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Scroll issue with cash game and SGN stake/buy-in list

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This has been there from the beginning. On mobile, the scrolled selection to Monday shortstack promotion PLO game (for example) lasts only from a second to two, before it retracts back to the beginning of list. Which hides it from sight on portrait view.

Annoyance level: very high

Behaviour model added to a screenshots of old rotary phone, and modern video.



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Same here, this is new, the list used to stay where you left it. This is happening for the Texas hold'em cashgames too, not only the promo PLO games, and also in landscape mode. I assume it's jumping back every time an update to the cashgame list is received.

Motorola, Android 12

Later Edit: Looks like it's not jumping back to the top on every update, it's jumping back to the stake you last had selected when you exited the app the previous time. 

Also this issue has made something obvious again, why does there have to be so much empty space with so much vertical screen realestate, while the list of stakes is mostly hidden. Could easily show the entire list, even in landscape but especially in portrait, and instead of the selection being what's centered, have the selection be what you click Just like on desktop. For cashgame and SNG.

I assume it's not much more to change than changing SubPageGamesListView from wheelview to listview on both landscape and portrait, and just in Portrait increasing its layout_size height to 50vh or whatever fits for this view. Maybe also switching the framelayout parent of PageLogo to match_parent if need be 🤷‍♂️

Should look like the first image, maybe even capable of going even lower if the list is larger due to having more stakes.




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Added video of the bug and a suggestion
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Just noticed that this bug happens for the SNG lobby too, I wonder if it also has the same root cause as Hand Histories also snapping to the top when a new payload gets is received:


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