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Mobile bet slider issue

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Bet slider keeps returning to "min" when trying to swipe to "max" if you don´t manage to hit it perfectly. Happens when stack is short and slider only has "min" and "max" options available.

Happens all the time, for years and every android version or device that i have used. 

2:34 has the bug, rest of the video just showing that otherwise no problems with bet slider when it has more than just min/max options.



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15 hours ago, miziel said:

I concur.

I guess it should jump to Max after drag&release beyond the half point.

Exactly what i suggested cause wasn't sure if this is bug or by design 😄 Either that or able to tap max and cursor stays there with out swiping.

Ain't big problem overall if i have two hands to use for but often i do something else too or play while travelling in public transportation with no available seats, hanging on to what ever i can with other hand to not fall over and in those situations it can be quite tricky to get chips in.

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