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  1. Q: Hi weird man, who you are ? A: I'm POKER. NO Chris Moneymaker, NO Daniel Negreanu, NO Mr. Ian Simpson ... me, me is POKER !!! Unibet alias: q: Okay, some 'basics' about you personally - who the hell you are ? A: I'm born in 1984. So just a 'comunism' baby and live in a nice Slovakia country (just middle Europe) - quite poor, but proud and we all working damn hard (low salary, but I think that is not all about the money?) I'm a programmer so quite able to understand technical things ... even more - using my brain for earning money - most of the time! Q: Fine and what about the poker - what's your beginning ? A: It dates back to the 2009/2010 when I start by playing on Zynga (Facebook) and know absolutely nothing about the rules and game. Start learning by 'just playing' and winning chips by "novice luck / feeling" quite often :happyshy: Play with spending 'play money chips' only with no real deposit ! When became virtual millionaire I just realize I should move-up ... so shifting to PokerStars first (alias: MadAdoStars) ! (because my friends tried it already and there were a chance by earn real money by freerolls, etc.) Quite soon I install also Unibet, Full-Tilt and WillamHill. I played tons of freerolls on PS, UB, FT and with running on my old laptop with 9" display it was quite funny when pop-ups flood me and I must click (without mouse - just touchpad) like nanonoko beast! I played 3-6 freerolls simultaneously on 3 different software and that was absolutely crazy! :haha: My main 'stage' remains PokerStars for couple years and there was my first real deposit (somewhere end of year 2010) (it was huge 500eur => approximately my full month salary -> as far as I was greedy to clear 'bonus' money ...) You know - I was (still I'm) nano-stakes player so I don't need such a bankroll and played NLHE cash games with $2 most of that time ... running to $5 and very rarely (tilt-mode) with $10 buy-in. Try also popular 50-50 format (6 Sit&Go where 3 ITM double-up money) ... YES, start loosing money as far as I learned with just play ... so not a good start of my "carrier"! Cut the long story - managed to cash-out 505eur on January 2011, so was really happy as good I was Meanwhile building bankroll on other sites by playing freerolls on a regular basis and when have couple bucks, just played cash game and bust-out :waterfall: ... nothing so special! Q: What about life poker ? A: YES, playing with my friends "private league called MadAdo series of poker -> MSOP" -> NLHE 4 players, 1eur buy-in, 1000 chips, 30 min levels ... winner takes all! Later on we extends with possibility of 1 rebuy per 1 player (after elimination, HU rebuy not allowed). From beginning of this 'competition' I start to became winning player (win first one of course with making quads in HU battle - villain had a chance of making straight-flush) ... we played somewhere 25-30 such tournaments and I had decent stats (won leaderboard with most winning - but there have been couple of 4th places as well (include unsuccessful re-buy)) ... I bought chipset, special plastic cards, dealer button, timer, poker cloth ... falling in love to poker and you all know how it taste! I played one 'bigger' tournament where was 7 players (include me) and quite 'unlimited' rebuys. Buy-in have been high-stake 3eur and after all I managed to bink (make another quads during it) and earn somewhat near 30eur! Was quite satisfied because I play with no worry, just enjoy the game ... Q: Do you have any notable/memorable poker success ? A: sure, like we all have some. Here are some of mine best: 1) (Jun 9, 2012) first HU: PokerStars 3466 players Limit Razz, finished 2nd 2) (Jun 30, 2012) 32 players private (CZE/SK) freeroll tournament (1 VPP buy-in as far as I know) on PokerStars: 3rd for USD 22.50 3) (Nov 18, 2012) FullTilt: achieving "Edge status by earning more than 10 Full Tilt Points over a 7-day rolling average." 