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  1. My Stratosphere ticket also expired for @elron66's, there was no tourney... please can I get an extension
  2. So I was waiting for @elron66's Stratosphere & now my ticket expired, has the tourney been discontinued & if so can I please get an extension or maybe ticket exchange?
  3. I also miss them @Murray74
  4. There were loads of Community Aliases that I didn't recognize, well played. @GR1ZZL3R , @Purps & @Rushbie... almost got it @Rushbie
  5. Congrats on your tickets @GR1ZZL3R @Rushbie & @Purps, I'm watching now rooting for @Rushbie Well done Boys, see you @ the Final Table
  6. I'm in the same boat @Merenitsu, with the other paddle... just can't seem to get ahead. Not like @psrquack in the Freeroll...
  7. Great result @GothMoth, keep up thy good poker !
  8. Nice 1 @GothMoth, good luck !!!
  9. Decided to buy into a 5'er from the free bet winnings & managed a second place...
  10. Another Streakr free bet converted. Thanx Unibet, Nottingham Forest & @Joco for the heads up reminders... otherwise I would never remember to play. #lovefreemoney
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