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  1. GR1ZZL3R's post in Euro 2020 - last 16 - when do draw odds start? was marked as the answer   
    @Phil All football bets are settled at full time (90 mins + stoppage time) unless otherwise stated. 😄
  2. GR1ZZL3R's post in Free champions League £5 bet was marked as the answer   
    @mart1Not quite sure what you mean by this. If each leg is 3.0 or greater it doesn't matter what the multiple odds are. If one leg is less than 3.0 your bet would not qualify, no matter what the multiple odds are. 😄
  3. GR1ZZL3R's post in French Roulette - La Partage Rule not Paid was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Jester 
    The majority of the tables in the casino are French roulette, having one zero, unless stated as American roulette, two zeros, but the payouts do vary and only pay La Partage rules if stated on the payout table.

    Most tables don't pay La Partage even though they are generally known as French roulette. Slightly confusing as the name of the game suggests the same rules. As far as I can see though, the French Gold and the Auto-Roulette La Partage are the only ones using those payouts, so it depends which table you were actually playing on.😃
  4. GR1ZZL3R's post in Racing was marked as the answer   
    Go to the racing page and click on the rewards box.

    Doing this reveals the rewards available.

    Click on each of these offers to see what you can do or recieve.
    Most involve price boosts, but free bets can be gained if your horse finishes in a certain position or you bet within a certain time frame. Offers change all the time but 3 Uniboosts are available every day. 
    Happy Punting. :Thumbsup:
  5. GR1ZZL3R's post in Three questions to mods was marked as the answer   
    @psrquack I logged into PayPal the other day on my home computer and was asked to supply a pass code sent to my phone. It's just extra layers of security that transferring money is going through from many providers.
  6. GR1ZZL3R's post in Meeting abandoned was marked as the answer   
    Hi @bluespaul  You'll have to check the conditions of your bet as the meeting has been re-arranged for Monday the 9th. Good Luck. 👍
  7. GR1ZZL3R's post in Bonus cancel was marked as the answer   
    Hi @KrisP If you take your new bonus it should remind you that you have an active bonus that will be lost and are you sure. If yes the take the new bonus. 😃
  8. GR1ZZL3R's post in Was my bet settled incorrectly was marked as the answer   
    @Morphy69  Sometimes mistakes are made but often corrected before long, I'd give it a couple of hours then chase it up. 
  9. GR1ZZL3R's post in Why are Unibet not showing cards for Doncaster and Newbury.? was marked as the answer   
    @Cityzen21 I think you might have been a bit too quick to take a hissy fit, due to the meetings at Doncaster and Newbury being abandoned it's going to be difficult to back those horses at any bookies. 😞
  10. GR1ZZL3R's post in Free bonus money was marked as the answer   
    HI @Liamv123
    I got some free bets a while ago but they weren't available for horseracing, who knows why :teardrop: Check the terms and conditions, there are quite a few different ones.👍
  11. GR1ZZL3R's post in Ticket expired was marked as the answer   
    I tend to check expiry dates often and carefully, it saves money in the long run, I have missed tourneys but never asked for my money back due to MY mistake or carelessness.:scared:
  12. GR1ZZL3R's post in High Hand Promotion Issue was marked as the answer   
    Think Ive spotted it. It wasnt cash was it by the look of the units.:waterfall:
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