4) (Nov 26, 2012) PokerStars: Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00 USD (using some 'free' ticket), 18813 players, Total Prize Pool: $188130.00 USD, 62nd place. USD 216.34 eliminated after 4-5 hours battle when defending my bb (play heavy passive) with QsAs and villain from button shove me (6s3s) and 6 on flop sent me to rail !!! 5) (Jan 25, 2013) PokerStars: Buy-In: $1.00/$0.10 USD, 14 players Super Satellite, 1st place, T-USD 33.00 6) (Feb 1, 2013) FullTilt: reaching Edge Silver status 7) (Sep 17, 2013) PokerStars: Buy-In: 1 FPP, 51 players HU format, 1st place. A USD 50.00 8) (Oct 20, 2013) PokerStars: ChromeStar VIP ... many many more ... X) (Aug 19, 2016) FullTilt: Freeroll, 591 players !FLIP!, 1st place. A USD 93.75 + there have been a plenty of bonus money from competitions on twitter + share of Jackpot deal ... I won decent money there (for sure over $300)!!! Q: What is your favourite poker game ? A: HORSE or Stud Hi/Lo for sure! But love Razz, 2-7 NL Single draw, PLO, Courchevel, Badugi ... maybe some more :happy: Q: Any favourite player ? A: Antonio Esfandiari (magician), Tom Dwan and Isildur :laugh: but I like Ian Simpson too! Q: Why posting all of this ? A: Getting really broke last days :waterfall: lost many money and I don't think it is because of my wrong play (wrong decissions if you want) I know what is bad-beat and how the variance should working. Problem - real one - is that I'm getting money-scared and that mean you should probably STOP playing! I don't need restart, I need something else - need to figure it out ... thinking about replacing cash games with Sit&Gos - I have solid results there (no real statistics available) and not enough (representative) amount played ... I have also 'decent' results by playing nano MTT ... you know me probably Okay, I should write more and more, but you probably have my story - I'm was winning player (but consider deposits/withdraws) I know game basics, understand math, pot-odds, starting hands, strategy, ... etc. but that is still not enough! I became to loosing my money never mind what I'm doing and how I'm playing. I wanna change this process, because I never re-deposit and bust only free-roll money so far (long time ago!). Any advice will be appreciated, good luck to you all. LOVE community!
  2. What up guys, I'm back for 2021, lots have changed for me the past few months, and finally I'm looking forward to getting back into some poker. I'm going to be playing a whole variety of different things and also trying to get involved with as many community events as I can. I seem to have a more chilled approach to everything really at the moment which is great. I'm also a week into a new diet (this is day 7) and just started a fitness program! My plans for poker are: Grind some 10nl.Grind some 10 euro HUSNG's.Grind some 10 euro 5man HUSNG's.Play some MTT's now and again.And... mix in some Unibet Open sat's so a bit of everything really. I'm starting this thread to keep me accountable. Before a session I'll post here and after I'll post the result. This should help with keeping my sessions focussed I hope! Haven't decided what I'm playing tonight but I'm going to invest up to €100 a month into this little initiative, and set a deposit limit to match. Hopefully I won't need anything past the first €100 but we'll see :) Once I've decided what I'm playing tonight I'll update back here before I start the session!
