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  1. So, so fookin unfair. How its someone else business what we all are doin with our money [or get the useless sticker for that matter ] ??? And i thought that someday we will add US players to Unibet playerpool Its feel like few years from now to play poker or bet sports you will need to be citizen of Malta/Gibraltar... Lets hope this is only temporary until Merkel disappears or something
  2. Said it this in buli thread that Sancho will be a bust. So far im right Almost every big transfer from Dortmund is problematic. Dembele, Kagawa, Sahin, Hummels, Mkhitarian,Gotze all are pretty much a bust. Jury is out on Pulisic/Weigl. Only Lewandowski and Gundongan paid their buyins/salaries with Gundogan started doing this only last year. First few seasons he was pretty much average.
  3. Not my fault that german league is like scottish 3rd round = Bayern
  4. Can you tell more how will they change? Thx Also, with only Supermoon tickets in freerolls there could be one exchanger for it [2e------->5x0.40e and maybe 0,40e---------->10x0,04e]. Worth consideration.
  5. @cris1285Now its time to go hexapro pro Me, i dont think so
  6. So, 75mlne release clause that kick off in January + 40 that parasite Raiola wants plus Haaland signup bonus [up to 10-20] plus whatever papa Haaland wants 120-150 is the cost. Shame about that clause cause with this market where there is no single alternative for Haaland, Dortmund could ask easily Neymar money. Really i dont understand why they didnt try to sell him this summer. City would pay Kane money for him. Maybe everyone are waiting for the clause... Schalke make deals just like mighty Barcelona. Im pretty sure they count on selling Harit after good spell with Marseille, but he is damaged goods and 20mlnE is a max they could get from him in the future. I think he will be a bust at Marseille though, team is pretty stacked now and he will have problems with playing time. Oh and Sampaoli will kill him if he will show the same attitude as in Schalke @WuDuKobel with good start but you still are losing goals right and left. At this rate you will end up with 60 goals scored against you. Its only 3 matches but i dont think you will be any threat to Bayern [sadly this apply also to RB]. Im counting on some kind of meltdown in Bayern [Fc Hollywood style] but i dont think it will happen even if Nagelsmann is even more unlikeable than Tuchel Sabitzer transfer will really help, they need that midfield goals.
  7. @Andy-Unibet Im with 1e route just because 1e are the only ones i really play. I know those are running every hour and at evening are even two of them at the same hour. Just look at the numbers how many players are grinding them. With 2e ones 3 out of 4 are running with overlays. Please consider making 1=======4=======10=======50=========250========1100 with elimination of 25e tickets. Why complicate things making 1=====5 step? Route B will eliminate 1eUO qualis and those are most popular MTTs on Unibet. Im guessing that with the lowest UO ticket being 2e there will be less paid places in freerolls. I know 4=====10 could be deal breaker but exactly why? Cause it will be very easy to win that 10e ticket? Rake would be paid still, who cares
  8. Ronaldo to City and discussion who's gonna top the scoring charts and this gem Delaney to me always seem too heavy, unfit, slow . All in all my opinion of him that he is a outdated player as in he would work much better in the 90s or 00s. Im betting he will be a bust for Sevilla, dont see him cementing first eleven place, he will not displace Rakitic even [LaLiga will be too pacy for him]. Werder was his level, he should stayed there and be their captain now. He could be good central defender judging from his positioning and reading the game. Something like Hummels maybe.
  9. When i was still active player whenever dates of our matches didnt mixed up [wasnt that rare sadly] i jumped the car with my friends and we were going to Cottbus for a buli match. Packed like sardins in a s h i t t y stadium there but really good memories. Seen Dortmund, Bayern also strongest Bayer ever. Cult figures like Piplica, Kaluzny [played also in Bayer, richest polish club Wisla, and somehow he blew all of his money and worked some time ago in DHL in England], Kobylanski, Reghecampf, bold giant Miriuta, Wawrzyczek. Good times
  10. Already removed According to an online poll of 2000 German football fans by "Sportwettentest" the most hated clubs in Germany are: Bayern Munich Dortmund Schalke
  11. Bad game with some nice goals. Its hard to find more electric player with worse first touch than scorer Yet he made this beaut
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