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  1. There are several types of players: 1. @Estzen style. 2. @Livertool style. 3. @GR1ZZL3R style.
  2. God, it's cool, forget all the bullshit I wrote above about BRM, it's for morons who don't know how to enjoy poker.
  3. Maybe @Livertool wants to raise a painful topic for every poker regular with his blog? Sitting at the computer for days on end, even forgetting that you have legs that you can use, this is really a problem that should be paid attention to. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1281040/Baby_Steps The more aggressive your BRM, the less time you will spend sitting at the computer, @Livertool, this is a brilliant solution!
  4. I don't want to be boring, but why not change your approach to BRM, change it a little, but it will greatly change the accessibility of the game and you won't have to wait for some kind of bonus or freeroll. The point is to leave an "untouched" amount on the account, which will be a conservative BRM, and everything above - no BRM. For example, if you have 10 euros in your account or less, you can only play centroll and nano, and if you have more than 10 euros in your account, you can play anything. This has significant advantages compared to the complete absence of BRM, namely: - Availability of the game at any time when there is a desire to play, instead of waiting for a freeroll. - You will not miss very beneficial offers for the community (such as a farewell tournament for Ukrainians or flip tournaments of the community league). - More play - more blog content - more chances to win.
  5. In order not to turn this into a long discussion of how the simulator would play correctly, I will give my intuitive (perhaps completely incorrect) opinion. I'd check because we're unlikely to get paid by a worse hand (like a straight/flush draw or second pair), but there's still a good chance of a trap or a stronger king that he won't fold.
  6. It's great to see blogs come back to life after being stagnant. Stubbe is trying to breathe life into the community site, and that's great. I hope that he will succeed in this, just as you will succeed in achieving your goals
  7. To be honest, I was rooting for Rushbie the most in that tournament, since I destroyed his AA very hard in the last freeroll, but I split almost all my starting stacks between the two of you, and luck decided Are you studying? Even watching 20-40 minutes a day of videos from professional players can help a lot. Also, I advise you to post hands that cause you questions and in which you are not sure, and not in which the cooler or opponent just did something stupid.
  8. There are no specific conditions (or only Stubbe knows them), but in short, the main condition is the desire to help develop the poker product, this includes finding bugs, testing some functions or games, discussing and giving feedback on possible or existing mechanics, promos, games etc. In my opinion, the easiest way to get into UAT is to first be active in the things I described above in the public Discord channels or on the community site, and then over time you will either be invited yourself, or you can apply in person to Stubbe.
  9. In March, I hardly played at Unibet. I was engaged in registration or verification on other sites, game testing, dealt with crypto wallets (it turns out that this is almost the only way of replenishment for many sites). As it turns out, there isn't another poker site out there that has the small MTT fields and still has enough of the game I need, hell, Unibet is perfect. But compromises have been found and I already play on several sites that mostly satisfy my requirements, so my career as a micro MTT player continues. I plan to spend the last day at the Unibet tables until my account is blocked, so don't forget to say hello to me at the tables if you see me, I will be very happy
  10. In my opinion, in order for this weekly game to be popular, it is necessary to make this tournament in a PKO format and introduce additional non-monetary rewards. Since this is a home game for the forum, the reward for winning can be some unique status or mark (if possible). In the Centroll, the prize should be tickets to the tournament on Thursday, instead of exclusively monetary payments, make a format where the ITM zone will receive 1 ticket + money. These changes will increase the accessibility of the tournament and its appeal to the community members.
  11. @Furan It is not clear what kind of game it is and what the stacks are, so it is desirable to clarify this. I suspect that this is MTT, because it is unlikely that in 100 BB stacks on the river, a push is possible based on the SPR that I imagine here. If you've already decided to go all the way, why are you afraid of difficult decisions after your check? The check-call option can look better, as we can provoke bluffs from flush draws (for example from the same AhXx) that will not pay us our bet. Everything else looks good (from the point of view of a weak REG player ABI 10 )
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