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Leave all tables on next BB button not working after disconnection

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I set the option to leave all tables on next big blind and has a short disconnection (10 seconds max) and the tables automatically reconnected. Button for that options remains enabled but the functionality is missing now. I remember enabling the option and the disconnection happening some tens of seconds after but I don't exclude the possibility of being already disconnected when doing it but client not showing the disconnect popup yet. Either way, after reconnection, the functionality is missing. It happened at Banzai but I suspect is for all game types. Video attached.

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Haven't been able to reproduce this one, but if you have a disconnect and then attempt to leave all tables, during the disconnect, it'll cause issues. In my case it didn't have the visual bug that you experienced, as the tick would simply be gone when I reconnected.

I'd say it's expected to cause issues, if you attempt to perform a client action during DC. There are of course workarounds, but the best solution here would probably be for client to instantly recognize the DC issue. I believe what you experienced is just a delay in client showing the connection issue; so you tried to leave next BB, while not being connected to server.

As I don't believe it's worth it with a fix focused on this issue, but it's rather about general DC handling, I'll close it. If you manage to reproduce it reliably (while being connected to server), I'll of course reopen!

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