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  1. GothMoth's post in what country allowed to make account? was marked as the answer   
    @friendyman  according to my not 100% accurate knowledge, you've made a mistake during the registration proccess.
    You made a registration on https://www.unibet.com/ and because of that Finland wasn't available to choose.
    You shouldn't have picked  Andora though, but ask the support first.
    The site  https://fi.unibet.com/  is the site right one for your registration.
    It's strange that when you open unibet com from Finland the site doesn't redirect you to the right one thus concealing it's presence and leading to such mistakes.
    I''ll tag @JeppeL , @Stubbe-Unibet , @ReCorpH -   compent in these matters here and able to give you the most practical advice.
    Just in case I want to remind you that having multiple accounts is forbidden and you should not register even at https://fi.unibet.com/ before getting an official answer and instructions.
  2. GothMoth's post in Re: €5850 Podium Hunters - Late summer nights was marked as the answer   
    I'm glad my tips helped you login at last @Ja-z-Polszy  😃
    Just want to update my negative feedback regarding ZenMate premium VPN: not so bad service regarding the much lower price and the longer subscription. Just had to manually install the new version of the application...
    Also a friendly advice I could give you and other players suffering from such governmental idiotic restrictions 😠
    Don't change your location very often and refrain from using auto/best server feature most of the VPNs have set by default!
    This could cause your account to be blocked by the site securities. The best way is just to change your DNSs to and and forget about all the blocks from most of the ISPs. If this don't help consider paying for a good premium VPN than using free/hacked versions or browser add-ons. 
  3. GothMoth's post in Opt in failures was marked as the answer   
    Yes, I remember some opt-in troubles for past promos - thankfully everything was sorted out by @RayL  😃
    @mut2ley  in such cases Chrome was the better option for me. There shouldn't be add-ons and extensions enabled - the add-blockers (and not only) might mess with the scripts on the page.
  4. GothMoth's post in Winter Games missing the final free bet was marked as the answer   
  5. GothMoth's post in World Record Reward was marked as the answer   
    Received it finally 😃
    Just want to remind the ones who have placed a bet to check if they got it because there wasn't announcement this time.
    "Each reward will be valid for one day only – 00:01 – 23:59 "
  6. GothMoth's post in Free Bet missing was marked as the answer   
    I received a free bet after bothering the chat-support for 3rd time :happyshy:
    Better late than never 😃
  7. GothMoth's post in FreeBet instead of BetUp missing was marked as the answer   
    No problem, thanks 😃
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