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Laggy shop & no notification

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Happened two times today so probly related to update. Shop don't register buys until you leave app and then it does as many buys as you pressed buy button. Also no notification for received ticket. I don't mind that i bought 4 hexa tickets earlier thou was planning to buy only 2 but don't really want 3 banzai tickets so @Stubbe-Unibet would you mind deleting 2 of them and return points?



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Is it supposed to be fix already and is following related to it or is there something else i don't get?

Bought 5 2€ hexa tickets to hunt jp just to realize they don't work for hexa xtreme? But 5€ hexa tickets do. But there ain't no specific hexa xtreme tickets to be bought in shop? 

Anyhow, those four 2€ hexa tickets can be turned back to points if you don't mind since they don't work for jp hunt.

My tickets:


With 5€ there is option to buy with ticket:


With 2€ there ain't:


How can i know what ticket works with what when they look the same in shop?



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Can confirm I have the same issue with 2€ extreme, doesn't work for extreme just for traditional, but don't have the issue with 0.2€ extreme or 5€ extreme. Missing tag I guess. Might be more mistagged ones out there 🤷‍♂️

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