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  1. Solid win today for the BVB and the UCL is secured! Thank God I don't have to watch us travel to Turku and Soligrosk now. In addition to that, we won the cup and the Smurfs have played their last game in Bundesliga history. A really nice season in the end! I think I'm skipping the matchday next week, watching the game today was already borderline. Terzic today doing his best to run the squad into the ground again, so I hope Rose does a much better job of rotating and substituting our players next year. In fantasy, you guys gave me a run for the money, but I doubt that Iskander (whoever you are) is catching me with 120 points between us. @Purps also about to crash 4000 points for the year. So I won the league twice now, better luck next time, maybe with some added competition ( @psrquack, @jerry, @cris1285 ). Just saying... The only thing that matters in the Bundesliga next weekend is the relegation battle: Köln is playing the Smurfs, that should be easy 3 points for them. Bremen hasn't won in 9 games and they go against Rose and Gladbach. Bielefeld probably needs a win against Stuttgart. Both Gladbach and Stuttgart might still reach the Conference League with a win, question is if they even want to play there. Anyway, I think that Bremen is going down directly! I don't see them winning and Köln will pass by them.
  2. After saving Hertha, Pal Dardai is being interviewed on German TV right now. You tell me, whether he's having a good time right now:
  3. I didn't watch the games this afternoon, maybe I should have! What a performance by Frankfurt! Leading the Smurfs 2-1 in the second half and then conceding 3 goals in 12 minutes in order to lose the Champions' League must be the biggest choke job by someone called Adolf H. in German (Bundesliga) history.... Of course, Frankfurt cannot fire Hütter, they need Gladbach's transfer fee, however after such a game the team bus should have just taken off without him... Speaking of the Smurfs, glad that @Stubbe-Unibet won his bet! Are you now able to quit your second job at Mickey Dee's that covered all your previous losses with them? In addition to that, I think you should also apologize to the Schalke Ultras! Since they hunted some sense into the team and increased team morale through non-verbal motivation tactics, Schalke scored 7 times in 3 games (18 goals in 30 games before), leading at least 1-0 in every game! The BVB now needs 1 win against Mainz or Leverkusen to secure the UCL! Both opponents have nothing to play for anymore! A win tomorrow and next week, we can play the reserves like Meunier, Schulz, Tigges and Brandt and I can skip the games again!
  4. Bro, I wanted to post that for a few weeks now! Damn you... But I have some other ones:
  5. It's funny, currently it feels like the end of the season, yet the BVB still has to win twice in order to reach the UCL. Also a great result for Coach Terzic beating Nagelsmann now for the third time in 4 months! How can you not like this guy? It will be very interesting to see what he does next. Stay at the BVB as assistent under Rose? Or move on to a club like Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, Frankfurt? I think as of now it's fair to assume that Terzic will be the next BVB head coach after Rose leaves...
  6. Bro, you're playing the wrong games! Instead of playing Freeroll MTTs, you should switch to SNGs. They run for 35-40 minutes if you reach the money. No late registration. Always 3-4 regulars at the table, so the amount of truely reckless players is limited. You're welcome!
  7. 3-0! Nagelsmann gone, Upamecano completely out of form, Angelino suspended and the hair reaper ravaged Gulacsi again! I think it's fair to assume that Red Bull is packing it in now. Wolfsburg to win on Sunday against Red Bull is at 3,4 at Unibet right now...
  8. So the True Finns are filibustering the EU recovery fund right now? Fincrisp-bros, are they going to drag it out? And look where the money comes from and where it goes. The Polish welfare queens and the "Let's retire at 32"-Greeks at it again. @pinki, I'm demanding answers!
  9. Fantasy darling Anglino has been suspended by Red Bull coach Nagelsmann for the game today. Not like he performed as well as he did in the Hinrunde... Also a little fun fact, all Bundesliga clubs are now in a quarantine training camp to avoid any further schedule delays. Bayern München is residing here: In a golf resort in Southern Bavaria near the Chiemsee. I've been to that exact hotel twice with my parents when I was a kid. I think even Schalke 04 did one summer training camp over there as well.
  10. Guys, do you know the feeling when you're hysterically laughing and throwing up at the same time? Check out this new "recruitment" video from the US army:
  11. @psrquack Well, Bürki is playing again, so BTTS definitely is on the menu. Maybe you want to check Red Bull to score from a set piece as well, if that's available. Or you go against the Smurfs and bet on Frankfurt -2,5 at 2,50. Unibet with competitive odds right now just 0,01 behind the Asians. I'm already moving Andre Silva in my fantasy lineup against the 2nd worst team in Buli history...
  12. So, @psrquack, did you hedge and cash? The Smurfs are about to make history and become the 2nd worst team in the history of the Bundesliga! The legendary Tasmania Berlin played the worst season with just 10 points and 15:108 goals. The 2nd worst team however is the Wuppertaler SV who finished in 74/75 with 14 points and -54 goals. Smurf 04 right now stands at 13 points and -61 goals. If they run the table with losses against Frankfurt and Köln, which is expected, they'll end their Bundesliga history on a record note! Tomorrow, don't forget to turn in to the cup final! Haaland travelled to Berlin and is potentially coming off the bench. Well, I think so...Cheers to that!
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