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MitID and BankID login broken on Android app

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Thought I'd join the fun 🙂

There's currently an issue with both the Danish MitId and Swedish BankID login solution when signing in (or trying to rather) on the Android app.

With MitID you're asked to scan the QR code - the QR code on the screen of same device - instead of just swiping to confirm login. This means you can't use your primary device for login. 
We managed to fix this in an unreleased app build, but the login was still not working, as you'd be signed in on the website/in your browser and not on the app.

With BankID, you can manage to sign in by closing and reopening the app at the right point of the login flow, but otherwise it's impossible. Also a similar redirect issue as with MitID

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Both MitID and BankID login has been fixed. There're still some improvements to be made, which will hopefully be part of next release. Marking as fixed, as it's more about improving it now.

EDIT: MitID Android is still a bit bugged, as it requires an app update as well. Will be part of the next release.

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