  3. Hey UB community, As i find myself in love with the pokergame again, i started writing about my story (https://juliano4fun.wixsite.com/mylifeonthegrind) to keep track of my poker journey and now decided to share it here for the lulz. Too lazy to rewrite my reintroduction just copy pasting first entries from my blog until end of october :-) --- New year, new me.. hmm scrap that, but allow me to reintroduce myself, I am J*, 35 year old from Belgium currently living in Brussels. I had a blog many years ago ( back in '08) where I would write about my pokerlife when the poker BOOM was raging and I got bitten myself by the poker bug. I recently stumbled upon that blog ( in dutch) https://mylifeonthegrind.blogspot.com/ and it was a great read for me as I had forgotten many of the stories I shared back then. Also after years of absence from the poker field, I started playing in a very recreational way as I now work full time leading a training fund, am married and father to the sweetest imaginable 5 year old girl. The recreational grind started again somewhere around the beginning 2019 but with big lapses of time in which i wouldn't play at all. How did i got the poker stuff restarted u ask? Well i always have been a big computer game enthusiast and as such, have always kept an eye out on twitch for some poker streamers like Unibet ambassador David. Now poker-wise, I used to be a hardcore cash-game grinder back in the days when poker sites would just throw insane signup bonus/rakeback deals just to try to get your action but since I restarted playing a bit more, I haven't been able to enjoy the pure cashgame grind as I used to many years ago. Off course, the poker climate has changed drastically with the abundance of free or relatively cheap material to improve one's pokergame resulting on games where the vast majority understand at least the basics of poker, even at the lowest stakes. Still, even without having read any extensive theoretical material well over a decade, I have been beating the 10nl games on Unibet for a decent chunck of green but I find the 25nl stakes to be quite challenging as the stake regulars have a decent grasp of what it means to be (over) aggro in cashgame. As of now, I believe I am only a slight winner/ breakeven player on 25nl, but I lack a decent samplesize as I haven't been grindin much cashtables in the last couple of months. Back in the day, I would sometime play poker tournaments but I never really quite enjoyed them ( or shipped anything substantial lol) as I enjoyed the much faster paced cash game action up to 100nl online. Anyway, from watching twitch streamers/ poker end-bosses like Jaime Staples or Fintan Hand or Ian ;-), I slowly got the idea to maybe start some donkaments from time to time. Playing on Unibet, I was pretty amazed how low the level of play is in tournaments and as the fields are pretty small compared to the 1k plus fields of pokerstars, I even found myself shipping some donk.. euhm I mean tournaments for 50x buyin while still feeling like I knew very little about them except for having heard terms like ICM, knowing that aggression is key around the bubble or to abuse the shorties when u build a big stack lol. Some examples of (very) low stakes tournament results from 2019: Anyway, after asking a 2019 mtt graph from Unibet somewhere around february 2020 where i had 100% of my mtt action, i was surprised to see that I shipped around 800eur in 2019, which is amazing since I couldn't be bothered to play anything else that the 2€ multiverse tournament and the 2€ galaxy on rare occasions since it ends so late ( between 1 and 2 am). Playing ( and winning) these tournaments, I discovered that I much more enjoyed the thrill of shipping a tournament over 30,60 or 200 players, than winning yet another AA vs KK 4bet pot in cashgames. Also, I discovered that I tilt way more from losing that same AA vs KK in cashgame than losing a flip with AK vs TT for final table chiplead with 15 left.. Adding all these ingredients together, it was now clear that I would play way more tournaments in 2020 when I would have the time to do so. How did our hero fare into the messy world of MultiTableTournaments in 2020? stay tuned for next update and find out :-) J'out
