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  1. Livertool's post in Reverse withdrawal was marked as the answer   
    Withdraw/deposit section of site?
  2. Livertool's post in Withdrawal was marked as the answer   
    Not illegal by law, allowed by koran is another thing.
  3. Livertool's post in Wc qualifiers was marked as the answer   
    Impressive qualifiers but compare your group teams to teams beneath 😄
  4. Livertool's post in NHL smalltalk and opinions and betting was marked as the answer   
    Detroit has some value.
  5. Livertool's post in Can't play Guns n' Roses slot game ... was marked as the answer   
    I think you were the bastardo who dropped me set vs set so i should't try to help :laugh:
    Clear browser from crap or use incognito...
  6. Livertool's post in Bet settled incorrectly was marked as the answer   
    Don't know if it will be faster but
    They probly ask for bet id so you might want check that out
  7. Livertool's post in What is this ? was marked as the answer   
    Goal was made in 69th minute, therefore loss unfortunately :(
    I think you got baited on that one when goal was made 69th minute, under var review on +70 minutes, odds were 1.04 and you thought you get free 40€.
    And it even shouldn't have been goal but clear offside. Var screwed up everybody again. Except ofc kindred shareholders.
    Goal @ 3.15 minute
  8. Livertool's post in Bet its still open was marked as the answer   
    Mertens didn't start match and neither did he score so unfortunately bet is lost even if not settled.
  9. Livertool's post in Lost bet - Wrong corner stats on Unibet was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately there were only 10 corners in the match. Results are based on official reports and not Kambi's version of them.

  10. Livertool's post in Winning bet successful but rejected was marked as the answer   
    If there is mistake and bets voided, both losing and winning gets stake back.
  11. Livertool's post in 5€ risk free livebet was marked as the answer   
  12. Livertool's post in Allsvenskan Head to head was marked as the answer   
    All football---> sweden----> allsvenskan----> Helsinborg to win NorrkĂśping ;)
  13. Livertool's post in PSG vs Marseille live betting on corners was marked as the answer   
    I guess the match did end to that penalty,corner never played?

  14. Livertool's post in How to bet on which team will proceed from the eight finals in Champions League? was marked as the answer   
    Choose the outrights from champions league. Psg to eliminated round 16. @ 2.40
    This may help if still clueless

  15. Livertool's post in Confusion tracking poker and casino funds. was marked as the answer   
    When you are in poker client, have you tried pressing arrow down next to your balance? It updates my balance when playing both poker and mainsite.
  16. Livertool's post in Verification needed? All documents sent was marked as the answer   
    Morjens, @FinBoy :)
    If you look at help section, there is quite many cases where system tells customers that they need to verify although they actually don´t. Idk if this is one of them or do you actually have to still send them something but as soon as @RayL gets hold of this, he gets it solved or speed it up. It is vacation time in Malta though, so you may have to wait few days in worst case scenario but it is weekend anyways so bank transfers and credit card withdraws wouldn´t hit your account until next week no matter what. 
  17. Livertool's post in Goodwood 13:50 Second place Money back offer was marked as the answer   
    t&c: first bet counts towards promotion, giddy up :)
    Refund will only be considered on your first win on an eligible race. If you place more than one win bet on any one eligible race we will only refund your first bet placed
  18. Livertool's post in Cant put bet on?? was marked as the answer   
    Nope :

    But there are probably some sites that you can do that. If you have found one, i suggest you place the bet in there. Or you can ask if they change it at Unibet but like i said, i don´t see that happening.
    The fact that they are played different days doesn´t matter but that same teams are playing and other results might affect to others. And these games are practically friendly games so that must be one aspect that narrows possibilities what bets can be placed.
  19. Livertool's post in Welcome Bonus, Paysafe card, Skrill, Netteller not accepted deposited method? was marked as the answer   
    I´m 99.99% sure you can´t use either if you want to get that bonus. Skrill and neteller banned too nowadays in many sites, probly unibet too.
    Safe way to go is bank transfer or visa/mastercard :)
  20. Livertool's post in WC Jackpot Promotion was marked as the answer   
    But your id isn´t at winners list, right?
    So do you think it was some error or do you think that they thought: lets raffle again, we don´t like that guy :D Sure it may bring bad publicity, more work to get it settled and we end up paying even more because of compensation but lets just do it :)
    So if  you think other way around that you got money that you never should get then it might feel better :)
  21. Livertool's post in Free bet missing was marked as the answer   
    Maybe you have to activate it in bonus offers or is it freebet that you can find in bonus---->your freebets ?
  22. Livertool's post in Cancel a bonus ? was marked as the answer   
    Just accept new bonus and old one is canceled 😃
  23. Livertool's post in risk free bet was marked as the answer   
    Oh, thanks man :)
  24. Livertool's post in final VM was marked as the answer   
    English, please. But here you go:

  25. Livertool's post in Livebet lost? was marked as the answer   
    Actually, i watched a clip from that and goalkeeper did kick ball out of sideline but the throw in should have been made in that timeline to it be counted as won. So once again, winning bet was no action :)
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