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  1. 1.When I started the tournament, the opponent does not see the reward, after a flop the reward appeared. 2.Another bug is this although I touch Ok, it is not supported, only after deleting the memory catch, I can login.
  2. It seems that I don't like these big buy tournaments. A pleasant experience with tickets community won.
  3. @Seb-Unibet last night's rewards when we receive them ??? I eliminated Kindred-Seb and Kindred-Kris.
  4. We hope there will be other winners compared to previous tournaments. Good luck to every all !!!
  5. @Cornelll va trebui sa etichetezi un moderator și bineînțeles că cererea se face in limba engleză.Poți folosi google translate pentru aceasta .Copiezi de acolo și inserezi aici. (you will have to tag a moderator and of course the request is made in English. You can use google translate for this. Copy from there and insert here.)
  6. What's going on, I have an unresolved bet.
  7. Sometimes in omaha tournaments, the cards appear like this, I don't know if it's an error or if it should appear like that, that is, covered by the alias.
  8. And when I enjoy the river, I only take fourth place sorry fifth, hard to understand these flips
  9. congratulations @Janek, it looks like luck was more on you.
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