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Community Answers

  1. Streaming Galaxy now w/o delay. https://www.twitch.tv/farseerfinland Probably some UOS (5r-50r) later tonight.
  2. I will probably be streaming today some UOS, though not all using 1 table layout with hidden cards to make it possible to run stream without delay.
  3. That 10€ Sputnik Rebuy really could grow up a little bit. Though it has already come from MTT which rarely launched into something worth playing.
  4. I agree, any MTT should pay at least buy-in as mincash and payout table should reflect that. Rather even much more, 1,5x mincash would be good for bounties and 2x for freezeouts / re-entries. 50-50 Bounties should pay like top10% and 10-90 bounties (0-100 would make more sense) should pay like top3%. Top17% is okay for R/A's as their mincash is usually more.
  5. No streamers this week either? Not playing myself, but could watch occasionally how game is going.
  6. Google-boogle. Prob not open for random members though, just for active.
  7. Interesting to see if there's gonna be new streamers onboard.
  8. I prefer 1-day event, see no reason to make 7-8 hour long MTT to run over 2 days. If it would last around 10 hours then I would split it into 2 days. In case you make it 2-day event, I do hope that tickets won to Supermoon will be valid for at least 90 days so one can choose which évent to play. After all, it's hard to know about one's schedule for 2 days in a row many weeks beforehand.
  9. Mostly mean about level length. 3 min being hyper, 5-6 min being turbo, 8-10 min being regular and 12+ min being slow. About starting stacks, it would make more sense name them deepstack if they have 200+bb deep starting stack, "regular" would be 100bb and shallow / shortstack MTT with 50bb starting stack or less.
  10. Also, blind structure seems very odd. Starting with 15 min blinds and turning into 8 min blinds at later stage when stacks are shallower makes no sense to me. Other way around it would make much more sense. d74
  11. Would like to rather use my 50€ Neptune ticket for Sputnik, if just possible. After all qualified for R/A event, not PKO. 50€ PKO with ultra small field paying 5x buy-in for 1st isn't interesting.
  12. Sad to hear leaderboards getting disbanded. Just plain jackpot side on regular community events won't get me thrilled, would love to see some continuity at the tournaments. Without leaderboard or similar promotion which encourages people to play often, it feels boring. Just small MTTs with regular players you can play with around other tournaments, but without good chance to chat unless someone streams it. With current player amounts average player has like 0,0X% chance to win both events at the same evening. So not really tempting. Though I do like how you constructed those top3 prizes to be tied to buy-in. Point system was ultra bad, but no reason to skip leaderboard altogether :D Maybe use skip jump style fixed points system would work better, old one or new one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIS_Ski_Jumping_World_Cup#Scoring_system
  13. Also playing here and streaming community games, but with longish late reg due to other MTTs. Feel free to say hi anyway :) https://www.twitch.tv/farseerfinland
  14. Farseer

    UOS X

    Few thoughts (played all but 3 low/mid/high-events), though mainly my old points still stand from UOS8: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/Unibet-Online-Series-8/m-p/331646#M49473 Weekly 2-day events seemed bad, too deep starting stacks, too long running time (especially at low levels compared to prize pools) and too long day1 (27 levels with breaks: 7h 27 min, ending 03:27 EET). Even just by cutting 2 levels from the start of regular events would help a bit with running time, make it bit more bearable 6h 51 min. Would probably cut even more or make day1 to run 12 min blind levels instead of 15 min (though rather take longer blind levels than deeper starting stacks). Using same 2-day structure for all events with different starting stacks and even with R/A isn't great imo. R/A should start with considerably more shallow stack, to provide action and make tournament finish ITM day1. Satellites stopped running bit too early, should run later especially on non-KO events imo. Usually last satellites did reach their guaranteeds better than early satellites. Sunday as starting day was a good change. Tuesday as rest day was better than Monday (2-day events could kill rest day). 3 weeks running time is too long. Especially with leaderboard prizes being less than what they used to be with 2-week long series with smaller buy-ins. Would've skipped this UOS if not for Pokerihuone separate additional leaderboard. Personally would like to see high events removed from overall leaderboard, as they cost so much and due to higher multiplier they're critical for overall leaderboard. There was also some slight problem with 5 events running at the same evening and often at the same time. Not sure how many players feel great playing so many tables, especially as occasionally there were formats like ante up which require much more concentration than regular tournament. @Leo-Unibet
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