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  1. RIP my long term EL bets... With FA cup out of the way i really thought they will press hard for that tournament. Guess i was wrong.
  2. You know when you can see good coach? When he is able to change the game. First half it was like premier league with veikausliga Second half dare i say Dortmund was even better??? You could say Edin fooked with squad/tactics in the first place but this happen to everyone even Guardiola at regular basis [Crystal/Real]. Not everyone can use 15mins and change the game. Atletico have only small periods when they play like top team mostly thanks to Griezmann, this is now really under the weather team, with only one guy plus maybe Lino, and even knowing im saying this this the only team that can stop City sh it housing some 1:0 in the final . Cant fookin wait for next season when there will be NO CL quarters with big shot at semis, no top 5 in Buli no DFB pokal and no TERZIC with some turkisch novice after not eben that good spell in Ankaragucu. Game will maybe prettier, probably by something like fancy play by Sancho giving him free role cause crybaby cant be bother to run/fight, but with him free you will be playing with 10 and even Kiel will expose you. Finances in dire straits and again those spectactles in Konferenz mit Karabach or Levski. Edin please comeback. And Edin will be the next national team coach [source: trust me bro] I would understand if Sahin was after some titles with Fener/Galata but now? You risk so much with him having at least competent coach.
  3. Edin you chump, if only you won last year But fook me Edin is just grinding result after result. I can agree play is rather average but something is clearly going in the right direction. Defense masterclass? Luck? Its not only our ambassador that is sh it ting at Edin. Its like whole BVB fanbase that have enough of him, its crazy. They really think in Dortmund they have great squad here.I guarantee that with Sahin results would be much worse. I even see in the future Sahin's sacking and begging Terzic to save the season... People are making fun of Bayern but i still think they can go far in CL this year, this feels kinda like that Chelsea CL seasons with Tuchel and DiMatteo when Chelsea didnt give a fook in the league.
  4. Ive seen this somewhere, can't put my finger on it
  5. Alonso Nagelsmann 2: Judgment Day HoeneƟ De Zebra Flick 2: Electric Boogaloo Feel like those are Bayern preferences right know. Sequels rarely work but with Jules refusing to deal with low budgets [BVB] this could work Also like i predicted Bayern is monitoring Maatsen. First choice is Milan's Hernandez if not they will steal BVB player. Cant understand why BVB didnt already bought him other than club is broke and need to first sell Malen.
  6. At least we dont pay UEFA for the tournament like immigrant diverse reich Its really damning stat. We won that playoff spot by winning with Wales twice in Nations League and keeping our place in League A. Its is what it is. Now to pull that for another Euro we need to keep that place twice in Nations. Now we have Croatia/Scotland and Portugal and as sh i t ty as we are right now we have good chances to pull that third place. Scotland is Wales level team and Croatia could be looking at big slump losing their older players. Some thoughts about the game, not that anyone care but im bored Wales-Poland was probably second worst game ive seen last 10y with second being Mexico-Poland. Just two bang average/weak teams that would not score playing even 1000mins. The one player in our team that showed anything was Nicola Zalewski product of italian upbringing. He's got that top class ease crusing past the players but then he make the dumbest things. He is slowing down when he should go for goal he shoots when he suppose to pass etc Just a very very stupid player on the pitch. Worth to mention that he is going a bit milfhunter route since he is/was/dont know/dont care seeing some older whole body tattoed italian skank with fake tits. Even for Roma supporters he is dissapointment and he just lost his place under De Rossi. Despite that he is getting 20-30 offers right know, could be even more if some PL club go for it. I know im repeating myself but someone like Klopp woud make top player out of him. As for game Wales didnt win it the moment their coach decide to take of Brennan Johnson. I get it, he wasnt having great game but he is THEIR BEST PLAYER right know. You just dont take off that kind of player if your team is Wales. This remind me when brasilian coach took of early Vinicius in Croatia game and we know how that end. And Johnson wasnt having bad game. In first half wherever he got ball he would not lose it, he just vanished in second half a bit like whole Wales team. You just keep your best player in that kind of game, hoping he pull something out of his as s. His substituion Daniel James was horrific and of top of that he didnt score final pen... I liked very much 19y.o.190cm Jordan James from Birmingham. IMO whole Europe should be after him. This could/should be world beater in few years. If BVB would not be broke they should be after him. Wasnt Bellingham also from Birmingham? I think we advanced mostly because we were fresher, less tired after last game. World Cup playoffs we won because Russia went bat s h it crazy and Sweden which we play at home was after grueling 120mins game and they barely run with us. Wales was after Finland and even if they won 4:1 this was tough game, certainly tougher than walk in the park Estonia who played from 30min with 10 men [worth to mention they still scored a goal]
  7. Feel like Wales have few interesting players [Wilson, Johnson] where Fins still relying on aging Pukki. They are still hard to beat but i only see them winning this with forcing pens. Wales have holes in the squad and can be beat by anyone [Armenia] so it could be interesting. I rather we play [assuming Poland beat mighty Estonians ] Fins, but tbh we play both Wales/Fins away so it will be tricky either way. Also i dont know if those playoffs are really worth to fight for, seeing what group in Euro is waiting. This could be embarassing for all the teams in this bracket So yeah i would focus on stopping pacey Johnson and limit movement/shooting by Wilson and Fins could have chance.
