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    @Stubbe-Unibet, @Seb-Unibet What happened, I'm oe the first lic the sudden is frozen. I tried oe browser and the same thing.
  2. After a break from the game, it gives something beautiful, but after the avatar used, is it because all the evil lasts. Yes, I was privileged to see such a rare hand after many years of play. Thank you.
  3. Goodbye for a while, I just activated my account at a competing site, and here I will come back when you are more serious. Of course you will receive feedback from all my friends, already two of them giving up earlier than me, I still hoping that maybe, you will become more serious but it seems I was wrong.
  4. I'm not complaining, in addition my win is insignificant, I'm just saying the right thing, which doesn't seem normal to me, from such a big site to make a contest only on words. Shame !!!
  5. Just like I said the other day I will post situations when I won, and I'm not happy about these, hilarities..
  6. @pinki simply filled my glass with these unfulfilled promises, at these contests, never but never, they did not make the payments at the end of the contests, only after some cried here, or did. I ask you, how do you organize a contest if you have nothing to honor him with, simply since the contest started, it could be organized and paid for if you are a reliable organizer, but nothing like this has ever happened here and of course I am full of venom when I see that my trust it is mocked by unfulfilled promises.For me, these situations when someone doesn't keep their promise mean, without honor, exactly as I would say that tomorrow I will give you something, but then I think about it and think if I should give it to you. And do you want me to laugh ?, when, these situations are repeated endlessly, yes, maybe just false what is not part of my character.
  7. As usual, only lies, although in the end they will be credited, but for such lies should leave all members, if you are not able to pay do not organize such contests, as if we are in movies with fools , but it always happens at such contests, when you have to be serious and keep your promises, ??? shame the great "UNIBET" with such promises. Something like that, nowhere, only at unibet, other sites, when I promote something they keep their word, here a total disaster in the organization.
  8. @Pionrj, @cris1285, Yes, you're right, I didn't think of that, because there might not be such high stakes players who go with any kind of cards.
  9. I would vote "jumanji", however I started the ranking.
  10. @Anasztazia,please english.(google translate)
  11. @Pionrj,I don't understand why you say, freeroll, it's the same software, for everyone, and the one who plays at low stakes and the one who plays at high stakes, or, you mean there are differences, (ie discrimination). And what percentage did I have in the tower?
  12. Every day I will post a situation to learn something !!! p.s. even if I am the winner.
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