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  1. Nobody will win a thing because the minimum number of registered players wasn't reached, so the Flip will get canceled and the buy-ins returned.
  2. https://www.unibet.com/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/golden-goal
  3. Does anyone plan to stream this for some comedic moments on stream or in chat?
  4. Recuva ~ Recover the Lost, Deleted, Formatted, Corrupt Drive Files Completely & Easily!
  5. I thought I answered this in the summary but apparently not. Yes, I think it's a big mistake and it needs fixing before my luck expires and I find myself crying in Busto land.
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------ .:: | Q4 | ~ [ 09.10.2021 - 17.10.2021 ] ::. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cash_Games: -> Played: 2x Tables of NL4 for 1 Hour and 51 Minutes -> Won/Lost: -€3.15 / -78.75 BB / -0.78 Buy-ins! -> Played: 2-4x Tables of PL4 for 1 Hour and 28 Minutes -> Won/Lost: +€17.90 / +447.5 BB / +4.47 Buy-ins! -> Played: 1x Tables of NL20_Banzai for 14 Minutes -> Won/Lost: +€81.16 / +40.58 BB / +4.25 Buy-ins! MTTs: -> I don't know, I played a variety of buy-ins ranging from €0 to €5 but unfortunately didn't keep track. SNGs: -> Might have Lost between €50 to €100 in HU with the min buy-in being €10 and max buy-in being €50 but I'm not sure how many did I play. HexaPROs: -> I'm pretty sure I won but I don't know how much. All I know is the min buy-in was €10 and the max buy-in was €50 but I'm not sure how many did I play or how much did I win, I only remember the bankroll was down to €50 at some point and at the end it was breakeven from where I started the day. Missions: -> All_Complete! Sports_Betting: -> N/A Casino: -> 50x Free_Spins on Templar_Tumble -> Won: €1.56 Community_League: -> 1x €25 HexaPro Ticket! Rake: -> 3,117 XP = €31.17 Rakeback: -> Not sure how much but it's somewhere between 250 BP to 500 BP!? Bonus_Shop: -> Again sorry, I used between 250 BP to 1,000 BP!? Starting/Ending_Bankroll: -> Cash_Balance: €224.98 / €308.52 ~ (+€83.54) -> XP_Points: 432 / 3549 ~ (+3,117) -> Bonus_Points: 35 / 15 ~ (+???) -> Tickets: €0 / €12 ~ (+12) -> €1K & 3K Mission, 2x €1 MTT, 2x €5 MTT. Summary: This week it's a messy one, both from the playing side and stat gathering side. At some point, the bankroll was down to €50, pretty sure I lost in hu sng's and won in hexapro's also played some MTTs but didn't keep track. So cash games are easy to track from the main site but for the rest, I see the buy-ins but I don't know what's what. I don't have much to say other than that once I've fully recovered from the flu, I will start reading the Mental Game Of Poker 1&2 and other books since it seems I have some serious leaks. Not sure if I should postpone playing/updates for a while until I feel ready to pick it up again or just keep posting.
  7. Hi @Leo-Unibet, can you Add More Hyper Qualifiers and some for UO, UOS, Supernova, Supermoon? Thanks in Advance!
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