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  1. I thought so but you have to be carefull with that psrquack, I could end up saying yes to anything.
  2. LOL that looks like the I love you scene from Naked Gun! Btw will you move your feders to the online show? Whats a feder?
  3. So not to spoil the usual fun, The UO online players party will be done like the image below the only difference is each ball will be filled with vodka to keep people safe Anyone managing to empty there ball of vodka by the end of the night gets a free entry to UO intensive care :) @ReCorpH @RayL @Stubbe-Unibet Anychane of getting us lot in to this unique players party :) Hope everyones staying safe.
  4. This guy been arested in the UK trying to entice people in to hugs This avatar needs editing straight away, sign should say "bog off hugging not safe" 2
  5. Freerolling again now. :( Deposited £50 yesterday to get started on UO again Had a go at the 24th advent day slots torny and was 60 eoro up but got bored with them slots so had a go at my old favourite emoji planet was breaking even at £0.40 stakes. So thought seeing as I am up I will have the last 50 spins at £1.20 and stop when I got back to £50 or £150 but it didnt go to plan. So let my autospins run out. Finished £400 up, withdrew the £400 and left £51.60(60euro) for my attempt at Dublin :) Current BR 60.20 cash 24 tix
  6. Thanks @Livertool might give it a go. Do like the idea of Dublin as not been before.
  7. Give community poker try to get uo package? Ev+ imo ;) @Livertool where can i find it?????
  8. Journey to Dublin Day 1 Deposited (Unibet set the security team on me because I dont normally do that ) Played 4 hexapro bricked 3 won 1 which happened to be a 10x to get me a gold santa ticket gold ticket won me 500 bonus points changed to 5x1e mtt played UO sats with them won 2x10 2x4 so 24e UO tix starting bankroll Going to play more aggressive BRM this time and just go for it, If I have 2x50 I will play for the 250 soon as i have 1x250 I will try the final
  9. Nope.:teardrop: Maybe sitting in the corner. Quacking and playing solitaire :laugh: Jonny only played the community freeroll. Where he came first with @RayL (First out is still first in my book ) I was definetly a well sauced duck a couple of nights, First time in a a local lager sauce and the second time I was marinated a few hours in lager and then further marinated for further hours in vodka. Thanks to @Stubbe-Unibet @JeppeL @RayL for looking after me and my wife while in Malta had a great time and would recomend a UO event to anyone, Though I did find the magic show outside the hotel the UO team arranged a bit strange, A team of ladies kept making poles dissapear. PS where have the UO Malta pics been posted? Also great to meet some new faces from the community @Brocky @radge1 @Hotzonicu @triceraatopp and the other usual suspects @FeelsBadMan @pirahn @MoreTBC and more.
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