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  1. @Livertool Video shows as unavailable but I'm betting it's of a goalkeeper scoring in added time.
  2. PROFIT: THE FINAL FRONTIER. These are the betting patterns of the rec GR1ZZL3R. His one year mission, to explore strange new progressions. To seek out new patterns and new opportunities. To boldly bet where no gambler has bet before. I may be overstating it there. Time for an update and yet another reset. The fact is I'm missing my dose of poker a little bit and have been having an odd session on the micro cash tables, some good and some bad, the horses have not been running quite as fast lately after a storming month long run good in March, and the roulette is stuttering up and down, but currently only £9 down this month. I want to set myself a challenge that keeps all three in balance, along with other life issues, and I've benn giving quite a bit of thought on what to do. Looking at all the other challenges ongoing I've decided to combine all three, in a sort of race, but how to make them equal was the challenge. The problem. The 2c-4c micro cash games start each time with 100bb max, and I have about €560 euros of bonus points. I'm betting the horses with £1 min stake at a time, started with £100, currentl just over £70 up, and am still playing 50p a shot on the roulette with £157 in my current balance, so unbalanced stakes and bankrolls, how to combine them fairly seems to be the main challenge, in a sort of three runner handicap. The solution. Handicaps have different weight allowances anyway and there's no easy way to start off 3 challenges with the same stakes, but the bankrolls can be levelled somewhat. A €4 cash ticket is only one buy in with 100bb so why not go far €40 ticket, 10 buy ins and 1,000bb. Taking that as the base, £100 for the horses would give 1,000 bets at 10p and £100 for the roulette gives 1,000 spins, also at 10p. It may not seem worth it to put bets on at 10p a time, or play roulette at 10p a spin, but we know variance at poker can be horrendous, likewise at roulette and racing, and the profit motive is not my sole reason for a project like this, but remains number one. I could start at higher stakes, but if the bankrolls were to dive I may lose motivation and the small stakes should keep me going for a fair while, why risk losing £1,000 on a tryout when I can get some results for far less cost and stress. This ties in with my risk averse nature as well so if it all ends in doom and gloom there's no severe damage, and of course each balance might grow. The schedule. The horses are picked out over the first cup of tea of the day. I'll post them daily but still haven't decided on how to manage any losses. Last month I was betting race to race and adjusting stakes as I went, but that does take up a lot of time and while I'm on micro stakes may be time not well spent, so it will be flat stakes each day, at least for the start. Judging from the past probably 3-5 per day, maybe 1,000-2,000 in the year, plenty of time to see where the bankroll's headed. Then it's into the casino for one roulette session, at the start until hopefully profit for the day, but with a stop loss, not decided yet. Then onto the madness of micro stakes poker, one table at a time but not setting any flop seen requirements or profit/loss parameters, just till I've had enough. My minor ambition in this one is to complete a cash ticket. The profit, if any, won't be much to talk about, at least at the start and until such time the stakes are in any way meaningful, but I feel this will give me a more structured day and more importantly some much needed motivation. The tourneys will take a back seat, I'll play these ongoing community ones and any future special events, and I'll continue the Supermoon but flips only unless I hit the €50 stage. I'm setting a year long mission, who knows how long I'll keep it up for. The horses will be updated as a matter of course daily, running totals for all three weekly. Live long and prosper.
  3. What challenge are you going to do for the 2nd 6 months of the year?
  4. It's a bit like my profit and loss account, the figures don't quite add up.
  5. I rarely if ever cash out a ticket so well done, but..............................................................
  6. Thanks for the blog @nightshopper a very interesting insight into the stresses of not only poker but outside influences as well. A brave decision so hope things go well for you and your familly and you're back with us before too long.
  7. I totally agree @Livertool Because City managed to shore up their poor defence and could rely on them, not always the case in the past, that gave more freedom for others to press further forward after goals, six players in double figures in all comps.
  8. Even I'm not old enough to remember this one.
  9. The huge difference this season has been the defences, Liverpool losing key players and City gaining Dias along with the improvement in form of Stones. 'Pool's attack all seemed too quiet at the same time whereas City found multiple scorers from every direction when they needed them. The same for all teams but I think a lack of a crowd affected 'Pool more, an unprecedented run of poor form at home.
  10. @Sparrow473 and I must be on the same wavelength as his reply to me showed normally, and @Livertool said he couldn't see it but his quote back to me also showed normally. I thought I'd broken the client but that too is back to normal. As for the alias it must be a culture thing, if you have to be brave to masturbate seems a bit weird to me but whatever, please not in public though.
  11. @Purps They show normally for me, the last one I dragged from screen shots, NOT clicking choose files, that must be it.
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