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  1. nope, perskele kun loppu liketykset helvete #nanowar amazing stuff, world awaits
  2. I 've never been more proud to be a Finn, lol #Nanowar Amazing stuff!
  3. dayum the Nanos are great
  4. Ei paha! Not bad! geesus theyve made alot of effort into these damn, gospel of excellence Plain perfection
  5. Awesome stuff, @jerry! Cheers! And all kudos for the band! legendary ass-kicking
  6. Sometimes i actually wish to all hell break loose. just let everything happen without remorse. completely perfect anarchy. survival of the ..who ever survives, lol :D. it's about to happen anyway in the dreams of kiddos, so why not speed things up as adults Problem is the Leftiehumanists. they seek for it, but cant pay the price with their own blood. useless machine for human race.
  7. aah, nopes.. i would've folded 99 and steal everything else with lower risk maybe
  8. Dayum, run out of likes. Cheers! Whitesnake-copy, but so are all the rockmelodies
  9. ok,snap but no,unfortunately . Lots of people would like that as well
  10. Neutrality is a good word to describe the ongoing pedoforgiveness inside a certain beliefsystems. And how old traditions has changed their forms to nowaday models It's okay i quess, Afgans, muslims at heated areas do that too. Gotta fuck something. May it be a cause or idea, little boys ass or a donkey. If nothing else to screw around with, and surroundings tells you no, you gotta fuck something inside your brain. It's pleasure or war! Apes can do better. Welcome to west https://leakreality.com/video/19240/the-pope-is-a-black-lives-matter-boot-licker
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