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Golden Goal Predictor


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Oh damn, we don't have this one here. Instead we get to predict the outcome of a "KSI - Logan Paul: rematch" :scared:

Never heard of these people, but apparently they are youtubers  :dissatisfied:

Doesnt really what they are though since clicking the promotion link https://fi.unibet.com/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/quiz-game leads to this:


@JeppeL @RayL 

There is clearly something wrong with the finnish version of this promotion. Might be too late to fix it but who knows. The best fix would be to change it to the Liverpool - Man City version that everyone else seems to have :Smirk:

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@Senes wrote:

I sekected Rashford and the 23rd minute but have not received any communication from unibet. When is this golden goal settled?


@Senes  23rd minute is not actually 23 ...is between 22:00 up to 22:59 seconds . if you will watch the game the first goal it was scored on 23:06 , that means min. 24

anyway on t&c is written that if you will win you will be contacted ...so no added money instatly in this case.

good luck to the next prediction

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