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  1. @Phlo23 The same happened to me and I questioned it in the discord channel. It seems a bug is at work, wether it was due to the crash this morning is not yet known, but it will be worked on.
  2. Just a short cash session yesterday, no great change. I got another €50 Supermoon ticket from 2 attempts, I now have 3, and the Summer games were a washout, typical British weather. No winners from the first day, 3 more attempts today. I'll post my picks daily but only update results as and when. The roulette has surprisingly been the biggest winner so far, way above anything I thought possible, but doubts were beginning to creep in. The absolute main aim of this project is fun, (and maybe some profit) so a losing run is definitely not that. I originally intended to increase stakes at a certain level, moving up and down as the br dictated, somewhat like a poker roll, but the wins were coming regularly and I didn't want to upset anything or jinx the run. As it happened I lost the last few days so I'm glad I hadn't increased stakes. I've withdrawn the bulk of the profit, leaving £100 there "just in case" and intend to carry on here at UB. The profit on that site stands at £2,386.65 and that played exclusively on roulette but on a pretty much hit or miss basis as and when the mood took me, all from a theoretical 2.70 % house edge. This latest shot on UB will be a dedicated bank roll controlled, stake increasing or decreasing controlled, profit and loss controlled, fun controlled, attempt to see what happens. Bankroll £100, starting stakes 10p, that's 1,000 spins to start, let the fun begin. The fun actually started yesterday. It took a while but ended up ok. A little less than 10% but that's ok, (and insignificant yet.) Again updates will come as and when or if anything significant occurs. Fun Punting All.
  3. I have spent too much time trying to update wins and losses while playing, fairly easy to do while one or two tabling but four tabling needs a bit more concentration. If I miss an all in while updating then try to play that back I then miss some action on another table and this compounds. So now I watch the action, not doing anything else, but replay the bigger hands later to hopefully find the weak spots, in mine and others play.
  4. @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet I thought these were a thing of the past! So do we still get all these rewards on top of the Loyalty rewards? Confused.
  5. "After all, tomorrow is another day." This is the mantra I use when having a bad day, a losing session at poker, no winners on the horses or roulette. Fair to say that this week has had its ups and downs so I'll start with the good stuff. It's steady progress. I know I'm not seeing enough hands. GameLab is confirming that, and I'm not quite aggressive enough on the flop, confirmed again, but I'm not really worried by that. The only objective for now is to end up ahead, fancy stuff can wait it's turn. I'm fairly comfortable playing 4 tables but that's too fast to update the winnings and losses on individual hands, and doing that afterwards is quite time consuming so that's on the back seat for now, concentrating on the play rather than the result. I will say that I'm running ok for all ins and bad beats, I've taken a few but given the odd one back, absolutely nothing to start yet another conspiracy thread about. It does seem a bit of a grind though, I actually meant to buy a few €4 tickets, clicked the wrong ticket (carelessness) so won't do that again. I had a few Supermoon tickets left over, played 2 x €10 qualifiers and won €50 tickets in both, and a €10 ticket in the first Level 2 freeroll so now I have 2 x €10 left to play, one this afternoon plus the Summer Series this evening. I'm starting the again. Again it's very time consuming watching and checking prices so I'm backing them in the morning and leaving them to get on with it. Now the big decision. I had an amazing start to the roulette campaign and I knew it could never continue indefinitely, the last few days have brought some losses but I'm still well ahead. Time for a revamp and reconstruction. I've withdrawn the bulk of the bankroll and as I don't feel comfortable showing screenshots from other sites I intend to carry on, poker, racing and roulette all in one basket on the same site. UB is the chosen one. I'm waiting for the transfer and will jiggle funds around tonight so update tomorrow. Happy Punting All.
  6. @Pionrj I did notice that but there are a possible 16 winners allowed in the final freerolls and 16 events so I assume they will count.
  7. @Merenitsu I'm so glad to see this at last. You're plans may not work first time but stick at them and you'll be so much happier in what you do. Control what you can and let the rest take care of itself. Best of luck.
  8. GR1ZZL3R will be hitting the streets of pain as well.
  9. Called the dogs off after 2 hours, seems my quarry has gone to ground and can't be tempted out.
  10. My scenery is not quite as nice but it gives a new meaning to Holme's saying "The game's afoot."
  11. @Pionrj Is this enough run good? The delightful Megan has joined the very exclusive 1-1 club, first bet hits. I thank you both.
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