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Hand History Tab "Buy-in" filter is unusable

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As can be seen in the screenshot (Image1), some titles are impossible to read, due to being crammed into tiny rectangles and it's even worse on mobile. The tournaments that you can see is also capped to 11 with all the rest being impossible to access. In addition, for Hexapro (Image 2) you can't filter on individual tournaments, anything duplicate gets bundled together, which makes it kind of a useless filter. All these issues make it a huge downgrade compared to how it used to look and function in the previous version in 2020 as can be seen in Image 3, where you could properly filter for a specific game as it's the most useful way to filter. 

In Image 4 you can see how I think it can be fixed and brought to it's former glory and even better. On the cpp part it should create a map 📃 with the id, the time (hh:mm:ss) of the first hand played in a tournament or cash table, and the title, of every single tournament or cash table played, by looping through the hands once, introducing the unique tournament id or cash table ids in the map as key, and it's corresponding title from refs, and time, and when key exists checking and updating the time if it's lower. Then output the resulting list sorted by timestamp descending.

On the graphics side, decrease the top and bottom margin of the type and date buttons and input field, possibly remove the buy-in, and introduce a new long button under All Tournaments, and have it expand with the full scrollable (if too big) list obtained previously, displaying the time of the first hand of that tournament / table, and the name.

When selected, replace the All text in the main filter button with the title just as it does now but keep the all in the expanded list just like now and filter the hand list by tournament id or cash table id.

Image 1, unreadable titles and can't show all the tournaments:


Image 2 , useless filter when there's many hexapros played:


Image 3, how it used to look:


 Image 4, how it could be fixed and improved:


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