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  1. So it was an update today and will occur one on the 21st too, if I understand this correctly.
  2. 1 x 2 2.80 3.05 3.00 x 1 x 2 1.80 3.40 5.75 x 1 x 2 1.40 4.80 10.00 x
  3. Belgium vs. Russia 1 x 2 2.02 3.45 4.55 x Denmark vs. Finland 1 x 2 1.34 5.10 11.50 x England vs. Croatia 1 x 2 1.65 3.90 6.20 x Austria vs. North Macedonia 1 x 2 1.75 3.50 6.00 x Netherlands vs. Ukraine 1 x 2 1.68 3.85 5.90 x
  4. I'm silly as duck, but where are the excluded countries? Someone please help me.
  5. I might be wrong but those tickets were dedicated to unique tourneys run yesterday. Another tourney's won't show up in the lobby, so if you didn't cath them your tickets will be expire without any chance using them.
  6. What a silly duck I am. Forgot to cheer my duckmate quacking here for 5 years. Well said ducky! I hope Pukki will sing you a HB song. @Livertool
  7. Sorry, but we can't. I have 17 bonus points, Stubbe could transfer it to you if this is possible. Not trolling.
  8. I have a silly format MTT idea: community bounty: regular bounty tourney, 50% goes to the bounty winner, another 50% will divide to remaining players at the table. It may make more different not sharing the 50% equal to rest of the players sitting at the table but it depends on how many bounties they earned previously or chip stack or combined.
  9. Hi, Unfortunately the flips run this afternoon, so you can't use them anymore.
  10. Maybe I'm wrong, but this offer is not available for you? https://pl.unibet-34.com/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/euros-bet-builder or this: https://pl.unibet-34.com/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/streakr or this: https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/euros-poker-freerolls
  11. 5 freespins on Starburst after 3 correct consecutive answers in the newest Streakr promotion? I guess @Livertool is in.
  12. @Stubbe-Unibet, @Andy-Unibet: thanks, and you can say I photoshopped the picture, but for me group A seems like this (day counters), but group F doesn't show counters. Maybe my laptop is too old for this.
  13. @Merenitsu: you should place a bet at least €10 to Euro2021 matches (today Turkey-Italy) and you can play the halftime flip or this tourney. Unfortunately the promo pages shows an error, so I can't read the full TC.
  14. @Merenitsu, @MadAdo: Btw guys, do not forget the Streakr starts today. https://www.unibet.com/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/streakr
  15. @MadAdo: thanks for spotting that information, I have looked for the cheapest clearing options and checked the requirements clearing my team aswell. Btw your team has really great and tempting clearing option.
  16. Hi mods, is there any option ckecking how many flops I have seen within a one day period? Unlocking France needs to see 100 flops on 2 consecutive days in a row and currently I don't see any other option finishing day1 and qualifying to day2 that counting the flops manually. Thanks for your help @Stubbe-Unibet and team.
  17. It's time for a summary about this challenge. Deadline is near, so minor changes might come, but I will be busy in the early prime time, so many steps seems to be unreachable. 1, Win 10 cash tickets at Omaha freerolls Of ourse this one counts to failed parts of my challenge. Played the the morning ones mostly, some afternoons too and skiped the midnight battles. Earned 3 tickets, was 3 times in the top10 (means 2-3 places from the tickets) and lost 2-3 big pots in the early middle stages which could catapult me to the top places. Sometimes I was unlucky, but mostly I made a false hand strenght estimation. It was a good morning booster, so they have spared me some coffee. 2.1 Win 10 Unibet Open €4 MTT tickets from freerolls I didn't want to stop playing this freerolls till the end of the challenge, so figured out an upgraded version after finishing the original event. Currently I'm on halfway, and I can't predict it will rain or shine. With a hot streak I can reach the finish line, but I bet I will give myself a break so this one could count to failed ones too. 3, Play the Stratoshere (qualify via Elron66's freeroll) Absolutely no way. Tried it, but I wasn't good enough to qualify. 5, Play the final at Ian Simpson's home game series. Another fail. What I can show is a €1 qualifier one time. Poor result, so another member joined to failed army. What will come next? I don't know how the new loyalty system will transform the freeroll tree, but since the first of July I will prefer the morning Omaha coffee replacers (if there will be any) and will play other freerolls occasionally.
  18. For sure @Livertool was a bit overly optimistic. England won't reach semis after a long saison, so Finland will play against Denmark.
  19. I don't know who has offered L. Nego for the bench in the sample team but I'm not sure he will kick off against Portugal, but if he will W. Orban or A. Szalai are much better options for a fantasy league manager. Edit: now I realized you should pick a midfielder. Then pick Fiola instead of Nego and do not pick Cseri, he is totally overrated. I also think Sigér is also overrated with 0.5 million. Also do not pick Lovrencsics and i'm not sure if Botka will play a single match. I know the last 2 players played in the UCL this year and if you don't know much about Hungary then you can pick them, but please read the news and check the line ups before you do it. Á. Nagy is ok, you might consider pick him if you want to pick someone from Hungary who is not in the defense section. The same goes to Á. Kecskés.
  20. Exactly that happened. Tried to post the last question of quiz on Sunday, but the gif never worked, so I gave up and felt asleep. Thanks for adding more reserch of this, now I know how it works, and you are a real duck champion.
  21. Who knows how do i insert gif's here? Typing the word Gifs would be a solution aswell, but currently this is not what I'm looking for.
  22. 2-0 in sets would be also good to consider.
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