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  1. @Andy-Unibet @Seb-Unibet Is it possible to extend my Ian Simpson ticket for monday tournament? If im correct it will expire just 30mins before the registration will open on monday at 11:30 CET. One more hour more will do
  2. Made In Germany
  3. This caught my eye too. Thought that along with whole week open registration its a sign of the future. I dont like open registration though, since now there are a lot of sitout players, just like in Supermoon freerolls.
  4. Dont like early Toto. But this one is
  5. Legia Warszawa is beating Leicester City and comfortably at that . Leicester had ONE scoring chance. @WuDu Polish captain changed sides after the coin toss. He did it so Leicester's players were facing banner's direction. That one guy
  6. Even if Bond movies in the past had big revenues there are numerous reports that Broccoli business is one flop away from the end. There were many badass woman flops and maybe one or two successes [i think first Wonder Woman made some money followed by bottom 250 sequel ]. I could name at least 20 of them. The only one slightly believable and good was one with Gina Carano and it didnt bring money either. I dont see how can it work, maybe if she will be battling alien invaders with Iron Man cameo We will have another Giorgio Lazenby brief appearance and if franchise will not die return to white male, not necessarily hetero. My bet first bet Hiddleston then Cavill.
  7. Legia Warszawa reject scores against Real Madrid @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet Can someone move this thread to Beeting And Sports. Sorry for my mistake. Thanks.
  8. Lets go with polish Ekstraklasa. I guarantee it it will be a short competition Our champions played 7 times and lost 4 times already
  9. So those both casino/cardchat are stopped and dont bother to check for them in the lobby in the next months? Both entities are still giving passes for tournaments
  10. Today should be one cardchat tournament but there is none in the lobby.
  11. Senjutsu is a dreadfull album. Its like Dickinson recorded vocals under water
  12. This will be out in 22 october. What a massive record this will be
  13. Im little confused of this count now. Was eliminated 23;30 but this will end after midnight so
  14. So, so fookin unfair. How its someone else business what we all are doin with our money [or get the useless sticker for that matter ] ??? And i thought that someday we will add US players to Unibet playerpool Its feel like few years from now to play poker or bet sports you will need to be citizen of Malta/Gibraltar... Lets hope this is only temporary until Merkel disappears or something
  15. Said it this in buli thread that Sancho will be a bust. So far im right Almost every big transfer from Dortmund is problematic. Dembele, Kagawa, Sahin, Hummels, Mkhitarian,Gotze all are pretty much a bust. Jury is out on Pulisic/Weigl. Only Lewandowski and Gundongan paid their buyins/salaries with Gundogan started doing this only last year. First few seasons he was pretty much average.
  16. Not my fault that german league is like scottish 3rd round = Bayern
  17. Can you tell more how will they change? Thx Also, with only Supermoon tickets in freerolls there could be one exchanger for it [2e------->5x0.40e and maybe 0,40e---------->10x0,04e]. Worth consideration.
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