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  1. Thomas Meunier's last 3 games during the past 8 days: One assist in every game. And he's playing really well today. You gotta be kidding me! Typical 2. Bundesliga standings after 7 matchdays. The SCP is on fire! Best offense and almost the best defense. Even without Baumgart who's bringing Köln back to life.
  2. @Livertool The guy is senile, however that's not the worst about him. Funny, that you don't hear about this in our quality news: There are 12.000 Haitians currently living under an international bridge on the US-Mexican border. So employees are being forced to get vaccinated, yet you have unvaccinated 3rd worlders moving in and out? Also, remember Isis-K in Afghanistan? The terror org nobody heard of until the US fled out of Afghanistan? When Sleepy Joe wanted to strike back after the suicide bombing? And striking back he did: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/09/17/pentagon-admits-killing-many-10-civilians-including-up-to-seven-children-kabul-drone-strike/ 12 M more votes than Obama. Nothing to see here folks...
  3. Next weekend, the federal election takes place and one "German" already made his decision: "Meeting Germany's bravest politician, J Todenhoefer. When I went through tough times at the world cup 3 years ago, he stood behind me. Now I'm standing behind him. On September 26th, I'm voting Team Todenhoefer. Much success." Yeah, tough times when you took pictures with Mr Erdogan ahead of the world cup, who fired against Germany all the time. Tough times when you played like crap and caused trouble during the world cup. Tough times when you then stepped down from the national team, claiming racism. Tough times when Mr Erdogan then showed up at your wedding in Istanbul. I think I had to unfold the ballot 3 or 4 times before Team Todenhoefer came up. At least Özil is not causing any damage with such a vote...
  4. If you're used to eat this: But are now given the choice to eat this: What choice do you really have?
  5. I think GG poker doesn't accept Germans anymore. But to be honest here, Jokerstars still operates under these circumstances. When I played SNGs, I was paying 5 % in rake and received some "rakeback" via the loyalty program. Playing MTTs, I mostly pay 10 % in rake, which amounts to 4,7 % for Unibet with no loyalty program. You do the math here... In addition to that, Unibet also could have given out MTT tickets to Germans. So if you want to play the Asteroid, Germans wouldn't be allowed to buy in with cash directly but would need to buy an Asteroid ticket in the ticket shop before. There, it would cost us 10,20 or so, to cover the rest of the extra tax. Options are there, obviously Unibet rather moves out completely. Unfortunately, that's something we have to accept here. So, since there are no MTTs to play for me at Unibet at this time, I decided to table watch some 18 men SNGs on Jokerstars. Honestly, the competition at the 7 $ level, doesn't seem overwhelming, given what I saw regarding donk-bets, all-in calls, limping and the like. The overall pace also seems pretty nice, with the final table being reached after 20 minutes. At 6 PM, there are 10 tournaments running at the same time at the 7 $ level, meaning every 6 minutes a new one should start. So not really that much waiting time as well. Of course, it feels a little soulless playing these. Asteroid, Fireball, Atom, Gargle Blaster, there was something about winning these for the first time! So what am I missing? Could it really be that freaking @Livertool is the smartest guy in the room here? Let's be honest, winning cures everything. If Unibet were to only offer Hexas for Germans, having to leave wouldn't bother me one bit. I believe playing poker is about finding a niche for yourself, a game where you have an edge and where you can step by step improve your weaknesses. I shortly played at Jokerstars before, but never with much success (if any). Is it because the competition is too strong for me over there? Maybe. But maybe I didn't play the right games before. With Unibet, there was some security about playing well here. And I like security. My worst downswing playing MTTs here? Maybe 10-12 buy-ins. That's nothing! With a potential move to PS, there's a lot of assuming and uncertainty right now.
  6. It'll get worse before it gets better here, unfortunately. Alternatives? Yes! But not as good as Unibet.
  7. Are you telling the Germans that you're breaking up but you hope that we can still be friends? Brutal... Is logging into the community enough to keep my Unibet account active, though? And would I be allowed to post here about Poker stuff that happens at a competing site?
