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All-in % colors scuffed after playing Banzai

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This is just a small scuff that doesn't affect gameplay, that has been a thing since Banzai 2.0 on both Desktop and mobile.

If you play banzai and see an all-in at that table and afterwards play another game or use the replayer, the Allin % colors will be scuffed in those games. 

Looks like both normal tables and banzai tables define defEquityBoxConfig with each's colors, and when the normal / global tables define it first, the colors are fine, and the banzai games afterwards will only define their colors locally? and use them correctly (as you can see in the 2nd video) ... BUT if you play banzai first, it looks like it's defining the colors globally, and afterwards all the other game colors will be scuffed as if it can't redefine them again (like in the first video).



Wrong colors when you play banzai first and see an all-in: 


Correct colors when you play a different game first and see an all-in:



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Same here on ver. 3.36.7, win 10

After banzai I played a hexapro extreme.



And this is without banzai


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