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  1. As a new year begins, so does a new time for the Unibet Community. Over the next months there should be a whole new crew here, which should be able to provide better coverage and more attentative service throughout the day. It's a good setup and something I've pushed on for quite a while as things have gotten too big here for just two guys For myself, it's time to move on to a new challenge. It's been a great run here and without singling anyone out and forgetting anyone else, I want to thank ALL of you amazing people for the good times both online, but most certainly also at live events like the Unibet Open, where we probably met a few hundred of you throughout the years - I had a great time every event, except the time I got a concussion Snowboarding in Sinai, that hurt And all the great colleagues :) A big thank you and appreciation to @Stubbe-Unibet for ever coming up with the idea of opening this place, it's been great opportunities to develop for Marco, Ray, ReCorph and myself, all of who'm I've had the pleaeure of working with here over the years A big shoutout also goes out to @Leo-Unibet, @Andy-Unibet and @Kris-Unibet, all part of running the poker product which I hope I can get to try out soon properly and compete a bit on the felt against some of you :) Outside of the people online here, I also want to give kudos to a few people most of you don't know, but have been instrumental in getting the community and Unibet itself to be an attrative place to hang out and play. That includes my boss Kalev, former boss Ryan, and colleagues Ben, Louis, Katherine and Pierluigi - a wonderful group of people who do amazing work for all Unibet players :) Once again thank you to all the members here for the good times, I hope the best is yet to come for all of you :) Jeppe
  2. @deanspleen09 I doubt it, but can't say for sure. There wasn't too much energy for this one though, so I'd be surprised if it's one that picks up again.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you have a great evening with your loved ones
  4. @CraigL You're right that no single person alone is responsible for the change, but I promise you that the collective feedback given here was influential in the process. @GoBigorGoHome I strongly doubt that we'll pay out the 10% as you suggest, I find it quite fair that bets are paid out if Trump wins, though we are looking at the translation cases. As for the process, I don't think there's too much to say that hasn't already been explained in the thread. The Sportsbook settles these bets based on the first main media reports declaring him President elect, those reports they felt fit with the description of the outcome being "beyond reasonable doubt". Since then we've heard the feedback, especially on here, and made the decision to pay out Trump as well if he does end up winning - no more, no less :)
  5. I had the Bills to win this weekend, couldn't believe the ending :teardrop:
  6. The second one. IF THIS IS TRUE, why don't you reactivate the bets? We don't like the RED colour of the lost bets and now our bets are RED. Also, think about of possible DISCRIMINATIONS if UNIBET will choose not to pay all the bets on Trump and only some of them. Can confirm this to be accurate :) There'll be no discrimination @GoBigorGoHome, it's only a technical matter that the bets aren't reopened - If Trump wins, the winnings will be paid out through a seperate transaction directly into the account. I'm very happy we came to this decision and you guys posting about it here definitely helped push it along, so kudos to all of you for expressing your concerns
  7. @rocky31 Thanks for posting about this, we'll ask with the team who did the promotion if they won't consider a change for the players, who actually made use of the bonus and spent the time clearing it! Mistakes can happen and I don't think there's anything wrong with removing the bonus when it wasn't supposed to be added, though it's obviously not a good situtation and I do apologize to everyone affected. /Jeppe
  8. Hi everyone, We haven't heard back yet from the Sportsbook, so I won't have a final update for you today and I do apologize. For the general issue I want you to know that I've taken all of your feedback, points of view, opinions and passed it along for consideration. As for some of the bet descriptions in certain markets that are in question, we're still working on clearing up the specifics on those descriptions - thanks for the screenshots! It' quite the peculiar situation with the media reports going out like they did claiming the win is safe for Biden, while Trump didn't concede. So as of yet, the information about the settlement is still what goes and you may find it in the spoiler, but please do check back for further information - I'll bring it here as soon as I have it. On the main offer, Winning Candidate, it states: “Winner decided by who reaches the required number of Electoral Votes on Election day. If there is no clear winner on election day the offer will be settled as soon as a candidate is projected to win beyond reasonable doubt.” In the above description we have mentions of projections. This means that once we have a consensus among the big media companies (first and foremost AP, followed by NBC, CNN and FOX) that a candidate is projected to win the election we will be OK to settle it. But we will wait if that is required or if that projection is unavailable or is not a consensus projection (for example only 1 media company declares a winner). Why we settled Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 US election. This is confirmed by multiple sources and a consensus of media organizations across the whole political spectrum. As explained in the conditions on the offering, the offer is settled as soon as a candidate is projected to win the required number of electoral votes: Winner decided by who reaches the required number of Electoral Votes on Election day. If there is no clear winner on election day the offer will be settled as soon as a candidate is projected to win beyond reasonable doubt. Our Rules ALL examples are covered within our rules below, settled once a consensus exists that someone is projected to win (as explained on the offering and everyone’s betslip when they took the bet). If the decision is overturned, then rule B.5.2 covers this eventuality. Please refer to T&C Section below: B.5.1 Result Settlement 1) When settling results Unibet will do its utmost to attain itself to information obtained first hand (during or exactly after the event has been concluded), through TV transmissions, streaming (web-based and through other sources) as well as official sites. Should this information be omitted from first hand viewing and/or official sources and/or there is an obvious Error in the information included in the sources above, the settlement of the bet offer will be based on other public sources. B.5.2 Settlement of bets will not include any changes deriving from and/or attributable to, but not limited to: disqualifications, penalisations, protests, sub judice results and/or successive changes to the official result after the event has been completed and a result has been announced, even preliminarily. For bets referring to competitions which span over more than 1 round/stage (E.g,:.Season Bets), only amendments effecting bets which settlement has not been decided yet will be taken into consideration. Such measures must be announced by the governing association before the last scheduled round/stage will be considered. Any changes effected after this date, or else referring to bets which have already been settled based on events happening during the event/competition will not be considered. We have settled on numerous sources declaring Biden the winner. If this outcome gets changed at a later stage first official settlement will stand. Jeppe
  9. Hello everyone, We'll have a full update within the next 48 hours on the D. Trump betting situation. The thread is open again, though we've switched the board so it won't take up all the space of the front page. While I certainly appreciate the passion and respect the reasoning brought forward, please do keep a cool head until we have an update from the Sportsbook. In the meantime, let's keep the thread civil :peace: /Jeppe
  10. Sorry for the lack of updates guys, it's been quite the hectic week, we'll be fully on from tomorrow. New round is live as well: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Passwords-and-Signups/NFL-Oracle-Round-9-signup/m-p/361503#M1631 Best of luck to everyone!
  11. Here you are :) https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Passwords-and-Signups/NFL-Oracle-Round-8-signup/m-p/360915#M1603
  12. Check out the Barcelona - Real Madrid competition: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Promotions/30-minute-prediction-El-Classico/td-p/360271 :)
  13. Guess the correct score for the Barcelona - Real Madrid match starting at 16:00 CET - Anyone with a correct guess wins a €10 Free Bet! Predictions cannot be given after 16:05 :)
  14. Hi @AmyH88 and welcome to the community! The note I see on your account from our Player Safety team, is that they're asking for a proof of address separately from the drivers license and it needs to have been sent to your address within the last 90 days. In order to complete the process, could you please send an email to your local customer support, or to us here on the community at contact@unibetcommunity.com with this proof of address. It can be a utility bill, tax return, bank statement or an official government letter - all 4 corners need to be visible on the document. Best regards, Jeppe
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