  8. Convo leaked At this point you really should question lack of Ter Stegen balls to call this bulls h it. He supposedly gained them with his hair transplant but now when the hair started to look fake and ridiculous he is again timid. At least he is still good in Barca but i feel this decision could mean Barca could be in trouble now Or maybe he just dont give a f about playin in DFB team. He is objectively better than Neuer for the last 6 years or so. Remember when crazy Lehmann forced some WC or Euro start not really being better than Kahn? When Neuer was out with injury [before Alps] when he came back just before tournament he still played instead of Ter Stegen. Its also saying a lot about Neuer that is unable to step down [twice going back from big injuries at that!] for the collague who just fookin earned at least one start at the tournament. Neuer is good right now but TS is three times better, Germany would look very hard/scary to beat with him between the posts. If he keeps up Barca's form final of CL is not out of question.
  9. Malen look forty yet he is only 25 I see Malen like Denzel Washington Dumfries from Inter and i think this is his level. Feel like Dumfrires would fly in BVB/buli just like Malen and he is not top player by any means. Transfer to top PL will be too big, certainly to Liverpool, maybe he could be usefull at ManU or Arse. There is no question that he is improving every year and if he keeps it up he will be top but for now this is my as sessment, he is a bit too inconsistent for top club. Edin on the road to the final, will be funny if either Xavi or Edin reach it what then? Say sorry and beg to stay? PSG is clear fav but everyone from those semis have big chances, even Dortmund. Atletico is s h i t this year and im big fan of this club. Inter game was pure luck + italians had very bad day [by their standards this year]. A bit shame cause Inter looked really good this year and i hoped to see them against PL or Bayern. So if Can will not lose his head and earn a red in either of games and BVB will keep Griezmann silent then its game on.
  10. I cried a little having a draw there. Then i remembered its premier league
  11. "He's stupid as fook but he can kick ball" Its taken a bit out of context but the trio Foden, Grealish, Walker must be the thickest in world of football
  12. I dont agree, think they would won at least 5 if not one more. Guardiola went crazy before the game. De Bruyne/Gundogan didnt know what to do in this formation, Sterling was pocketed by James, and most of all no defensive midfielder which killed all the fluidity. No Rodri [granted not the beast Rodri is now] or Fernandinho. I mean WTF, too much coke before the game most likely. City was passing but nothing comes from this. One shot at goal vs two from Chelsea. Very even game with most people giving the advantage to Chelsea. So i dont believe in 1 in 10 games. Kante was playing out of his mind [best runner in history of football or doped up? ] also whole Chelsea backline was flawless. They deserved that title.
  13. Maatsen deal is ok only if they agreed a buy option. As its is BVB is giving play time to Chelsea's player and on top of that they PAY FOR IT. However BVB needed some body and Maatsen is very usefull and could be very much vital to defending top4 so maybe its financially ok deal. It similar deal to Carlos Alvarez with Juve who loaned Championship player with no buy option. Seem like its next step in premier leauge conquering Europe. Maatsen is PL quality player and homegrown [fair play rules] so he is worth a lot for Chelsea. There is no way he will go below 40-45 with guys like Hall or Livramento going for 30+. BVB with their outgoings should easily afford that kind of deals but as we know they dont. Probably the only chance he will stay in Buli if Bayern hijacked the guy. Sancho's deal is terrible one. Just nostalgia hit for BVB board BVB is paying a lot for 6months and yet he is nowhere seen, with Union BVB played with 10men and Terzic still grind the win. DOnt see him staying in this form+his wages. I think they will go past Lazio. Italians are in terrible form but they probably have that one lucky goal in them. So its still like 70-30 for Bayern but we will see. Have zero trust in Bayern now, some bet on Lazio will be most likely placed [maybe after 10mins if Bayern dont score early] Again i'm baffled with Edin-hate. Just another game won where with Rose and 95% of other Buli trainers you would not won it, and top of it without Malen and with passenger Sancho. BVB under Terzic just knows how to win. With Rose you would be second year without CL and probably financially bankrupt. If you dont go past PSV, then yeah it will be a stain, but otherwise he is doing amazing job. And with Tommy what if he will win CL to fook off He did it with Chelsea in similar situation. League was lost and he just focused on CL. And those 10 points are huge gap but it still Leverkusen Now its 90-10 they will win it but all you need is some two match losing streak and game is on.
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