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  1. It looks like the fifties are still bothering me. Of course it's not a fight on the river, but when I see five-year-olds, I tremble all over, I feel a great emotion.
  2. I think it's gratitude ... pffff, I think I'll go back to the small stakes, where it's easier to bear these beats. Plus maybe I'll get a sword from some moderator reward, because I haven't met anyone at my table yet.
  3. As I mentioned yesterday, yes the poker league is Ok, but Unibet also means betting, casino and bingo of course.
  4. @Jami-Unibet,yes without weekly, monthly competitions, it's boring, and I notice that online members are few, every time I connect, up to 20 members, I say that if there was a contest (with symbolic prizes, 30-50 euros per week ), then surely the number of online members would increase. Of course, the look is wonderful as said, but without a little action to keep us connected, I think it will be in vain.My opinion of course. (I hope you don't block me, because yesterday after I commented above, for a while I couldn't connect to the community)
  5. So far, very boring community, no contests with weekly prizes, outside of poker leagues. Betting contests, prediction, just a beautiful old memory.
  6. Se pare că, cu cât de mult comentezi aceste situații, software-ul te pedepsește din ce în ce mai mult. Cum ne-am putea descurca fără acești jucători fără scrupule și fără nicio idee despre pokerul online. Toate situațiile au fost toate de la început.
  7. I feel like quitting poker, when I see these specimens of people, that I pay with these cards, you say they play bingo, I understand (big blind, small bind), but you are in that position and you pay with these cards, please let poker, if not, I think I'll give up, because I can't compete with these people.
  8. I think it's the most beautiful meeting with friends, at a barbecue and a good beer after.
  9. @davidt8718I want to tell you because I have been on unibet for over 15 years and always, even if there were small problems or solved in a timely manner.
  10. @FunckyFish Yes I understand, but I was not credited bonus money after the first 50 spins, because I did not use all 100 together, so an honest player I am I wrote the topic above, but today surprise after the other spins , I noticed that yesterday's bonus was canceled but without being credited to me. Now the question is, is it good to be honest or a liar? Given that I won the community tournament last night, I would say that karma has spoken, though.
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