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  1. I completed casino party mission by playing 5 hexapro's but no reward or at least I can't find what i have received , no free spins ,no nothing .I tried to find details about this mission on unibet site or commnunity but no info.Can somebody help me with some details about this mission ?
  2. I want to play this kind of silly tournaments: FORMAT: texasHANDED: 3START STACK: 3000 ( 150 bb)LEVEL UP TIME: 3 minTOP UP FORMAT: freezeoutLATE REGISTRATION: 10 levels
  3. NAME: €300 THREE SPINNING DWARFSFORMAT: texasHANDED: 3START STACK: 3000 ( 150 bb)LEVEL UP TIME: 3 minTOP UP FORMAT: freezeoutLATE REGISTRATION: 10 levels I see this kind of tournament at lower buy ins also.
  4. For example in the case of €2 buy in for hexapro the smallest prize is 3 € ( that's the case in Romania and probably in another countries ) and in France the smallest prize is 4€,why?
  5. On 25th may is this tournament " €4000 eurovision winners tournament" ,I want to know how can I play it ( probably I have to bet on the event to get ticket for the tournament) but i want more details if possible,I can't find any info on the site. Thank you
  6. I also did not received the ticket.
  7. Hi, I have a ticket that will expire in 19 days ,is called " 1000 mission special", in which tournaments can I used it ?When I press on the ticket there is no list of tournaments to register. thank you
  8. I received the ticket . Thank you @Andy-Unibet
  9. Hi, I received an email from unibet in which I am informed that I have a 10 euro hexapro ticket in my account but I don't have the ticket .Please help me with this issue. Thank you.
  10. In the form that i received from unibet on my email a few months ago in the last section I was ask to tell what can unibet do to improve my poker experience .I wrote in the form that it would be a good idea to have hexapros on unibet with jackpots given more frequently but with smaller prizes and also hexapro satellites.Thank you unibet for organizing mystery jackpot promotion and for listening to your players suggestions.
  11. Count me in ,i will wear a mask and keep the social distancing.
  12. No fold button,call button only shows amount 100
  13. I gave up to the challenge ,I withdraw €500 and donated €50 ( 250 RON) to hopes and homes for children Romania .Feel free to make a donation https://hopeandhomesforchildren.ro/
  14. A little bit of progress just by playing hexapros.
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