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  1. 4th place @ Multiverse after these But maybe this ticket will find a trophy.
  2. No problem. Used mine for 0-0, I never use freebets for odds less than 5 since you won't receive bet part Though problem is still there without incognito-mode.
  3. Tested now to remove all Unibet page cookies, still not working. Did work with incognito mode few days back when had similar problem though. But not now. E: Though, strangely it works at incognito mode after removing cookies. Not at a regular page though. Gotta try to restart Chrome after I have grinded one bonus.
  4. Sportsbook is not working, haven't been working properly for few days. Another Finnish player reporting the same, so thought to mention now that it doesn't work even at incognito mode making it impossible to place the bets.
  5. Might be a bit expensive (could be better with 5€ buy-in), but I'll give this one: NAME: €2000 Aurora BorealisFORMAT: TexasHANDED: 6-handed tablesSTART STACK: 300 chips (10bb)LEVEL UP TIME: 30 min first level, 6 min levels after thatTOP UP FORMAT: Rebuy/addon - 1000 chips add-on after level 2 (instead of level 1 due to add-on bug)LATE REGISTRATION: Until the end of level 1
  6. This so much. Actually I think Banzai format is the best for community games, it's fast and full of action. Ante only format would be the worst.
  7. But I think you can do it rather smoothly by arranging so that SNG / Hexa / Cash Game promos runs simultaneously with MTTs. Same person who is streaming on twitch can also stream those games, too! Just don't do a stupid promo out of which only results some boring print screens being posted with stacks. It is not a good way to promote community.
  8. "Everything is on the table". Except worst and most flawed parts of promotion, I see
  9. I also agree, 2 and 3 bring nothing to community. If you want to add something alongside MTT community tournaments, make it like 1 or 2 hour long period when highest stack at some game + level (probably NL4) get extra prize and that people have to use their community aliases to participate. Otherwise just stick with MTT community and make sure that twitch and chat are working :)
  10. Is there a reason why this one doesn't have antes or it is just oversight? 20bb stacks without antes aren't really push-fold. Especially after few re-entries. Might work with 10bb (without antes). And it's still too slow. Played it once.
  11. I do like the idea of short starting stack and longer levels, but that seems awful as it is going to run ages. Might work with 10 min or 12 min blinds all over the table. 60 min re-entry time will probably make it deep enough anyway. Also I think this kind of tournament would work better being 50-50 PKO imo.
  12. Finland, of course. Already bet'd 650€ for our win.
  13. Finland Forever! Join the #DarkSide. By far the best song + spectacle in the show
  14. We demand more Finnish-speaking team members and Finnish Corner for endless Blind Channel - Dark Side posts
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