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  1. psrquack's post in Laughable was marked as the answer   
    Won €0.40 on it. I also wasn't impressed.
  2. psrquack's post in Why is it cancel ? was marked as the answer   
    No third set was played.
  3. psrquack's post in Betting and livestream was marked as the answer   
    Hi. Follow the tv icon, it you can see it then a live stream is available.

    Second question: I really don't know. For me after I selected an outcome and typed the amount of the bet the yellow button is working.
  4. psrquack's post in I want a new bonus was marked as the answer   
    Generally when you want to accept a new bonus you will be asked if do you agree to lose your previous one, but as I assume your case is a little bit dieerence from that, so mods will help you later today.
  5. psrquack's post in Missing 5 year anniversary celebration tournament? was marked as the answer   
    I reproduced the same error when I left one filter open. Please check your filters again.

  6. psrquack's post in Bonus points and when do they expire? was marked as the answer   
    If you play poker in this quarter, your points will be available in the next quarter too. There is a rule when they disappear, but that presumes longer period without login than a simple quarter.
  7. psrquack's post in Ujpest Ferencvaros was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately it ended with 1-1.
  8. psrquack's post in promotions/support was marked as the answer   
    You need access to the live chat?

  9. psrquack's post in Verification was marked as the answer   
    It may differ due to another country but for me shows this:
     account holder: Earthport PlcBarclays Bank, Corporate Banking, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP,bank code: 20-32-29account number: 45383200if you used credit card, then I don't know.
  10. psrquack's post in Money to poker transfer was marked as the answer   
    This is an automatic procedure (transferring money form sportsbook to poker and vice versa) so all you need is login to the poker client.
  11. psrquack's post in Your own bet was marked as the answer   
    I have never met with that function, but you can request an odds via LC support or creat topics like this.
  12. psrquack's post in Full time definition for World Cup knock out stage games was marked as the answer   
    Full time is 90 minutes plus the by the referee added minutes, the 2*15 minutes aren't the part of it. If you place a bet the description says you if any extra time is the part of the bet or not (for example in basketball money lines bets- who will win- includes the possible extra time and in rugby the how many points will team A score also includes the possible extra time).
  13. psrquack's post in Playing sportbook livebetting was marked as the answer   
    One of the employees will reply to you later today but if you tell us a participants of the match and your predicted outcome maybe we could solve the mystery faster.
  14. psrquack's post in Can i change unibet security question? was marked as the answer   
    Try this: the big yellow account button (you canfind this under your balance after you checked on the arrow next to your balance), then my account on the left side (over responsible gambling) and personal details (the second under messages) within that menu. Then under security on the right side you can find that option.
  15. psrquack's post in No mission counted! was marked as the answer   
    The word deep should be in the name of the tournament, like Nano Deep Impact or Deep Crazy Moon.
  16. psrquack's post in Freeroll password: was marked as the answer   
    They gave us a password in chat a couple minutes before the tourney started. Btw it was a little difficult to find indeed.
  17. psrquack's post in Challenge points MTT was marked as the answer   
    It depends on the fee. A €4 tournament looks like €3.60+€0.40, where the challenge points are equal to the fee so if you are playing a simple MTT 40 points seems correct. In case of bounty tournaments it will be only 12.
  18. psrquack's post in About starter bonus was marked as the answer   
    Hi and welcome to the community,
    the €1, €4, €20, €100 and €350 are the milestones. You will get the chunk of the bonus first the €1 then the €4 and so on if you are playing poker and contribute to the pot in cash game or playing SNGs/MTTs.  The little red line shows your rake contribution if that fulfill the section the sume abouve is yours.
  19. psrquack's post in Receiving challenge points after tourneys was marked as the answer   
    OK, I figured out the answer myself. As I previously stated you will get 10 challenge points after paying 10 cents in fee. But in the €4 bounty tourney the fee is  12 cents only instead of a regular €4 bounty tourneys where is 40 cents so the calculation is correct.
  20. psrquack's post in No Breakfast Freeroll this morning ? was marked as the answer   
    Same here. I think it would be a little maintenance.
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