  8. Well guys, after 5 and a half years playing here, Unibet is closing Poker for Germans next Tuesday. Actually it's a little bit sad for me, since I didn't play elsewhere during this time. Yes, there were (massive) flaws, however I really liked the ability to change screen names and avatars. Well, it is what it is, obviously Unibet wasn't happy taking in 4.7 % from Germans playing MTTs, but OK. Having said that, at least we're getting Unibet Open tickets being paid out. For me this should amount to a little over 130 Euros extra. OK, nice...It feels a little like you're breaking up with your girlfriend and pay for her taxi ride home. Germans being the girlfriend here... So how did I do since the news? Now isn't this ironic? Or maybe it's my newest screen name? You have to rub it for good luck! What really pisses me off is that I cannot play the 25 Euro MTTs here. In the 11-12 weeks since Unibet stopped SNGs for us, I played 145 Asteroids and Fireballs (10 Euro Freezeouts, both with 250 Euro GTD). I made 900 Euro profit from these games alone for an ROI of over 62 %. Finishing in the money 31,7 % of the time. I really would have liked to see whether I could keep similar numbers playing the Abyss and the Gargle Blaster. Overall stats inlcuding rebuy tournaments and qualifiers (without Unibet Open): But OK, it's time to look ahead and as far as I see it, betting for Germans is still enabled, so my community account should still be active. Correct, @Andy-Unibet? I already downloaded 888 and Jokerstars to check out what they're offering for Germans. As of now, my tendency goes towards Jokerstars. Sure, @LeVsKaRa wasn't happy playing the 9 men 7s and 15s SNGs over there which is concerning, especially with the fact that I cannot change my screen-name. However I thought about what Poker intellectual @Livertool said a few weeks ago: "Arent Fireball and Asteroids similar to multi table SNGs?" Actually, there's some truth to it. I usually late reg with a minute left or so. If the Asteroid or Fireball doesn't blow up to 40 players, there are often around 20 players left once I start playing, with the top-5/top-6 getting paid. However due to late regging, I'm usually half a chip stack behind the last money spot and often the chipleader has 3 times as many chips as I have. The 18 men SNGs at Jokerstars run regularily and I already saw a German flag playing these. The first 4 guys are getting paid with 40-30-20-10 %. The rake for the 7s is lower than 10 %. So what am I missing here, could that be the niche I'm looking for? Plus, with 18 players, it should be a little tougher for others to figure out my playing style, right? In addition to that, I could even take a look at the 3,5s with little risk to my bankroll without getting killed by the rake. Dear readers, what's your opinion? Where should I play next? What do you think, are 18 men SNGs the next step for me?
  9. The mystery has been solved, Mephisto is the girl in the picture! Translation: She's hungry, but nobody wants to talk to her, so a lot of female nagging. And of course this: https://twitter.com/hungerstreik21/status/1438592004162793473 To my surprise, the comments are pure gold, @psrquack would definitely enjoy them! 7 Laptops, electricity, plastic bottles, plastic tent... The fool on the right has the same type of laptop I have! Antifa, plastic bottles again and rubbish everywhere. I'm not even demanding answers anymore...
  10. Who's Lina and who's Mephisto? And what gender are they? Well, @Livertool, these are your fellow climate cultists... "From this point (provide) a test or (wear) a mask, please. Hungerstriking weakens the immune system" Hungerstriking, is that even a word? Also, in the left of the picture, what do we have here? These people are children that are stomping their feet because mama doesn't buy them Hubba Bubba at the supermarket cashier. I never understood the threat of a hunger strike, maybe the AFD should show up and start a BBQ right next to them...
  11. Well, Besiktas scored in added time... LOLiverpool...
  12. Players leaving the BVB, improving their value: Isak, Hakimi, Auba, Ginter, Hofmann, Lewa, Gündogan, Perisic. Immobile also recovered. Sancho played a few games for United, let's give him some time...
  13. My mail in ballot has been sent away, so don't blame me for the absolute clown-world you'll about to see in the fall! The more I think about it, the more I get the hunch that the data must be off. I personally feel that the SPD is being overhyped in order to create the illusion of a potential SPD-Greens-Left government to manipulate voters into voting for the CDU again. Look at the numbers: 2005 CDU: 35,2 FDP: 9,8 2009 CDU: 33,8 FDP: 14,6. SPD was losing massively. 2013 CDU 41,5 FDP: 4,8. The CDU gained 7,7, the FDP lost 9,8. 2017 CDU 32,9 FDP: 10,7. Massive losses for the CDU and the FDP could more than double up. These two parties are connected and the CDU is expected to lose another 10-12 %-points again, yet the FDP is not projected to take more than 1 or 2 %-points off of the CDU? I doubt it.
  14. Having said that, losing to former Smurf coach Wagner who was fired after 18 Bundesliga games in a row without a win is something special...
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