  4. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following blog/brain fart are my own and do not in any way represent the thoughts of anyone that actually knows how to play poker. Challenges and goals may be posted in this blog from time to time, do not expect any of them to be completed. Also, do not expect results tracking to be consistent or accurate, I'm lazy about that kinda stuff. I accept no responsibility for any loss of €€€ caused by following my advice or copying of my actions. Readers must also accept the fact that at some point I will mistype 'the' as 'teh' due to some sort of weird muscle memory I have and that in general grammar/punctuation rules will not be followed. If you do not accept the above disclaimer please click HERE. If you accept the above disclaimer then welcome aboard and good luck :Cool: The Introduction Right, so here we go then. Best to start off with a little background story so you can understand what you're letting yourself in for :) I'm 32, I live in Aberdeen (Scotland) and I occasional try to win money playing poker. I have a 9-5 job in the telecommunications industry that pays the bills and keeps me out of trouble and I'm also a part time DJ on the weekends. I'll sprinkle some IRL stuff into the blog from time to time but if I'm honest I do the same stuff every week so it's not that exciting :Geek: Now the IRL stuff is out the way, let's talk poker! The Early days I have no idea when I started playing poker to be honest... It's got to be 10 years ago, maybe more. The first site I can remember actively playing on was pokerroom.com. It felt like a great site to play on, it was part of a decent network with lots of skins and have plenty of action. If I could go back and look at it now though it probably overraked players, had terrible structures and offered stupid VIP programs but when you first start you don't look at those things.. just getting a tingle in your loins the first time you double up or cash a $5 MTT is enough. I had no concept of BRM or anything like that and was a losing player, but I didn't really care. I was using disposable income and the dream of winning the big bucks kept me playing. I did what most players did and bounced around various sites whenever they had good bonus/reload offers on. I never had any big wins though and eventually stopped playing. I think the only 'big' win I can remember was playing in a freeroll on Ladbrokes where the top 50 got entry into a big entry MTT ($500+ buyin) and the 10 or so before the ticket payout got $300. I actively tried to get the $300 because I thought it was better value. I finished 51st :Cool: Going by Sharkscope (no, you can't have my alias :Haha:) I played a little in 2012 on PS but I imagine that was just a $50 deposit based on some promo email I got and it didn't go well. Fast forward to this time 2014 and it looks like I started playing again on PS. I don't know what drove me to play again but what followed is the classic poker story. I played for the about a month and then blink!.. 1st place in a $2.70 Turbo KO. Goodbye 5000+ players, hello $1630. From then on I definitely had the bug. I was still a losing player but I would hit a big win every now and again to keep me going. I had two 1K+ cashes in 2015 and a few in the $700-900 mark but in general I still sucked as a player. In retrospect I was probably just running really hot and getting lucky. About August 2015 the luck ran out and from then on I had no major wins and generally just sucked. I was chasing my tail for the big win, playing more tables and taking shots I shouldn't have. I've never been really good at BRM but at the end of 2015 I didn't even know what it meant. I started watching a lot of stuff on Twitch during 2015 which helped the bug.. Jason Somerville, Jamie Staples, Tonkaaa etc. This was where I really started thinking about my decision process when playing. Ranges, equity, outs.. all these poker terms I'd heard before but never fully understood started to make a little more sense. They were all playing for hundreds/thousands of dollars but things they were saying or doing could be used in the micro stakes I was playing. The stuff that really stuck with me though was the way they approached things mentally. Dealing with variance, bad beats and tough spots. The one thing that was consistent between them all was that if you are making good/profitable decisions then the outcome isn't as important because in the end you're winning. It's something I've definitely used on the tables and IRL and I feel better for it. Coming to Unibet I imagine this is a pretty standard poker story now too :Smile:. Battling 1000s of player on PS can be fun and all but most of the time it's just a grind and you're one bad beat away from 5 hours of play being wasted. Part of being absorbed into the Twitch world was hearing about 2+2, a poker forum that has been around for as long as Doyle Brunson. One thing that kept coming up on the forum was players saying how easy playing on Unibet was and how the rewards were great etc. Easy opponents you say? Good value for money you say? Sign me up! I plopped down my £50 at the cashier and got me some Euros, a massive signup bonus and a gaggle of welcome tickets. I created an account on 2+2 in Dec 2015 but my first post was April 2016.. it was in the Unibet thread :Laugh: It was, of course, me talking about software improvements I thought would be good on the site. I've been a pain in the ass about that stuff ever since :Geek: On the felt, things were going well. I asked the virtual cashier for my £50 back because I had won my first MTT and topped the Butler League in the same week. That was a good week! Since then my bankroll has bobbled anywhere from €400+ to €20. Winning the first community freeroll was a great feeling and my biggest single win on Unibet at that point. I made two additional deposits totalling £150 during the Rio Showdown series as I was playing well out of BRM with the €10 MTTs but they really were the only way to get a decent position on the LB. I finished 110th :Waterfall: Fast forward to today and I have won/came second (I can't actually remember:Laugh:) in a €25 I satellited into for €4 in the last week so the additional deposits have now been withdrawn and I'm back to playing on profit only :Cool:. Goals Don't hit €0 and have to deposit again/Win all the mulah.Make a UO or UOUK event starting at the lowest satellite buy-in level only (I'll accept doing it from a ticket starting at a higher level as well)Cash the Sunday Entitled/Daily €4. (For some reason I just can't do it just now :Smirk:)Blog regularly and post hands for discussion and analysis that will be helpful to the community.Don't be mean to pecalbear Going Forward If you've made it this far then congratulations, you win a virtual high five from me!:Cool: The plan is to start the blog for real on Thursday 1st September. I'll post current bankroll, challenge points and nearly all my aliases so we can be nice and transparent about things. Bankroll updates will be per session and I'll do challenges and fancy graphs every month or something. I'll try and post at least one hand for discussion every session post as well as I want to be able to learn from this as much as (hopefully) everyone else will. If you've got any questions or ideas let me know. If not, I'll see you on Thursday :Veryhappy:
  6. Starting with a 104€ today. The point of this challenge is that I really need to make 1K by the 20th, but figured I might as well really push myself so the goal is 3K profit by the 4th of December and I'll be venturing no higher than 25NL/10PLO/10SNG/10MTT in this period. There will be no random slotting or bingo action, I am allowing myself to do exactly 2x10€ sportsbets per week if I feel the roll allows it in order to get the betting freeroll tickets. (I will try to follow some of your tips here on the forum as far as which bets to place and not randomly improvise on my own) I am not going to specifically try hard for the leaderboards of this month's promos, but I will ensure I get the daily and weekly bootcamp stuff completed and will be putting in a bunch of volume to hit my bankroll goal anyway, so we'll see where that lands me. I will be playing one 10€ tournament that's on the MTT league list nightly and maybe 2 of the 4€s. Will do my best to win them :D but won't cry if I don't make the money in the leagues. Earlier this week I was thinking I would discuss hands in my next personal topic, but we'll see how that goes, I feel the hand history is a bit cluncky to copy here conveniently (i.e. you can't, have to take a screenshot to copy it) and feeling a bit less enthusiastic about talking strat in general at the moment. Main goal: make 3K playing no higher than the limits described above within a month. Side goal: find interesting and relevant things to post in this topic :D Gl all at the tables. :) (As far as an early progress report, then I've been 2tbling 10NL while writing this, and am now at 113.28€ lol)
  7. Hi, To the point. This journey is strongly a result of my recent downswing. I know some of my ways will seem drastic, crazy and even plain stupid. Well, I am all those things. Deal with it. As I said, I am on a still continuing downswing. Not without my own fault. I recently peaked in bankroll, over €600 and I became reckless - NL25, sportsbets, casino games. All with some luck, and then without it. Which leads me to yesterday when I only had €300 left. So, I withdrawn €250. Can I pulloff the great escape (westham referance) and built up my bankroll again? I have and will still play NL10. But leaving myself only €50 will ensure I don't try any silly stuff like NL25. It may seem dumb, as I said, but I have never made a deposit on Unibet (for like 4-5 years) while have withdrawn I'd guess around €1,500. I had bankrolls drop to €60, go to €500, withdraw some and again go down to less than €100. That's the beauty of Unibet. Moving up, tickets, etc. give lots of value and ways to get back on your feet. By the way, this is not a "Turning Serious" journey. I still have a job, responsibilities, etc. and only play poker for pleasure, hopefully for some monetary gain. But being accountable here should save me from making too many stupid plays that I may or may not have picked by watching Jcarver. (Not saying he's stupid. My applications are). I haven't left myself only with €50 though. Current Bankroll: €43 Cash tickets : €33 in Cash tickets Tournament tickets: €329 (including €250 and €50 UO) 2 Double Trouble tickets (+1 coming on Monday) I've also got over 57k points, so an extra €8 would be nice. OK. So let's see where this leads me.
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