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  1. I'm also going for Bayern Munich for my 3rd round pick... I just can't see anything but an easy win for the hosts here Also, thanks @Seb-Unibet& Unibet for the extra rewards
  2. Awesome promotion , thanks! For the 1st round I'll go with Bayern Munich. GL&HF everyone!
  3. Winner: England BTTS: N Total goals by Italy: U0.5 Total goals by England: O0.5 Total corners by Italy: O4.5 Total corners by England: U4.5 Immobile to: not to score Kane to: score first
  4. Posted 57 minutes ago England Yes Over 8.5 Over 4.5
  5. @Jami-Unibet, @Stubbe-Unibetany chance to have a look at this, can I still get the 20 free spins at Money Train 2 or BPs? also, I've just noticed I didn't post this in the "Help" category, sry for that...
  6. @Stubbe-Unibetmaybe you can have a look at this too as this was a reward from completing poker missions; also if the free spins can't be credited, I know that in the past players that were excluded from the casino received BPs instead(not my case, just a weird situation caused by some lag and maybe a faulty touchpad), so I'll gladly take that option too if possible...
  7. Full time: Italy (2.45) Both teams to score: No (1.85) Any player to score at least 2 goals: Yes (4.00) Total cards: Under 2.5 (3.95)
  8. On paper(nowadays this translates at transfermarkt, where England 'leads' 1.3 billion to 'just' 300 millions) yes it's tough to find any aspect where Denmark has superiority but as someone that watched all the games played by the two teams I can objectively say that this should be a toss coin and if the match wasn't played on Wembley- I would even say Denmark would be favorite: they looked great in the offense(even against Finland- a match that was poorly handled by UEFA), the midfield was really strong, while the defense was quite good too... the defense is actually the only aspect where I see England superior and not just because they haven't conceded a goal yet... PS. I actually hope the Final will be Spain vs England so we won't be that many people for the 10.000 exclusive Team Collector tournament(I guess everyone completed group A and for Denmark you just needed to play 3x 1 euro mtts, while for England and Spain you had to put some effort ), but if we are objective and we look only on what happened on the field this tournament than we might see Italy vs Denmark playing for the trophy (Spain has been mediocre the entire Euro- especially their defense and this should be quite easy for Italy; actually Spain's midfield was ok if you wanted to go to sleep as in most games you could see countless passes with no plan in mind...)
  9. Hi, I just finished the last mission from group D(took me like 30 Hexapro's to get three 5x HexaPro's) and wanted to use the prizes... everything looked good, I opened the browser-> Money Train 2, I got the usual pop-up message but a weird lag happened(I used the touchpad and it might have click on something else instead of accept free spins) and now when I open the slot(both from PC and mobile) I can't see any free spins @Jami-Unibet can you have a look and maybe re-credit the free spins, thanks.
  10. I'll post this hand too... final table 10 euro mtt, 6 ITM and this happen (71% equity to win, 5% tie)
  11. The big blind was All In preflop as he had less than 1BB, rest of the players folded, so highest bet was pre and I lost in the end-> KK curse ~87% equity
  12. Same here, just can't lose when I'm huge favorite lol I played 300 flops at 10NL (maybe a bit more... nice result from 10euro ticket ), 5x 1 euro hexapros (won 4- including 2x 5 euro ones), some SNGs, also a few freerolls and the worst bad beat was pretty much a flip after the flop(AA<75o after 68Q flop)?! I hope I'll run like this after this promotion is over too... GLGL all at the tables
  13. Yes, Stubbe confirmed that cash games are eligible too @Merenitsu just a reminder so you won't be disappointed later: "the highest equity at the time of the highest bet in the hand, for hands that go to showdown and are lost" , in your case you posted 2 screenshots: the first with the hand lost at showdown(your opponent hit runner-runner to make a straight) and the second were we see the equity on the flop(94.55%)... still, if the highest bet in the hand wasn't on the flop your screenshot with the equity on the flop won't be valid... I'm back grinding and let's see if I can 'improve' my bad beat lol, GLGL all at the tables
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