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Mobile app don't respond

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Happened 3 times playing banzai within approx 30 minutes. Suddenly just everything frozen, minimizing app didn't help, only when message asked "do i want to close app cause it ain't responding" or closed it myself it started to work again. Played via hotspot wifi.


This one has still some sounds going at background thou nothing else happening



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I played banzai for 45 minutes and the screen froze suddenly, I had 2 tables and I wasn't using another app or any pop-up function.
I tried to force a disconnection by putting the app in the background (this method works for a similar bug where the screen freezes, but in this case it's not effective).
Exactly as @Livertool said above, after the screen froze the only solution was to completely close the app and reopen it.

DATE ISSUE OCCURRED : aprox. 00:26 EEST, 17.04.2024 

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: At this moment I don't know the steps to reproduce the bug.

CLIENT(S) IMPACTED: Android app ver. 3.35

ABOUT DEVICE: Android 8, Samsung Experience version 9.



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