you got with each balance you played but have to say that you're not a quitter. In this case it probably would have been better if you were.
  10. I'd like to know who's this giant goalkeeper who makes the goal look more like icehockey goal? Is that games outcome pre-picked or does it really matter where you shoot?
  11. @masloMajority of the sites settle bets this way. I can name only two sites which voids those matches.
  12. @AlteroYou are right, Q6o very rarely is an pf all-in hand. You just don't give enough info to say, if the play was justifed on this case. But you telling me that luck and variance are not related? Can't talk about those at the same time? Let's say that a cash player has ev 2/100bb and is usually a winning player, but has been running last 20 000 hands clearly under it. Something like -5/100bb. That's a downswing for sure but has nothing to do with luck? Is that what you are saying?
  13. @mac123456789Your links doesn't wok. But I'm pretty sure that you've lost the bet for good. At least if you won't get NHL to change the stats for this player. I can't see those shots, but 7+ years ago when I used to follow (and bet) more NHL the rule was that shot is not a shot even if goalie stops the buck if it's clearly of the net. That rule might have changed or these shots can be on the net, but bets are solved with official stats.
  14. You are clearly disappointed for something. I don't know about your market, but in Finland we get some free bets and/or freespins by depositing X amount of money or playing/betting something. I don't either even remember when I've got a direct deposit bonus last time, but why is that a problem? There's tens and hundreds different Sportsbooks and Casinos which offers bonuses all the time. I get daily offers to my email of reload bonuses and I use them if T&C is reasonable. So why in the earth do you need specifically Unibet to offer you bonuses?
  15. @KrisziiYes. You are looking at wrong game at Livescores. e. I'm actually quite confused how you can mix those two matches when those team names are so far apart of each others.
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