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  1. MORE EDITS. I should be so lucky.............................. ..................lucky, lucky, lucky.............................. lucky, lucky,lucky......................... lucky, lucky, lucky............................ .......................and there's more............................ Happy Days. Small triumphs but all the sweeter for that.
  2. Thanks @Seb-Unibet I probably should have called, A9s, but having just got back in the tourney I didn't want to throw it back away immediately. Also playing a freeroll on Sky and creeping into the money there as well, plus the other community tourney and my poor little brain was getting overheated.
  3. (VERY) EDITTED HIGHLIGHTS. I got lucky, I got lucky, a nose in front the only place it mattered. I got lucky,
  4. Hi @AndyRick It mainly depends when your bet was made. AntePost bets are normally 24 hours or more before the race ( and therefore better odds ) but the risk is any non runner is usually treated as a loser, so your bet does not become a double but is a losing treble.
  5. I hardly dare say this in these more politically correct times but this takes me back to my schooldays. The goalkeeper was usually one of the less physically fit lads, ( I'll say a touch overweight rather than using the F word ) not inclined to go running all over the field, but at the same time hardly likely to go diving all around the goals making stunning saves. They were included because, well, they had to be.
  6. @P0kerM0nk I like the blog so keep it going, it's interesting to see the ups and downs of work/life balance. Personally I find myself skipping through a few of the hands, maybe three or four really good ones might be better, a contrast between good play and bad play (from villains and yourself ) Splashing around The avatar's probably the previous reward option.
  7. Neither of you have been playing long enough, there are far worse sequences out there waiting to catch you out!
  8. GR1ZZL3R


    Maybe some Steal Magnolias?
  9. GR1ZZL3R


    The Great Garden Gates Enigma. Enemy at the Gates. Barbarians at the Gates. Gone Gates. The Gates of Wrath. The Great Gatesby.
  10. How I deal with downswings. It's a comforting thought ( ) but not to be taken too seriously.
  11. 2nd yellow without a doubt. My local survey, 2 'Pool 3 City 5/5 all agreed. Consistency with decisions is always the word used, this wasn't a good example. More matches like this please and it could be another close run title chase.
  12. Welcome back to the world of micro madness. Nice here ain't it?
  13. Finished, can I have another please. It came 189th (out of 190 entries) in beginners section in my last comp.
  14. @Merenitsu Sorry, I thought yours was humorous, my sense of humour must be so misunderstood, my reply was totally meant be laughed at. I need to brush up on my writing skills.
  15. The original own goal specialist: Superb keeper but prone to concentration lapses.
  16. @FreedoMBest of luck in this new challenge. I know you've had a few false starts in the past, like myself, (my last cash ticket went out not with a bang but a whimper) so I hope you make it stick this time. Good reasoning on the cash tables, more or less what I've always thought, very convenient for hopping in and out of or stopping when life issues intrude (tilt mainly ) I'm starting 1 table per day of 5-10c with about the same bankroll so maybe we'll roll on together. Keep at it.
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