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Banzai meters disappear upon disconnect

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Played with wifi & phone, got disconnected/connected and meters were gone for couple of minutes (until i was all in next time i believe)

Don't know if this is big issue or does it even happen usually with disconnection but anyways.

Meters missing:


And couple minutes later back:


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I managed to reproduce the bug, but not with disconnections(I tried 4-5 times), but with the following steps:

  1. open a banzai table, it would be good to check if you have a bar at this step
  2. close the app from task manager
  3. reopen the app and see if you still have the bar

Indeed, if you go allin the bar reappears the next hand.

Android 8, samsung S7

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Yes, as @Livertool and @Phlo23 said, happens here too on mobile.
And on desktop after closing client during hand.
Seems the bars probably need the allin action to update the meters for progress, and won't do it before and for any other reason.


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Haven't had it with a DC just with closing the client because the last banzai20 xp payload doesn't get resent when the table gets opened again, so it needs the next one to have the data to display the xp bar,  which is after your next allin 

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