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  1. Rushbie's post in Am I blind? was marked as the answer   
    Hit X.


  2. Rushbie's post in poker playthrough bonus was marked as the answer   
    It's 5x, like to get 1€bonus added to account, you'll need to rake 5€ first.
    If i remember it right :wonder:
  3. Rushbie's post in Hi was marked as the answer   
    Hi @HrHH 
    You probably accepted one of the casino's bonus offers? If that's the case, the deposit is turned into bonusmoney first with the offer added to it, and all that has a turnover of 25x at slots usually before the funds you have after it can be played on poker, or withdrawn. The exact details can be found from the rules seen in the offer, behind infolink.
    The bonus can be cancelled if you wish, but for that you need to contact @RayL for example, but I'll tag him for now here.
    Hope you get it solved fast 👍
  4. Rushbie's post in Mega Joker was marked as the answer   
    Well, seems you should have that there..
    Try to write that to the casino's search bar, and see if it works. Should look like this:

  5. Rushbie's post in i unable to log in in phone (ios) was marked as the answer   
    @gavprincipHello, yeah if you can download the application you should be able to play 😃
    Try to follow these links from the Unibet page:

  6. Rushbie's post in Bug with casino game Berrybust MAX? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, you've probably already gotten the answer from Support, but if the freespins were given exclusively to that game, think you have to use the winnings in that game too to wager the requirements for the bonus money, before they are turned into real money.
    Unless it is mentioned separately, the money won with bonus freespins is often bonusmoney too, and it has certain amount of times you need to wager it, something like 25x or so..
    You should be able to find the progress and amount left in your accounts "my bonuses" section.
  7. Rushbie's post in I logged out of a Poker Cash game (nl10) and amount wasnt credited was marked as the answer   
    Hi there, and welcome 😃
    The bonus cash tickets in poker has a certain amount of flops you need to see first, before it turns into real money. It should be seen in the ticket under the "cash" number, like 50/300 flops for example. Is that how it is?
  8. Rushbie's post in Poker client won't go past login screen was marked as the answer   
    Yea it happens, second launch always works, tho. Just updated everything on my laptop today as well..

  9. Rushbie's post in device not supported for matsuri?? was marked as the answer   
    I get the same notification all the time. Sometimes just have to switch WebGL back and forth with different developers.
    Try this add-on trick, that Yggdrasil once advised, worked well:

    Just that in my case had to switch it off back to normal to make the game work :Rofl:

  10. Rushbie's post in If you received £30 bonus money you need to bet £90 to complete the bonus conditions. was marked as the answer   
    It means that the bonus money you were given by the site, needs to be bet again so many times, that you have placed bets total worth of £90, before it turns into real money that you can withdraw. For example, 3xbets with £30 = £90.
    Edit. And the bets doesn't have to be £30 each, they can be less. As long as the overall amount placed in bets reaches £90.
  11. Rushbie's post in Blood in Blood out was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, bro. Finally found the proper section to make a withdrawal. Everything good to you, but I'm out.
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