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  1. Was this you Mr. Dog? @Rushbie I wanted to jump into the next round and only a few minutes left.
  2. Official Duckbet announcement! Dear Ducketeers, We have heard many rumours about the last closure of Saxony ducks from our well loved pond. We would like to reassure you all that the pond will not decrease at all and every customer will find their regular tables and opponents in the future. You said it's impossible? We said duck you! We have all the gaming patterns/hands of the Saxony ducks and we will replace them (hopefully for a short period) with Duckbots. We have developed a brand new DAI (duck AI) which is one of the best in the industrie and better what iDucker Network uses. They will play as their masters and you won't realize any difference. Ofc we will pay out their 'winnings' to their masters' accounts as soon as regulation will change(if the master was a winning player) and we will top up our bots bankroll from their masters bank account/credit cards if the bots will lose the current amount from their Duckbet 'account'(as the master did in the past). Don't forget once a Ducketeer, always a Ducketeer.
  3. It seems everybody will have a winning pick this round. The competiton getting more interesting. Btw @Seb-Unibet what is your opinion adding 2 more options to the competiton? 1: Harder Field: some added reward for those who reach the ITM without picking Bayern. 2: Freistaat Bayern: another Bayern slot for those who picked Bayern at least twice. Gaining the extra life you should pick 2 teams in the same round and one of them should be out of the current top4.
  4. So true, remember the times when I checked the offer and almost all were eligible for me, now many of them are restricted. Currently Unibet has at least 3 separated pools (US-but only the minority states have local licences others banning online poker and and the merge of licenced states into a common pool is under progress, EU-restricted-regulated ESP/ITA/FRA and co. and EU+others). And oft there are licenced countries in the EU+others pool+semi licenced(means no country licences, but regulation under malthese licence) so it is a nonsense following all the options.
  5. No question there is nothing but feelings against Bayern win. But happening this would incredibly decrease the duration of this comeption.
  6. Well, sad news, but this is maybe a sign moving to Estonia for a while. Great IT sector+ Euro+Unibet licence. If I were you I would try GG poker aswell. I have a comment from a mod mentioningt no fear +other competitors combination from the beginning of the forum , but things are changing and not only into the good direction.
  7. This competition will be interesting after round 5 when almost everybody fired up their Bayern spots. After that the crazy tips like Hertha to win without any healthy centre back will come.
  8. I hope this will be solved like the case before. Background:https://www.dw.com/en/to-wear-or-not-to-wear/a-2140996
  9. As I understood you calculate the €1 Hexapro ticket at level3 like €1 in cash rakeback reward and every bonus points like cents in cash rewards? @Andy-Unibet?
  10. Setting up a freeroll in a low traffic period could increase the players in raked games like the ticket winners jump directly to the next eligible games. I have seen many times that I have sat at the same cash game table with players right after the Omaha freeroll ended whom I have fought for a ticket some minutes ago. I understand your main target are new players then why don't you make a restriction like players signed in in the last 90 days can participate on it only? Sorry, but I think you are compairing the wrong things and come to false conclusion. I can accept that most L2 players don't play common freerolls, but now we are speaking about special freerolls, what Unibet didn't offer yet. That should be playing a role than double trouble played before. An option winning something back if luck is not your side and a honeydress for players who are on the border to rake more. Yes, but people have life too. It can be frustrating grinding a lot and missing the exclusive and unique option qualifying to the Supermoon. I accept people need more time then a mixed option 1 in the first month and 4 in others would be an option too. @FreedoM: sorry, but this is my bad habit. I like playing freerolls.
  11. Thanks for adding an Omaha event. The whole schedule seems bad for me, but I understand you should reduce the costs. I hoped you will decrease the prizepool or the frequency, not both. Not giving out UO tickets will reduce the player pool on lower levels, but I'm sure you made a good calculation about it. Some suggestions: Adding one early bird freeroll (6.05 CET) would be great. I really liked the Omaha donkaments. Reducing the frequency of level 2 freerolls for 2 days is terrible. It would be better setting up one in every day, and one bigger in the end of the week. As I see there are only Supermoon tickets to grab. Adding various type of tickets would be better (UO, or Supernova). The level 3 freeroll is not tempting to reach that level. Making an 300 freeroll every week seems more interesting for me.
  12. You can still make it: 250 Autumn Freeroll-mincash and jump into this during late reg.
  13. @Liverpool: what was that, new Star Wars trailer? I don't know what those people think teaching women acting like that, but those tricks won't repell any kind of attacks. @WuDu: thanks for the newest polls. Btw if you are free you can participate on this great event:https://magyarnemetintezet.hu/de/veranstaltungen/wer-gewinnt-die-rallye-und-wie-wahlrecht-und-bundestagswahl-2021-in-deutschland You are more than welcome but for me seems to be more challenging finding the roots and living abroad and not just living abroad. That was the reason why I have offered you Estonia.
  14. Forgot to link this analyzis (it's an opinion about the outcome of the election, german only sry others). https://wjpatzelt.de/2021/08/30/hochmut-kommt-vor-dem-fall/
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