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  1. Thanks @Stubbe-Unibet👍😎 Also, GLGL & HF all in the tournaments and see you at the tables!
  2. ps. IMO that's a great idea - well done Stubbe 😉
  3. I've logged out and now it works 👍
  4. I get this message: Sorry! We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
  5. Interesting changes 👍😎 Let's make Unibet community great again... Have a great weekend everyone 🙂
  6. @FunckyFishI've mentioned that I'm a recreational player and I've just wanted to share the things that worked a few times in my case: play the boosted slots- we had 5 at 98%RTP and this were low volatility slots- I've mentioned some I've played on*Butterfly Staxx, Guns N' Roses, Starburst(again, I'm not a casino player but high volatility slots tend to offer larger payouts but less often, while low volatility slots tend to offer smaller payouts more frequently). PS. Stubbe said in the past that only 'noobs' play at Starburst lol- honestly it wasn't an offense just the reality(I know it and I'm fine with just playing in casino from time to time at slots I enjoy the animations/ music etc...); and even though I doubt you'll ever lose big by playing this kind of slots you most likely won't win big either(bankroll management is important too, so choose your stake wisely)... and I know I can't compare with high rollers like you(IIRC you've played on Unibet some 'crazy' stakes in the past- I probably won't ever be able to reach your level) and for sure you can give tips and suggestions for 'casino experts' that play similar stakes but I think the average community member is more like I am and won't make huge deposits and play to win big at slots like Book of dead for example that will 'eat money' from many people and give a 10.000x multiplier to a luck box.... maybe, my post can help some members limit their losses and enjoy what I still think is a good promotion- at least for recreational casino players... Good luck and have fun all $$$
  7. I'm a recreational casino player and I didn't play on many sites to really state my opinion about casino bonuses and promotions but what I can say is that this promotion is IMO a really good one and also Unibet is the only site that shows the volatility in slot machines(at least the ones I've played on* 888, stars. betfair and some Romanian local sites don't show it and I usually check this on Unibet as even on Google this information isn't easy to find...); I know Stubbe made a list on the community with some tips for new players when we had lots of promotions for casino here too- mainly it was a list with the best low volatility slots but also some that he played that gave some huge multipliers(but this ones are usually high volatility slots)... PS. I've reached the Elite level in the Casino Club a few months ago by playing mostly the boosted slots on the Romanian market that are coincidently also low volatility slots too(I'll mention some: Butterfly Staxx, Guns N' Roses, Starburst...) and if IIRC I've had to play 10.000 euro and in return I've got like 100 euro cash in total(on 3 different days, no restrictions on this funds but even for the other levels the requirements are really easy to complete) and some free spins which I've got really lucky with... actually let me check as I think I have some screenshots... I've reached the Elite level once or twice after that too and each time I was happy with the rewards(once I had some problems with the rewards but the live chat was really helpful and fast to fix it and like always Unibet gave something extra for the inconvenience* tho it was because my account currency is in Euro and not RON like most players from Romania have..); so in the end this promotion was and still is IMO an awesome one- at least for recreational players like myself that enjoy to play in casino from time to time and with this promotion we can get something back if we run bad and/ or boost our bankroll if we run good... @SCOBY for 19 points you qualify as a Guest member and you should get 0.1RON X 19pts = 1.9 RON(on Monday and Thursday + some spins on Wednesday, so contact the live chat if you received less and they will fix it* but it's not 19RON, check the formula and also your transactions history); in the end- my advice is to always check the TCs of any promotion before playing in it and decide if this is good or bad for you... Good luck and have fun all!
  8. Hi @Andy-Unibet, I wanted to ask about the €100 main event ticket raffle if it will happen soon as I see the SPC main event ongoing(~1h30m late reg)... who knows, I might get lucky and have the opportunity to play in it if RNGJesus 'allows' it lol Anyway, just a friendly reminder, have a great Sunday everyone and GLGL at the tables!
  9. Except for this one that I've seen at a few mtts(something you already fixed), I didn't notice anything else(I might be wrong tho...): no filter issues, buy-ins/ rake is ok for the mtts already in the client(PS. such a low rake 😎)... Great job @Andy-Unibet👍
  10. found a minor typo/ mistake here: 2 rebuys in the client vs. 1 in the spreadsheet...
  11. At the other tournaments the descriptions includes the duration of the mtt and a bit more info... but the level up time is a mistake/ typo? PS. just trying to help here... well done with setting up the tournaments, maybe you should let Stubbe to do it so we can have more chances to get some freebies lol Edit. sry, now I've seen all your previous posts and @xjn's post, I usually do a better job reading fast through a thread, my bad NotLikeThis
  12. @Andy-Unibet the only typo I found was a minor one at the SPC#19 from the spreadsheet the level-up time should be 9 minutes and also we don't have the short description at this event...
  13. The alias translates to something like 'the Romanian is ugly'(but 'hidos' / ugly- can be interpreted as something a bit worse like disgusting or something like that too...), I mean it's not an OK alias to use but it doesn't offend me at all(especially because it was clearly used by another Romanian); again, well done @Andy-Unibetfor blocking the alias but I don't think this is a case of racism or other type of hate involved- most likely just a fellow Romanian that wanted to troll other Romanians...
  14. I'll definitely join if I'm invited... nowadays, pretty much every online community has a discord channel as well, so IMO Unibet should try to build an 'official' one and hopefully many members here will join there too...
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